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Destiny 2: New Subclass Revealed!

Bungie just gave us a preview of what is coming in the Final Shape, including a new subclass option called Prismatic. This allows you to combine elements from both light and dark subclasses, including new exotic class armor that can drop things from other exotic armors randomly. It is really wild. What follows is a detailed breakdown of the features and implications of this update, offering a closer look at the transformative potential it brings to gameplay dynamics.

Prismatic: A New Era of Customization

Prismatic is the new subclass in the Final Shape where you can combine certain class abilities from different damage types together, getting light and dark and mastering it. No one’s done that before. Like the Witness is manipulating the energies like this, but the Witness is not a master of light and dark. Players, as Guardians, are in Prismatic. Underneath your super bar, there’s a light meter and a dark meter. As you deal damage with either light damage or dark damage, it fills the respective sides of the meter.

Transcendence: Achieving Ultimate Power

Once both sides are full, you get this new level of power that we’re calling Transcendence. This state allows for cool motions for warlocks, hunters, and Titans, introducing a new unique grenade that combines both light and dark together. Your grenade and melee are both instantly refunded when you cast transcendent, so you can loop them together one after the other. This is a significant enhancement that broadens the horizon for strategic play and skill expression.

Gameplay Evolution with Prismatic

We’re thinking about Prismatic as this advanced subclass where you have more cuild-crafting options, more potential combinations, more fragments than you normally get, and more fragment slots to socket them than you normally get. With over 2,300 combinations, the update is poised to revolutionize the way players approach their Guardian’s abilities, offering unprecedented levels of сustomization and strategic depth.

Prismatic Subclass: Game-Changing Customization

Prismatic feels like you are doing combinations you shouldn’t be able to do. It feels a little game-breaking, a little wow. This is going to unlock a ton of new combinations in the game. You’re going to be like, “Oh no, what have I done? I’m going to be here all night.” I mean, yeah, wow. I wonder how limited you are because they mentioned certain pairings that naturally go together. This is wild. There’s another bar on the HUD, dude. This is unbelievable. It’s not just about the mastery of light and dark; it’s about figuring out how they work in concert in really interesting ways.

Subclass Synergy and Unique Builds

We’re transcending the basic sounds of light and darkness. There are all these subclasses that really resonate with people, and now we can finally combine those and make your own Guardian feel very uniquely you. This opens up the doors for unexpected, really wild stuff. For example, being a hunter and having Gunpowder Gamble, then slowing enemies, throwing out your shuriken, and blowing them up as well. Certain interactions get a lot easier just because we’ve made the aspects a bit more permissive, a bit looser.

Exploring New Combat Dynamics

I’m probably going to be running Warlock with the Lightning Surge build where you have Arcane Needle for three melee charges, then combine that with Lightning Surge. You can throw Bleak Watcher on top of that for just a little extra crowd control, or you can throw Devour.

So you’re jumping in, Lightning Surging, that’s killing a bunch of stuff, you’re activating Devour that gives you infinite sustain effectively to stay in the fight. You can quickly start using your Arc abilities to jolt all the enemies around you, then finish them off with the cool Blades of Strand. It’s so satisfying to see how fast you move; it’s a very fun, destructive build that you can just destroy everything around you.

Innovative Strategies and Escalation Moments

There was this moment for me where I was like, “Wait a minute, I could send out threadlines.” These moments of escalation within the combat and I think that’s really exciting for me. If you combine Bleak Watcher and Feed the Void, you consume your grenade to throw your Bleak Watcher out there. So it’s locking stuff down with Stasis, doing crowd control. You can clean that stuff up pretty easily with an Arcane Needle melee which has three charges.

Those ability kills will activate Devour which gives you more Grenade energy every time Devour activates. It lets you loop your Bleak Watcher, so you can have multiple Bleak Watchers out on the field freezing stuff everywhere, launching your cool Strand going wild, and everything’s dying. It’s great. How does this work? Embracing the challenge because how do we make stuff that wasn’t initially intended to work together in the same build, how do we twist them and warp them and push and pull this and that to make them work together.

Community Engagement and Custom Builds

I’m excited about seeing all the players talk about their favorite combinations. I’m just looking forward to all the videos that people make of their own custom build with their own Exotics that they’re pairing it up with to create amazing builds. It feels infinite to me, and I’m really excited about that. Somebody check on Matics; his brain is probably breaking right now with all the build potential going around. This is very ability spam heavy, and I’m kind of hyped about the potential this is going to unlock, but I’m really wondering what PvP is going to look like, both frightened and excited.

Revolutionizing Exotic Class Items

In the Final Shape, we’re going to be making these new exotic class items. New exotic class items allow you to steal perks from other Exotics and combine two perks together into one single exotic. The perks that come on them are actually random rolled. One thing that is going to be fun is to chase these perks and then find different combinations that work really well. Prismatic and making that feel good is going to be all about enhancing your builds and your combination of light and darkness, and achieving Transcendence.

Enhancing Builds with Transcendence

They also look so good with these class items. We wanted them to stand out as special. They have these two perk columns that take aspects from other Exotics, allowing you to do things that other classes consider their own but now they’re yours. For my slow-down Hunter build, I managed to get the exotic cloak that made it so powered melee kills cause enemies to ignite, and also I could get an extra Dodge Charge so I could do an extra slow charge on enemies at the same time.

Gameplay Evolution and New Meta

We want it to feel a little broken. It definitely felt like I had two Exotics on my cloak, which is kind of the intention. This just opens up the space for mix and matching in a way that I think is going to be fun to see what combinations people find and like, and what becomes the meta. They look amazing; they have visual effects that activate when you are Transcendent, tying into this overall theme.

But on top of that, the gameplay, with basically stealing exotic traits from other Exotics and even from classes that aren’t you, adds this element of spice to them. And the fact that it’s random roles means you’re going to want to keep looking for the right one for your build. The grinding, the random rolled exotic class, oh God, don’t do this to me, Bungie. This is more than what I was expecting; it’s literally breaking my brain to see all the ability spam from different classes coming together under one roof. How is this not going to be extreme power creep? Thank you for watching; let me know your thoughts down below.

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