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How to Power Level to 2000 & Get New Exotics In Destiny 2 The Final Shape

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How to Power Level to 2000 & Get New Exotics In Destiny 2 The Final Shape

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This guide offers tips for Destiny 2, covering server issues, decoding Exotics for XP gains, ranking up with Master Rahul, and leveraging new light quests for power bumps.
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Hopefully, you’ve been able to actually log into the game and play a bit today because the servers have been on fire. Though I was able to log in very early, I was booted out about an hour and a half, two hours after I was able to log in, just about the time when everybody else was able to log in.

Getting New Exotics

lf you have any Exotics left over from last year or a previous DLC, you’ll notice that if you decrypt them at Master Rahul, they will be 1900, so you can’t get any power from there. However, you will get rank if you go to the focused decoding page. You’ll get about 500 XP for every single one that you decode. For every Exotic engram that you turn into an Exotic on the tier 2 decoding page, you will get about 500 XP. So you should get to rank four after the first one, rank six after the second, rank eight after the third, and after you turn in about 8 to 10 Exotic engrams.

Reaching Rank 16 with Master Rahul

I’m not totally sure you will get to Rank 16, which is the max for Master Rahul. Once you get to Rank 16, you will unlock Focus Decoding Rank Three. I don’t know if this was intentional to force people to want to rank up Master Rahul quickly, but I can’t imagine these things were meant to be there yet. However, they are there, so as long as you have an Exotic Engram left and the materials necessary to focus them, once you get to Rank 16, you have all the new Exotics available to you right away.

Saving Exotic Engrams

I’m sure there’s a lot of people out there like me who actually saved up quite a few Exotic Engrams. If you’ve been saving them up in your Postmaster, however, I don’t think those are going to work because those are probably from legendary lost sectors. If you were doing the Exotic glitch that I used to talk about, you might want to try and take those out and see if they remain Exotic Engrams versus decoding because they did change that a little bit. So maybe they’re just going to all stay Exotic Engrams.

Power Bumps and New Light Quests

The other thing I wanted to discuss is a little bit of power. If you had any of the new light quests or Power Bumps left over from last season and you didn’t do them because you’re not a new light player or an Into the Light player, you can go to Ikora, and she will give you a brand new set of 1920 armor. I don’t know why 1920, I don’t know if that was intentional or not, but when I went to Ikora, she just gave them to me, and I was not anywhere close to 1920 at the time.

Advancing with New Armor

I think this is because these things were meant to help players advance to the point where they could be relevant in previous seasons. They’re still in the game if you didn’t do them, and now they’re rewarding what they should have been doing but under the new power cap. You’re getting much higher level armor than you would, and you can use all of those armor pieces, which will be blue armor, and infuse them into whichever piece of armor you want.

Exotic Quests from Ikora

You can also do the exotic quests from Ikora, like the Crown of Tempests one or others for the other two classes. You can still do that, and it will also award you another big power bump.

Crafting Glitch with DIM

The last thing that I wanted to cover is a very interesting glitch with the API and DIM now. lf you’re in orbit and you open DIM, you should notice that any craftable weapon now has the ability to have any perk available on it through DIM. This is a glitch with the API and that website. I don’t really know exactly what’s going on, but you can, for example, have Incandescent now on a kinetic weapon. I don’t know if they’re going to fix this. It kind of reminds me of the old Crafting Glitch that plagued the middle or beginning of the year. That glitch allowed you to put any perk from any weapon onto anything. I don’t know if it’s any perk available period or just any available for that archetype, but it’s definitely worth checking out if that’s something you’re into.

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