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Deciphering Destiny 2: An In-Depth Analysis of Legendary Weapons

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Deciphering Destiny 2: An In-Depth Analysis of Legendary Weapons

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Crack the code on Destiny 2's Legendary Weapons with our exhaustive analysis. Learn the ins and outs of perks, stats, and synergies to elevate your Guardian's arsenal.
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Primary Weapons

Duty bound kinetic 600 RPM adaptive frame can roll with stats for all one for all. Eightier it’s worth mentioning that I’m not ranking the Adept variance because adept weapons are only very slightly better. False promises kinetic high-impact frame can roll the Overflow Rampage would be good if 360 RPMs were good, but they’re not, bottom of beta, end of story.

The Horror Story

We’re looking at a Precision frame kinetic also with some really awful perks. If you’ve ever had the misfortune of picking one of these up, you’re really missing out. Detail fire Freight, one of the three separate weapons in the game that have fire in the name alongside friction Fire and Fire and forget.

Sita Gnawing Hunger

600 RPM void adapter frame. Nostalgia is telling me to put this in a tier, but it’s high B at best. Subsistence demo or Rampage is always a decent option. Herod C, same deal as false promises, would be good if High impacts got buffed.

Crate a 600 RPM

With some nice stasis Synergy in the form of subsistence headstone also feels very nice to use, so it’s getting innate here. Reckless endangerment, that’s the shotgun Reckless Oracle, shockingly only 16 perk combinations. Outlaw demo is decent but nothing special, low beta scathe lock.

Age-Old Bond & Shadow Price

Age-old Bond, it’s a 360 with atrocious works, bottom of Cedar. Shadow price, one of the only endgame viable Precision frames overflow all fourth times with one for all, is quite nice, high B.

Sorrows Verse & Sweet Sorrow

Sorrows verse, 600 RPM Arc Auto from Crucible, lots of variation here, but I like subsistence frenzy, bottom of A2. Sweet sorrow, Bungie loves the word sorrow, it seems stats for a one for all on this is a really nice role, eight him forward path.

Last Breath

Last breath, my personal favorite kinetic Auto, although.

Destiny 2 Weapon Review

I can only really do eight here; it looks cool and it’s a 600 RPM, but it’s nothing revolutionary. Demo frenzy is good, but it’s pretty basic. The number, more like the number of times you’ll be killed while using this, is pretty hype, 450 Precision frame with nothing really going on in the perk Department seat here.

Weapons with Special Perks

Arc logic, quite underrated, it can get overflow frenzy, and it’s a 600 RPM at it. Arctic Haze, speaking of underrated, a 720 RPM that can roll triple tap vorpal, a nice option for high-end PVE if you have to use an auto for whatever reason. High beta, braytech werewolf, this cousin to Horror Story can roll pugilist swash, which is marginally better.

Other Notable Weapons

Chroma Rush, a 720 RPM that can score Feeding Frenzy kill clip. Cryseria mellow, high impact frame fourth times frenzy hi-seater, stats for a one for all, was nice, but it’s a high-impact frame, low beta. Dark has cider, a 720 that can roll Vault shot, it gets eighter.

Bows Section

Moving on to bows, I’ll keep this section brief because they’re all basically the same. Imperial needle archers Tempo frenzy, lunata vs. luminata, point of the Stag, strident whistle, and tripwire Canary are some of the notable mentions, each with its unique set of perks and functionalities.

Weapons Review in Destiny 2

It is Arches Tempo explosive head or successful warm-up is great, also craftable top of 80. Tyrone of Heaven exactly the same role as the other bows. I just absolutely hate how it feels. Sita under your skin, same role as tripwire Canary; it’s just void ayter.

Bows in Focus

Whispering slab, same rollers point of the Stag, just kinetic. Beat It whistler’s whim, interesting role of Rapid hit kill Cliff, not very good though. Sita wolf tone draw, worst version of tripwire Canary that doesn’t even have explosive head beta, a crude Redemption can get your standard bow roll but it feels horrible due to low bass stats.

