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Destiny 2 Fishing Boost Service

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Greetings, dear customer! My name is Librarian Husky. Are you sick of playing the same game over and over again, casting your line, and waiting for a bite? When you choose Huskyboost, our professional fishermen will handle your Destiny II fishing needs. Choose how long you’d like us to fish on your behalf, and enjoy a break. Our team specializes in the SotD’s fishing mode, guaranteeing an impressive catch. We’ll prevent you from missing out on any of the treasures, whether it be one-of-a-kind H.E.L.M. decorations, highly sought-after Reckoning firearms, or even rare gear.

Why should I buy the Destiny 2 Fishing Boost Service?

To dive into Destiny 2’s fishing activities, players need to follow the SotD narrative and finish the “Into the Depths” quest’s early stages. After fulfilling the Salvage and Deep Dive quests, a visit to Suraya Hawthorne at the Tower will introduce the basics of fishing through the “Gone Fishin'” quest. It’s the key to becoming an expert fisherman.

Fishing and bringing them to the H.E.L.M.’s aquarium is a great way for players to acquire goodies from Reckoning arsenal and protective gear to exotic items. The type of fish you catch determines the loot’s quality, with the rarest fish leading to the most extraordinary rewards, including unique armor and more. Allow Huskyboost to assist you in securing these highly sought-after catches without the stress.

What do Customers receive?

  • Selected hours of fishing time.
  • Get a chance to receive Season 21’s legendary firearms and gear.
  • Obtain various unexpected Reckoning weapons.
  • Get an opportunity to obtain rare Exotic equipment.
  • Progress in Fishing Triumphs.
  • Obtain extra experience for both SP and Artifact.
  • All bonus loot gathered during order fulfillment.

How does Destiny 2 Fishing Boost Service work?

  • Express speed – We will complete your order with a higher priority, and the completion time will be faster by 30%.

Additional options

  • Stream – watch the boost happen in real-time with a live HQ video.
  • I need baits — Huskyboost’s experts will prepare baits for catching large fish.


  • A photo of you with a fish weighing over 45 pounds.

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