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Destiny 2 | This Week In Destiny – New Quest

What’s up, guys! Back today jumping into Destiny. We are back with another this week in Destiny, giving you the full breakdown for the upcoming week. This week’s highlight is the final exotic Catalyst Mission: The Whisper of the Worm. We also have two brand new Brave Legendary Weapons alongside two weapons, which will be your last chance to get them this week. Alongside a full breakdown of the weekly rituals and so much more, be sure to stick around and enjoy.

Weekly Destiny Update

This week marks week three of Into the Light and week 22 of the Season of the Wish. We are just six resets away from the final shape, and it’s with that in mind that it’s likely we’ll see the launch of the Where is Archie missions into the game. Now, these aren’t live right now, but there are six missions available, which sees us visiting various destinations to find our robotic friend.

This week introduces two notable Brave weapons: the Hamhead legendary machine gun and the Forbearance grenade launcher. Our platform will feature new quests for each of these weapons: “Bring Down the Hammer,” which challenges you to achieve rapid kills with machine guns throughout the system, and “Patience and Forbearance,” which tasks you with swiftly eliminating opponents using breach-loaded grenade launchers. These weapons are among the standout additions to the set. What specific attributes are you hoping to find on these weapons?

Final Challenge: Mastering the Whispers of the Taken Quest

In addition to these weapons, we are also presenting the ultimate Whispers of the Taken exotic quest. This marks the third and concluding Catalyst quest for the Wisp of the Worm. For this quest, participants with the weapon activated will need to accurately dispatch foes to gather their Taken Essences and then clear a series of Taken blights in the challenging Exotic Mission, The Whisper, at Legend difficulty. Successful completion of the mission at this level allows you to revisit Aris M on the moon to secure the final perk enhancement. Moreover, this phase includes locating the last set of oracles. We have previously produced a comprehensive guide detailing all their locations, so if your aim is to acquire the Exotic ship, make sure to consult our guide for detailed assistance.

New Weapons and Quests

This week introduces the Hamhead legendary machine gun and the Forbearance grenade launcher. Our site will feature new quests for each weapon, including “Bring Down the Hammer,” which involves getting rapid kills with machine guns anywhere in the system, and “Patience and Forbearance,” which requires defeating combatants rapidly using breach-loaded grenade launchers. These two weapons are some of the most exciting ones in the set. What kind of roles are you looking for?.

Final Whisper of the Worm Catalyst Mission

This week features the third and final Catalyst quest for the Wisp of the Worm. Players equipped with the weapon will need to defeat combatants with precision damage to collect their Taken Essences. Moreover, players must defeat a set of Taken blights in the Exotic Mission, The Whisper, on Legend difficulty. Upon completing the mission on Legend, you can visit Aris M over on the moon to pick up the final perk augment. Alongside those, you’ll also have the final oracles to find

Exotic Mission Rotator and Featured Mission

This week’s featured exotic mission is Operation Sif’s Shield. To gain access, you’ll need to either own the Witch Queen or Season of the Serth. If you do, this is the home to the Revision Zero, the exotic craftable pulse rifle. Alongside that, you can also pick up weapons and armor from Season of the Serth.

This includes the Fire and Forget, Tripwire Canary, Disparity, Path of Least Resistance, Judgment of Karoth, and the Retrofit Escapade. That’s alongside the iOS hand cannon, the iOS shotgun, the sniper rifle, and the infamous iOS SMG. On top of all those weapons, you can even pick up the War Mines Avatar armor set. These items can drop during the course of the activity or upon activity completion and can even drop as Deep Site Resonance version. So, if you still need weapon patterns, make sure to jump in this week and get that challenge done.

Featured Raid and Dungeon Content

The featured raid for the upcoming week is the Last Wish raid, which takes place over in the Dreaming City and launched back in Forsaken. As the featured raid, all challenges will be available, which is perfect if you’re looking to complete your Riven’s Bane seal. If you are still chasing down the 1,000 Voices, the exotic fusion rifle from this raid, you can even farm Riven for keys to open as many chests as you can upon completing Queen’s Walk.

As for the featured challenge in the Crota’s End raid, this can be found over in the Crota encounter and it’s called All For One. This is where Crota’s overshield must be destroyed within around 3 seconds. You and your fire team will need to enlighten enough players and get enough swords together to take out Crota’s shield all in one go. Thankfully, most fire teams run this strategy; it’s one of the easier challenges to complete. If you and your fire team can get it done, then you’ll gain access to an additional raid chest and that all-important bonus raid loot.

Now, as for the featured dungeon, this week’s dungeon is Duality, which can be found over on a Leviathan, which remains derelict on the outskirts of the moon. Duality is one of the best sources for artifice armor, has some incredibly unique weapons, and is also the home to the Heart Shadow exotic sword. As always, as the featured dungeon, it is therefore farmable. So, if there’s any armor or weapons that you’re chasing, then be sure to jump in this week if you’re looking to add them to your collection.

Special Activities and Armor Sets

Moving on to De Eternity and the 30th Anniversary Pack activity, alongside the Scatterhorn armor set from Forsaken, we see the return of the Wild Hunt armor set from Season of The Hunt. As always with Season of The Hunt armor,

Weekly Rituals and Weapon Rotations

This week, we have the relevant weapons too, including the Arsenic Bite, Glasper, two Corsair’s Wrath, Deim Whisper, D Promise, Enigma’s Draw, the Escape Velocity, GN7 Rifle, Ro Chase, True Prophecy, Friction Fire, and the Timeline’s Vertex. These items can drop during the course of the activity or upon completion by handing in strange coins over at the Star Horse, located in the Treasure Horde.

This brings us onto the weekly rituals, and we see a returning Nightfall and Grandmaster’s Nightfall for week 22. This comes in the form of the Lake of Shadows, which was completely reworked in a lot of aspects. As for Nightfall exclusive rewards, this will be your last opportunity to pick up the Loaded Question Fusion Rifle. This is leaving rotation upon the end of the season, and this is the last week it will be in rotation. If you don’t have a god roll on this, then make sure to jump into the Lake of Shadows to get that weapon and complete the Grandmaster’s challenge.

Nightfall and Crucible Updates

As for the featured Crucible rotators, we finally see the return of Momentum Control. This hasn’t been in rotation for ages and returns alongside Elimination. This weekend, we’ll also see the return of Trials of Osiris, and this also has a leaving weapon this weekend. It comes in the form of the CACT-DL3 Heavy Drum Grenade Launcher. This is the last weekend it will be in rotation as it will be leaving rotation upon the end of the Season of the Wish. If you don’t have a god roll on this, then this is your last weekend to pick it up. Be sure to jump into Trials upon Friday’s daily reset.

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