Hand Cannons Overview

Speaking of s tier, fatebringer, one of the best hand cannons in the game. It can roll double damage perks in the form explosive payload friendly. You can also get the standard explosive fireflow roll 2 for ad clear. S2 finite impactor stats for a one for all; it’s pretty average.

Unique Weapon Mentions

Judgment, phenomenal hand Cannon just shy of S2, it can roll demo timed payload giving you both ability energy and damage. Great pick for your kinetic slot if you’re using abilities. A2 loud lullaby, a fitting name for one of the loudest and most obnoxious sounding hand cannons in the entire game. It’s a kinetic 120, the control subsistence explosive payload, nice role, not the worst archetype beta.

Notable Legendary Weapons

Nation of beasts, this was the gun to get back in the day. Outlaw dragonflow on the curated roll sounds pretty nice but not nice enough to Warrant during the morgeth challenge. High beta nature of the Beast, I like to think that someone at Bungie took nation of beasts, swapped around a couple of letters and called it a day.

Additional Weapon Analyses

Ancient gospel, again, same role as nation of beasts hobby posterity despite being a 180, as of season of the serif, this thing is great. Vault shot combined with frenzy, if this was a 140, this would easily be S2. For now, though, it’s going inner pure poetry, I’ve never heard anyone talk about.

Hand Cannon Reviews in Destiny 2

This gun, and rightfully so, maybe Outlaw frenzy would be good, see too Rose. I was going to write this thing off as a PVP weapon until I saw it had rapid hit and explosive payload. Low Ada 7th serif offers a revolver, not bad with Recon construction redirection but not good either, low beta, something new except it’s just a copy paste device lunar in a worse archetype, so not something new at all.

Analyzing Specific Hand Cannons

Beta survivor’s Epitaph, a wide variety of perks on this gun but unfortunately, it’s more of a PVP weapon tutor. Pali Pally Pali Pally, definitely the best void hand cannon in the game with a role of overflow and one for all, wish it had a payload perk but will have to make do, hate it. Steady Hand, I was absolutely in love with an outlaw swashbuckle roll on this gun back in season of The Chosen, no idea why though, it was awful.

Exploring Varied Weapon Rolls

High seater true prophecy, much like Steady Hand, I had a phase where I’d use this thing constantly, it is considerably better though. High beta annual skate, a 140 adaptive frame that can roll triple tap timed payload, not bad by any means. Low 80, Volpecula, the blueprint for is Luna like something new though it’s in a much worse archetype, high-seater waking vigil.

Peculiar Weapon Mentions

Nation of Beasts for people that don’t want to do the mortgage challenge, I keep wanting to say them more got challenge, I’ve been playing too much Ellen rig, I beat it. Zaoli’s Bane, controversial opinion, but this is the best hand cannon in the game, explosive period incandescent for solar Synergy or explosive payload one for all for an absurd amount of damage, poor reload but mods next season will fix that.

Further Weapon Discussions

S2 or Stringer, the definition of a PVP weapon, wouldn’t recommend using this thing at all, it’s going in low seater. Bottom Dollar, you can bet your bottom dollar that this one’s going to be good, these puns are getting worse and worse, possibly the best 120 handgun, I don’t know, this was also part of my 120 phase and chosen.

Concluding Remarks on Weapons

Outlaw dragonfly or rapid explosive payload are two nice options. High Beta cantato, another gun that sounds ridiculous with a British accent, let me restart that. Kentada, more specifically the 57th version, can get rapid hit time to payload, it’s kind of nice, low 80, criminals dagger, this isn’t sunset according to d2’s gunsmith, it’s a 120 that can roll with triple tap explosive, low beta, crisis inverted.

Overview of Various Weapons in Destiny 2

Outlaw repulsive race could be good for girl Falcon’s users, but other than that, this hand Cannon isn’t very good, seater here, and that’s the truth. Next up, we’ve got pulse rifles, starting off really, really strong with Insidious. It’s an aggressive frame four-burst pulse that can roll dragonfly or demo in the first column and one for all in the second, easily top of 80.

