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Destiny 2: Last Xur before new DLC! Great armor! | Xur location & inventory

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Destiny 2: Last Xur before new DLC! Great armor! | Xur location & inventory

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Today, we're reviewing a brand new location and inventory for the weekend of April 5th to the 8th.
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What is up, guys? It’s Librarian Husky. Today, we’re reviewing a brand new location and inventory for the weekend of April 5th to the 8th. Zur is going to be located in the Watcher’s Grave on Nessus.

Exotic Gear Review

Firstly, for the Exotics, we have the Darcy. Unfortunately, it’s one of two heavy snipers, with the other receiving significant buffs, making Darcy less appealing. Next, the Knucklehead Radar at a 68 roll is decent but not spectacular. The Insurmountable Skull Fort, with its strength spike, is mediocre due to its overall score of 63 and excessive mobility. Lastly, the Crown of Tempests has a focus on strength but is hampered by too much mobility, rendering it underwhelming.

Weapons Assessment: Primary Weapons

The False Promises with Threat Detector and Eye of the Storm is underwhelming. Brass Attacks featuring Killing Wind and Wellspring also fails to impress. However, a certain SMG stands out for its potential in PvE, with Subsistence and Multi-Kill Clip offering a tantalizing but incompatible combination.

Secondary Weapons Insights

Sojourner’s Tail with Moving Target and Frenzy doesn’t make the cut. A hypothetical Slide Shot feature could have elevated its appeal, especially with Disorienting Grenades, but the current Field Prep perk falls short of making it a top choice among grenade launchers.

Special Mentions: Melee and Hawkmoon

Honor’s Edge with Energy Transfer and Surrounded offers a significant damage boost in crowded situations, making it a viable sword choice. Temptation’s Hook with a similar perk setup suggests potential for those willing to engage closely. The Hawkmoon with Moving Target rounds out our review, showing promise for those valuing aim and mobility enhancements, despite better options being available.

Armor Set Overview

I’ve seen a lot better. Let’s take a look at for the rarity of the anti-extinction set. This was originally added in Season 1, vanilla Destiny 2, but has been re-added since Season 8 and beyond. It’s one of the more common armor sets that Zur sells, with over 49% of Guardians having this very helmet.

Armor Set Rolls Evaluation

Looking at the actual rolls here: a 63 with an intellect spike is not appealing. A 66 score on the higher end but with too much mobility and not too spiky at all. A 65, now this is definitely better; 65 with discipline, recovery, and then in third place, resilience. You kind of want all three of those stats, with recovery being paramount. I wish resilience was higher, but certainly, the big discipline spike is pretty nice. Then for the boots, 68 is a great total, but Bungie loves to inject all the Titan armor from Zur with a ton of mobility, and this is no exception.

Warlock Armor Evaluation

For the Warlock: a 61 Gauntlet but with a pretty good spike. You’ve got recovery, resilience, intellect. You still want a little bit of intellect, but overall, a pretty decent armor piece, not god-tier but pretty decent. A 64 with nothing but an intellect spike is not as exciting. Then we got a 63 with no spikes at all, and whoa, a 66 with a huge recovery spike, huge discipline spike. This is what you want to see on the Warlock. This is an A+ if not an S tier piece right here. 66 is very, very high, no mobility, and again, what you want on a Warlock, mainly, you want 100 recovery, so this is a fantastic piece.

Hunter Armor Insights

For the Hunter: finally, the class you want to see mobility on. A 63 with a huge mobility spike is followed up with discipline. This is a pretty decent pair of gauntlets, nothing absolutely insane but okay. This is pretty interesting: a 66 with massive resilience, massive strength. Now, on a Hunter, this piece would be, I mean, if it had no mobility, it’d be better on Titan, but overall, you still want resilience, and if you are trying to get your melee back, this could be a very good piece for you. Then, a 65, oh, Hunters are getting all the spiky armor, literally the same thing.

Armor Synergy and Build Considerations

These pieces are almost identical, so if you wanted the chest piece, you might as well consider the helmet because you’re going to want that too. These two pieces together provide a massive increase to strength and resilience, and each one has 10 mobility too, so you’re not missing out on that stat either. Definitely an interesting option for those looking to enhance specific builds.

Final Armor Insights

Lastly, we have a piece with 64 in mobility, recovery, and intellect. Every single one of these pieces has some massive spikes, highlighting the importance of choosing based on your needs. On a Hunter, it really depends on whether you prioritize resilience for PvE damage resistance or strength for certain builds. These pieces could significantly augment those stats for builds that need them. Incredibly spiky armor choices for the Hunter indeed.

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