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Destiny 2 Guide: Obtaining the Golden Gun Exotic Sniper Rifle

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Destiny 2 Guide: Obtaining the Golden Gun Exotic Sniper Rifle

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This Destiny 2 guide details the quest steps to obtain the Still Hunt sniper rifle, exploring mission mechanics, combat strategies, and weapon synergies.
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Once you have finished the campaign for The Final Shape, you’ll find yourself at the D1 Tower, which is now a proper social space complete with a vault, postmaster, and NPCs to talk to. In your quest tab, you’ll find the quest “Destined Heroes,” which mentions giving the Ergo some exotic sword. However, this first part of the quest is required to get the Still Hunt sniper rifle, so you will need to do it even if you’re not looking for this sword.

Engaging with the Mission

Go and listen to the radio transmission, and you’ll be told to investigate the activity of Savathun’s Lucent Hive. By turning around, you’ll see the mission start point. Once you start the mission, follow your HUD’s marker to get to the proper starting point. You’ll notice that it has one main mechanic, which is to kill the Hive Knights, take their swords, and deflect projectiles into these floating Hive runes to progress.

Understanding the Mechanics

These runes are color-coded, so you must deflect void projectiles into the purple ones, which can come from Shrieker attacks or Acolytes. You also have to deflect Arc projectiles into the blue runes, which will come from Wizard attacks, and solar projectiles into the orange ones, which will come from Hive Knight attacks. This is about as complex as this mission is going to get, so just continue and do this central mechanic over and over again until you reach a point in the mission where you find green orbs shielding some of the floating runes in the back.

Advanced Tactics

The only difference here is that you need to use your sword’s secondary attack to sling some Hive energy into these orbs to break the shields. Then, you can resume as normal by deflecting the properly colored projectiles into them. Toward the end of the mission, you will end up getting into a fight with Savathun.

Elemental Orbs and Mission Completion

Where the only difference is to throw Elemental orbs into the floating runes, but it follows the same logic as what you’ve been doing up to this point: just match the colors, fight the boss, and you’ll get the mission completion. After the mission is over, speak at the Micah’s conduit terminal to claim the next of the Destined Heroes quest, which will require you to speak to Cade back at the Tower.

Continuing with Destined Heroes

Upon speaking to Cade, you’ll be told to check in with your ghost and also receive another quest called “Wild Card,” which will net you the Exotic sniper rifle that this article is made about. Speak with your ghost to pick up some quests from him that you may want later, then proceed on over to the start of the Wild Card quest, which should be at the base of the Tower.

Navigating the Wild Card Quest

This mission does take a bit on the longer side, but it will give you checkpoints as you go throughout it in case you have to stop, or you get error coded like I did at one point; you won’t lose all your progress, so don’t worry. Upon starting the Wild Card quest, you’ll be told to investigate the area. Basically, get on your Sparrow, drive to the locations on your HUD, and use the interact key to inspect them.

Engaging in Combat and Setting Up Camp

You’ll end up doing this a handful of times, going from place to place doing the same thing while killing an enemy or two. Then you’ll settle on an area to set up camp where you just place a tent and some equipment. Your goal here is to collect dark ether in the area with Cade and Crow, so having a campsite can’t hurt, I suppose. After this, you’ll go out to collect said dark ether by killing ads in the areas your HUD tells you to go to and picking up the Moes that they drop.

Encounter with the War Beast

You’ll then be told to locate some energy signatures by scanning a few sets of dead bodies, which will reveal a Cabal War Beast that seems to be on methamphetamine, which you’ll have to take down. Deal enough damage to the Beast, and it’ll go immune and cower in a shielded area. Go inside the area to fight the Beast once more while also staying alive against its minions to progress the fight. Do this enough times, and you’ll eventually kill the War Beast, then be told to return back to camp.

Dialogue and Night Interruptions

You’re basically going to stand around and listen to a yap session between Crow and Cade before going to sleep in the tent. A few hours later, you’ll be woken up by a Taken attack in the area.

Destroying the Blights

You’ll be tasked with destroying four blights. All you have to do is kill the surrounding enemies around the blight, and it’ll destroy itself. This is essentially just ad clearing in four separate areas, and once you’re done with this, you will need to do two more, and this time they’re going to be guarded by some of the Witness’s minions instead of Taken ones.

Returning to Camp

Once you’re done with this, you’ll then be asked to go back to camp once again, listen to a yap session, and then go to sleep. After you awake, your task will be locating a shortcut, and after some time of the Crow speaking to you, you’ll get the location on your HUD, to which you’ll just need to drive over there, preferably not fall off the cliff while getting there, and then enter into the shortcut.

Shank Hunting Grounds

Here, you’re at some shank hunting grounds, which will require you to stay in the confines of the immediate area you find yourself in. You’ll notice in this gameplay that I find a pretty good spot that isn’t a turnback zone and just kind of chill here, but your main objective is to kill the Mega Shank, and to do so, you’ll need to kill a bunch of these smaller Shanks to drive it out, which can be kind of annoying unless you’re in this spot because you have to look through these narrow gaps.

Defeating the Mega Shank

While you’re looking through these gaps, you need to kill these smaller Shanks to basically drive out the Mega Shank and get rid of its immunity shield, etc. You’re basically just killing a lot of Shanks. For this fight, I just used a BXR pulse rifle since this pulse is insane ever since the buff, and Gjallarhorn anytime I needed to deal with a big enemy like the Mega Shank.

Return to the Campsite

Now, once the shank is defeated, you’ll once again be asked to go to the campsite and listen to another yap session. After this yap session, you’re tasked with finding some stolen dark ether, to which you just follow your HUD for this part, as it’ll lead you into a deep dark cave where the energy signatures are coming from.

Preparing for a Boss Fight

Once here, you place down a rally banner in anticipation for a boss fight, then inspect the ether barrel. You’ll find yourself fighting an Abomination here with plenty of ads to fight alongside.

Utilizing the Celestial Nighthawk

I found that shooting the boss with the Celestial Nighthawk Golden Gun instantly moves you into an immunity phase. In this phase, you essentially kill scbs for dark ether, then bank said ether in the barrel at the center of the cave. You’re going to end up doing these mechanics over and over again until you defeat the boss. So, damage the boss and then bank dark ether; damage the boss, bank, damage the boss—you’re good.

Humorous Cutscene

You’re going to do this until you get to the most insane cutscene of Cade and Crow literally just kicking baby scbs around, which is hilarious. Finally, you’ll go to camp once more, listen to Cade and Crow speak once again before heading to the Tower and claiming your reward.

The Still Hunt Sniper Rifle

Now, to my knowledge, there isn’t a catalyst available for this weapon that I know of, but in all honesty, Still Hunt is just an incredible sniper rifle that does ridiculous amounts of damage and probably doesn’t need a catalyst for a very long time. This weapon is absolutely insane.

Conclusion and Personal Note

Obviously, this article isn’t a review on it, but I just want to say that if you are a Destiny player, you probably should get this sniper rifle ASAP, especially if you are a Hunter, because of the Celestial Nighthawk synergy. This thing is going to be absolutely crazy inside of raid activities. But guys, that is going to do it for me today in this article. I hope you learned something. I hope you can get your hands on the sniper as soon as possible and hopefully the error codes that we’ve been dealing with for day one of The Final Shape subside.

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