Insights into Specific Rifles and Hand Cannons

Last Prediction, I would have ranked this gun highly, but then I discovered its dark secret. Perdition refers to a state of eternal punishment and damnation into which a sinful and unrepentant person passes after death; guess where else tradition is mentioned, religion conclusion: Bungie ripped off the Bible. Dieter Jurassic green, super underrated, it can get subsistence incandescent, just wish it felt a little better to use at it.

Various Perk Combinations in Weapons

Jan 7 rifle looks to be a Last Prediction rip-off, isn’t much better, can get disruption break in the first column, though, which ain’t bad, see too legal action, a 340 RPM high impact frame, some good perks, but nothing really works together like you’ve got Feeding Frenzy in the first column but regular frenzy in the second, not a fan, take me to court all you want.

Weapon Usability and Player Preference

Hi ceter Ogma, solar lightweight frame, love the feel of this weapon, you can roll it with stats for all or demo with one for all, which is pretty nice, high beta. Peace of Mind, rapid-fire kinetic pulse from season of the Risen, the only reason I like this is because it’s a rapid-fire, not because it’s actually viable if you look at the perks, beta premonition, ugly weapon with an uglier set of perks, low seat here.

Assessing More Weapon Options

Sacred provenance, like a lot of the garden weapons, terrible base stats, and very few perks to choose from. It’s a fun archetype, though, and can roll rapid hit kill clip, beta. Smite of Moraine, absolutely melts Champions with a focused Fury vorpal roll. However, it is a kinetic, meaning it can’t benefit from Burn modifiers or a subclass Synergy, demo one for all is quite nice for general play.

Continued Weapon Analysis

I’m tempted to put this in s, but I’m gonna have to go a bxr battler, as much as I absolutely adore this weapon, it’s definitely not Esther. Love my demo kill clip role, but I’ll acknowledge that demo incandescent is probably better, hi beta. Stars in Shadow, 340 RPM high impact frame, those words alone should put this in detail, but at least this can get kill clip or dragonfly, Lucy stay frosty.

Concluding Weapon Reviews

Interesting that it can roll fresh in the first column, don’t see that too often. Pair that with Desperado, a headstone for a pretty solid weapon, low at it. Syncopation, another stasis pulse, it’s not as viable, though, since it’s not a nice frame, low beta. Speaking of not nice frames, messenger rabbit it Desperado sounds nice in theory until you actually use it, and it feels horrible, bitter third Axiom, more of a PVP weapon, but it’s not too bad. Feeding Frenzy one for all is nice, but there are better options C2 time-worn Spire.

Evaluation of Various Weapons

I might actually think about using it. Beat it, yesteryear subsistence repulsive race is kind of good, but it gets completely overshadowed by how easy feel his ex is to get. Sita, I think I actually forgot to include Billy’s ax on this list, so I’ll rank it now. Aggressive burst roam that’s really easy to get with repulsive race and a damage perk, yes please.

Specific Weapons and Their Attributes

Ayter, chattering bone, ah yes, I love opening shot on my pulse rifle. This thing is almost worse than last prediction detail. Cold denial used to love Feeding Frenzy multi kill clip on this. Is it practical though? Not in its lightest. High seater darkest before, a nice little rapid-fire pulse with an overflow one for a roll, not bad in the slightest. High Beat It disparity, basically the PVE messenger, the four-burst aggressive frame with rapid hit Desperado.

Diving Deeper into Weapon Capabilities

Haven’t actually got my hands on this roll yet, but it sounds super fun. A2 forge’s pledge, the forge better have pledged never to use this weapon. I guess that’s for one for all is all right. Sito grid Skipper, this was the only good void pulse for the longest time until they added yesteryear and vili’s X. Literal rubbish in the First Column, it is a rapid-fire though, low beta.

