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Destiny’s Seasons: From Best to Worst

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Destiny’s Seasons: From Best to Worst

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I'm going to give you what I truly feel in my heart are the best seasons in Destiny, and also the worst seasons.
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I’m going to give you what I truly feel in my heart are the best seasons in Destiny, and also the worst seasons.

Introduction to Destiny’s Seasons

I may offend some of you. The launch of Destiny 2, Curse of Osiris, Warmind, Forsaken… that’s two. Why do I have two Forsakens? Oh, Black Armory, that’s Black Armory, Opin Season, The Drifter, Shadowkeep Season, That Dying – awful, I don’t even know.

Season Evaluations: The Good and The Bad

Guys, Season The Drifter, I haven’t in C tier for a reason. You either love Gambit or you didn’t love that season. And look, as a Gambit man, I did enjoy Season Drifter, but I have to look at it objectively here. Most people are not Gambit fans.

Shadowkeep was a B tier for me. There were a lot of things that I liked in Shadowkeep, sandbox-wise. One of the best changes in Shadowkeep was the change to hand cannons, the way they readjusted recoil and Bloom. There were some great successes I enjoyed in Shadow season, the dawn a tier, season the worthy B tier, season arrivals a tier, Beyond Light. Look, some of you are not going to like that, but it was a very memorable expansion.

Reflections on Season Rankings

Listen, listen, listen, stasis was so busted that when I look back on it, I actually look back on it fondly. I’m trying to remember, with Season of Arrivals being S tier, be too crazy? I feel like I got too many in S tier right now.

You know what, guys? I loved Black Armory, alright, but I think Black Armory was actually A tier. I think Black Armory was A tier, or did I get it right the first time? I cannot have as I cannot have Season of Rivals, of Arrivals.

Okay, here’s the thing, here’s the thing, hold up, hold up, let’s roll back. What we got in Season of Rivals, lore-wise fantastic, the setup, the story, the lead-in, fantastic. What else did we get that season? We got Prophecy Dungeon. Alright, so for everyone saying Black Armory should be S tier, and don’t get me wrong.

Reflections on Destiny’s Seasons: A Deep Dive

I love that season, but do remember how much people complained about it. Bungie had to nerf the difficulty of forges, then they had to make them easier to actually unlock. There were so many people complaining about forges. The only thing that came out of it that was good was AFK farming.

We had the Niobe Labs, but hold up, Scourge of the Past, which was a stupid easy raid day one. I did not feel good after beating Scourge. Yes, it brought us Anarchy.

I’m torn between Black Armory or Season of the Rivals as S tier. Which one, guys? Can we get a poll right now? I’m bringing you guys into this conversation, reminding me of everything juicy that came. We got Lunafaction Boots, we got Anarchy, we had Niobe Labs.

Seasonal Analysis: Ranking Destiny’s Varied Offerings

Just do both, brother. This is S tier, S tier all right. Season The Hunt, Season The Chosen, Season the Splicer – A tier, baby, A tier.

Season of the Lost, God, that was such a long season. Wasn’t Season of the Lost the one with Ager’s Scepter Catalyst that I couldn’t get? Bro, I’m losing my mind. Putting Season The Chosen in D tier, alright, because my RNG was so bad with Ager’s Scepter Catalyst. I place Season of the Lost in B tier.

Detailed Reassessment of Specific Seasons

I got it backwards there. I can’t, Season The Chosen, what happened? Didn’t Kaido and Zavala team up? Was that the season Zavala almost got assassinated? Battlegrounds also happened, alright.

Crow season – oh, oh yeah. Alright, alright, we got two in B tier then. 30th Anniversary event, this one’s a weird one, right? I did like the 30th Anniversary, but it was like in tandem with the season. It was good, it was good. The only reason why it’s sitting in B tier for me right now is because you had to pay for it separately. Even with you having to pay for it separately, would you still put it in A tier? You have to pay for all these separately, yeah, but it was within a season.

Conclusion: The Evolution of Destiny’s Seasons

Honestly, this is what started everything. The 30th Anniversary started things; Bungie was testing the waters. Will people buy the dungeons? Can we charge for a dungeon rather than putting it in the same price of a season? The pricing of it should not matter.

Listen, listen, I enjoyed the 30th Anniversary event, but it’s in B tier for me. I think monetization wise, this is when things started to get skewed in Destiny, and that’s where it will sit. Witch Queen, I have Witch Queen in S tier. Season of the Risen, C tier. Season of the Haunted, C tier. Season of the Plunder, D tier. Season of the Seraph, A tier.

Lightfall, probably C tier, ah, no man, probably B tier. We got some good things in Lightfall. We got loadouts, we got Strand. The narrative was crap, I agree, but the subclass was good. We had a super strong loadout with Winter’s Bite there for like two weeks, maybe, and loadouts were fantastic. If I put Lightfall at B tier, I have to put the 30th Anniversary at A tier.

Seasonal Rankings in Destiny: A Critical Review

I’m going to have to move this down. Damn, alright, Season of Defiance, but in that Season of The Deep, we got fishing. What else do we get during Season the Deep? Got Deep Dives, deep Dives are fun. I put it at B tier, alright then.

Season of the Witch, no lie, Season of the Witch has actually been a good season. I feel like I had zero to do this season, but we had Crois in, we had Embor Engine, we had Spire Alters of Summoning. The lore stuff has been fantastic.

Understand, some of the stuff I have baked in here, guys, is lore stuff, you know what I mean? We have the crafting, although that was unintentional, and we got the card system, the new deck system, which was a different take. It was the first time BungieТ was trying something different. I have to give them credit for that.

Debating the Merits of Controversial Seasons

Cirus should be D tier. Nope, it will be C tier because it was the shyness of Curse of Osiris that resulted in Destiny 2 almost dying, thus resulting in Forsaken having to be an absolute win. Everyone gives all the credit there to Warmind, and then Forsaken. No, if it wasn’t for the low that Curse of Osiris brought, we would have never gone that high.

Deep needs to go from B. Man, everybody’s hating on Deep right now. We got an underwater mechanic, we got a cool-ass dungeon, you know, we got to wrap up Sloan’s storyline, got to talk to a whale, got to go fishing. Fishing is trash, what? What’s wrong with fishing? Dude, these are the things I love. Things like fishing in Destiny.

Plunder, in no world worse than Curse of Osiris. I’ve already stated why I believe Curse of Osiris is at C tier.

Reassessing the Impact of Osiris and Recent Expansions

Okay, here’s the thing: would Curse of Osiris have been as bad if people weren’t expecting it to fix the game? Was the reveal of Osiris a letdown? Was the new area also a letdown? Couldn’t even pull out a sparrow. Were the static roles even more evidently a terrible decision by Bungie that just amplified all the terrible decisions that Destiny 2 originally made?

Bro, that’s irrelevant. Look at the content each brought. Plunder had Arc 3.0 and a free reprise raid. Okay, okay, you make a good point there.

Finalizing the Tier List and Embracing Community Feedback

What was better, Season of Defiance or Season of the Risen? Amanda died just to be put in D tier, how dare you, sir? Dude, come on, I mean, was anyone here really stunned about Amanda dying? Who exactly? Amanda’s death is pointless, I know, but Bungie wanted you to feel emotion. They were holding the sign up, they’re like, “Cry, alright guys, this is my tier list, take it or leave it.”

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