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Destiny 2: Rare Season 1 Armor for Sale! | Xur Location & Inventory

What is up, guys? It’s Librarian Husky, and today we have a brand new Zur location and inventory review for the weekend of March 22nd to the 25th. So, let’s get started, and first things first, Zur is going to be located in the Watcher’s Grave on Nessus.

Exotic Gear Overview

Let’s take a look at what he has. Firstly, for the Exotics, we do have the Prometheus Lens, a fun little Trace rifle, nothing insane, though. Then we have the Shinobu’s Vow for the hunter. 61 is a bit low for recovery discipline. I mean, it’s not that spiky; it’s not terrible, but I’ve seen a lot better. The Stronghold, well, 65 overall is not too bad, but my goodness, this is the opposite of spiky. So, eh, not really too interested. And then we do have the Promethium Spur here with a good intellect spike. However, 64 overall, this is not the most meta exotic. Really not too excited by any of those Exotics.

Weaponry Analysis

Now, moving on to the Weaponry, here we do have the Royal Chase, Grave robber, Thresh—no, thank you. We have an Outlaw, Harmony Vula, again, not really too interested in that. Well, hold on a second, Illegal Action with Heating Up, which is massively going to improve your stability, recoil, and stuff, plus Rampage, and then you’ve got, you know, the barrels could be a bit better, but you do have a range Masterwork.

This is actually a pretty good Illegal Action, if I’m being honest. Like, this is actually pretty decent. You could do definitely better in this section, but Heating Up plus Rampage might even be actually the god roll or considered one of the potential God rolls for this weapon for sure.

Additional Options

Now, moving on from there, however, we have a Without Remorse with Stats for All, Elemental Capacitor—no, thank you. We have a Path of Least Resistance. Now, this role of Tap the Trigger, Hit Fire Grip is terrible, but remember, you can, because this is craftable, you could actually buy this and then use your Deep Sight Harmonizers to unlock the pattern.

Threaded Needle Review

If you’re close to doing so, now moving on from there, we have a Threaded Needle with Killing Wind, Demolitionist, and an Impulse Amplifier, Danger Zone. U Memory Interdict, geez. And now on the back here, we have an Opening Shot Hawkmoon with Arrowhead Break. Hey, I feel like you could probably do better than that. We have a Textured Grip for handling and stability. Well, certainly, Opening Shot is quite good, like very very good, but I feel like you want better. It’s okay, Opening Shot is good but definitely can do better, I think.

Hawkmoon Analysis

There, with that being said, handling you have a 96 handling Hawkmoon, maybe it’s better than giving credit for. I’ll let you guys decide. Let’s check the armor here. The Lost Pacific set, let’s look up the rarity on like .gs. So, this set was originally added back in season 1 and then was readded in season 15, and it’s actually one of the rarer armor sets that Zur can sell, with under 32% of Guardians having access to this very helmet. So again, like normally for the more common stuff, you’d see in the high 40s here.

Lost Pacific Set Rarity

So overall, it could be a great time to pick up a really old kind of classic set. Now, checking the actual stats here, what wow, that is a really really Spike. Where are the Exotics with these stats? Because massive resilience Spike, which is perfect for the Titan, then you have a bit of strength here. If you’re running a melee build, if you’re running strand, this could be a great pickup.

Armor Set Analysis

Then we have another massive Spike, unfortunately, recovery, which Titans you know, you would rather have the resilience. A recovery and intellect spike, but not where you want it to be. Then we have 63, not too spiky, and then 64 again, not too spiky. Let’s go ahead and check the Warlock. Alright, for the Warlock, let’s check these gauntlets. Whoa, 67 is an incredibly high total stat but way too much Mobility, unfortunately. Uh, 64 with again way too much Mobility, bro, put this on the hunter, Bungie.

Armor Analysis Summary

I don’t like that 10 Mobility, but we do have resilience and strength, which, yeah, this is not a bad piece for sure. And then finally, no Mobility, but then we have not the mo like it’s all right here, strength, resilience, recovery, discipline, all being featured, not bad boots. Like, I would say helmets and boots, not bad, but nothing like absolutely insane. Let’s check the hunter.

Hunter Armor Evaluation

Alright, for the hunter, let’s check these gauntlets. 65, eh, not the biggest spikes here and not really too interested. Uh, 66 strength, Mobility, resilience spikes, it’s okay. Then we have, whoa, 66 with a massive, where is this on the, put the 20 Mobility crap from the Warlock here, and put this for the Warlock. Alright, if you do want recovery for your Hunter, this is the piece for you for sure.

Recovery Focused Hunter Armor

And then again, with the max recovery Hunter armor, Bungie, Bungie, why do you do this? Okay, like honestly, again, these are both good pieces. Still, overall, if you’re looking for more recovery, recovery, even if you’re not a Warlock, is still a useful stat for sure. But again, not as much value on the hunter.

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