Analyzing Various Other Weapons

Hailing confusion, otherwise known as the feeling I get when I ever see anyone using this thing. I like it weirdly, but that’s not the point. Surplus Welsh brings the only half-decent roll. C2 and Horror’s least, same boat as grid Skipper, nothing good in the First Column. Perpetual kill clip, maybe beta, starting off scout rifles with pointed ink worry, easily the worst archetype, and it has a rough set of perks.

Scout Rifles in Focus

D2 doesn’t give the best first impression for scout rifles, or say that much. Royal Chase, oh dear, a slightly better archetype but not by much, the perks are horrendous too, another detail servant leader, the polar opposite of the first two. I should have put this on first, really lovely roll of Rapid hit one for all and a nice frame, easy ate it staccato.

Assessment Continuation

Could this thing always roll with explosive payload? This thing is a lot better than I thought it was, triple tap two, the only thing stopping me from putting this in a tier here is the Precision frame. High Beat It Talons of the Eagles, had no idea this wasn’t Sunset, can get explosive payload, but it’s a real nasty frame which is an issue for Scouts, low C2 tarnished metal.

Concluding Remarks on Weapon Evaluation

Okay, I’ll stop with the odd and ring references, this is a really, really good scout, basically an arc night watch which is just incredible. I think I go S tier here, but this one’s on the border.

Tears of Contrition, I would make some terrible pun about how you’ll only have tears of sadness using this thing, but it’s actually quite good, triple tap explosive is nothing to overlook.

High beta guiding sight, nothing noteworthy here, rapid hit one for all is all right, see two.

The Scholar, I think we’ve got a contender for the worst weapon in the game here, high impact frame, check, terrible perks, check, have to play trials, check, d-tier, check.

Transfiguration of Weapons

Transfiguration more like transfigure your life out if you use this thing seriously. I’ve ranted enough about high impact frames at this point. It’s detailed but marginally better than pointed in Korean Royal Chase Aisha’s Embrace, not my cup of tea personally, but I can recognize that it’s good. Triple tap or stats roll with vocal in a rapid fire frame, ate it trustee as of this season of really solid option, reconstruction incandescent sounds like a blast, pun not intended.

Vision of Confluence and Other Underrated Weapons

I feel like I need to clarify at this point, vision of Confluence super underrated. Weapon It’s a Precision frame, but its perks make up for it; rewind frenzy is super good, and so is well spring frenzy High. Beat It vouchsafe if tarnished metal was the arc Night Watch, then this is the void version; rapid explosive payload is just too good high.

Contingency Plan and Varieties

Just because there’s another great void option, which we’ll get onto in a bit, contingency plan decent pick around the board. Subsistence one for all with a rapid fire frame can be very nice, low 80.

Doom of Chelseas

Doom of Chelseas, a celtius whatever, best Scout in the game, and anyone who says otherwise hasn’t seen the perks explosive payload in the First Column with frenzy or one for all in the second not to mention Repulsor brace and Firefly dragonfly, like what ridiculously outrightful definitely has to Eternal blazing lightweight frame that can roll rapid hit one for all, solid weapon beta hung jury super overrated.

Personal Preferences and Differences

I want to stop comparing things to night watch, but that’s really hard considering this thing has the exact same role, only difference this is a less good frame 80 long arm very unique Scout rifle which I know isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. I personally love it though, and with the role of Rapid hit explosive payload, you can’t go wrong at it night watch.

Final Thoughts and Summation

Final only ranking this thing it’s s obviously for how ridiculously easy it is to get. It’s incredible Point made Percy’s D again rapid hit explosive it is the worst archetype though, so it feels horrible low beta now finishing up Scout rifles, a gun I completely forgot about pallady’s character there ain’t nothing correct about using this gun at all it doesn’t even have a good damage perk see to forgiveness surprisingly not awful.

