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Destiny 2 Mykel’s Reverence Sidearm Boost

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Welcome, dear customer! My name is Librarian Husky. Purchase the new, exclusive Mykel’s Reverence sidearm at It is a legendary rapid-fire shotgun with 450 rounds per minute and the power of the Strand. This firearm comes from the RoN raid, part of the Lightfall expansion. This sidearm is renowned for its Harmonic Resonance feature, which boosts its performance when paired with other RoN guns, making it faster to handle and reload. It is particularly effective against Lucent Hive, powerful Tormentors, and enemy guardians with Supers.

Why should I buy the Destiny 2 Mykel’s Reverence Sidearm Boost?

Huskyboost’s service provides a straightforward way to acquire Mykel’s Reverence. Our team will complete the final three challenges of the Root of Nightmares raid on your behalf. When you consider that this sidearm not only delivers powerful damage but also offers a varied perk pool, with top combinations such as Elemental Capacitor + Swashbuckler for versatility and Perpetual Motion + Tap the Trigger for player-versus-player battles, it becomes a crucial addition to your armory.

This sidearm is not only a weapon! It is an essential part of the game’s narrative. It was named after Mykel, a passionate admirer of Nezarecs. It is ideal for people belonging to the Strand subclass, as it provides special tactics and advantages. Trust Huskyboost to secure this exceptional sidearm for you, enhancing your Destiny II experience with a weapon that stands out for its lore, performance, and strategic value.

What do Customers receive?

  • Obtain the MR version you desire.
  • Multiple defeats of Nezarec, the boss in the RoN.
  • Complete the last three fights in this raid multiple times.
  • You’ll acquire everything, including items and materials, after this farm.
  • EXP for your SP and relic.

How does Destiny 2 Mykel’s Reverence Sidearm Boost work?

  • Express speed – We will complete your order with a higher priority, and the completion time will be faster by 30%.

Additional options

  • Stream – watch the boost happen in real-time with a live HQ video.
  • I don’t have this firearm in my arsenal — we’ll grind this raid until it’s yours, enabling its purchase with SoC after the end of the battle.
  • Conditional Finality — we’ll keep farming the raid until the Conditional Finality is obtained.
Weapon type and version:
  • Random Roll — a firearm featuring unpredictable perks.
  • Red border firearm — get a firearm with a red border and the Deepsight feature needed for unlocking a crafting blueprint and personalization at the Relic.
  • Adept version — a superior version of a gun, known as Adept, with exceptional design, enhanced characteristics after masterwork, and special Adept modifications.


  • A minimum of 1790 Power Tier, or 1820+ for those wanting the Adept g.
  • Owning the Lightfall DLC is required.

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