It’s a two-burst making automatically better than most sidearms can also roll demo multi-kill clip Beat It High Albedo much like the Kaling confusion. I love this weapon back on Beyond light’s launch due to the Royal Surplus Wellspring. It may be an Adaptive three-burst, but it’s not that great low beta liminal vigil super interesting role of Desperado headstone never tried it personally but it seems quite nice A2 Lonesome unfortunately a Precision frame so it’s going straight and see Tiff the perks don’t make up for it either peace.

Weapon Review Introduction

Bond used to be really good; nowadays, it’s been power crept to oblivion. Subsistence headstone is what you look out for, which doesn’t seem great compared to liminal, punching out Feeding Frenzy kill clip, Feeding Frenzy frenzy, subsistence frenzy, overflow frenzy; literally, any damage role you can think of, you can get on this weapon, not a bad archetype either.

Various Weapons Analysis

Anyway, despite it being named after a lethal spider, this thing is anything but lethal, so that’s for a one for all, maybe see two seventh serif sidearm, slightly more lethal than the red back, but not by a lot. Demos surrounded might be nice, but the archetype is awful, see too spoiler alert this next one isn’t good; get it because my spoiler alert did spoiler. I’ll cheer myself out; it’s seat here, not much to say. Fool’s remedy, decent archetype, decent perk combo, Feeding Frenzy kill clip Beat It, a swift verdict that’s exactly what I’m making on this one.

Specific Weapon Ranks

Tito Last Dance three bursts with Outlaw dragonfly, yeah, see too. The Keening I’m always Keen to get rid of this thing whenever I pick it up; there are some alright perks, but I can’t really get behind it, beat it, the vision never knew this weapon was a three burst, but that’s not enough to save it, ambitious assassin one for all, maybe see two Allied demand.

Concluding Remarks and Special Mentions

brass attacks finally a sidearm I can get behind Feeding Frenzy Rampage has always been my go-to role; it’s the two-shot as well, so it automatically gains points. High beta Brigham’s law, yes, this is what a sidearm should be; feeding frenzy Vault shot is just ridiculous on this thing. I love it so much; a slider must have ad clear capabilities to be worth using since the damage is usually abysmal. Vault shot takes care of that eight here easily.

Drang almost as good but I prefer Vault shot to incandescent and Rapid fires to adaptives, camera Wellspring in the First Column, though, which gives this excellent Synergy with solar builds a tier losing our streak of actually good sidearms.

We’ve got empirical evidence atrocious bass stats and underwhelming perks, but it is a two burst, and it has chemicals on the side, and if that doesn’t excite you, I don’t know what will no beta enigma’s draw atrocious archetypes and atrocious perks possibly the worst sidearm in the entire game, ditto farewell, don’t click off only the watch time subsistence frenzy lightweight frame not a big fan but it’s not unusable C2.

Overview of Various Weapons

I would prefer it to submission; one for all could be a good shout too, ate here forensic nightmare. More like using this thing will be a nightmare because it has a Precision frame and nothing good in the first perk slot; headstone may be for the second, I don’t know, low beta friction fire, not a great option, not a nice archetype. Subsistence Rampage could be usable, see to funnel web. I know some people are going to hate me for not putting this an S, but I really don’t think it deserves that spot.

Detailed Weapon Analysis

Subsistence frenzy is really nice, but nothing that blows me away. There’s also a few other good options for void, so I’ll give it a high A2 ikelos SMG, the old one solid 80. The new one, though, Feeding Frenzy Vault shot, is phenomenal for ad clear and damage. If you haven’t tried it yet, definitely go do that S2 Mida mini tool, not to be confused with callous mini tool; this has the static roll hip fire grip kill clip, which isn’t great by any means, low seater multi-muck, a really underrated pick for the kinetic slot.

In-Depth Weapon Reviews

Subsistence one for all is nothing to scoff at, high beta out of bounds. This is an arc SMG, which is surprisingly good for an arc build, demo Gordon tricorn, great for Ability builds, and subsistence adrenaline junkie is literally a roll found on follower atir piezekato, more specifically the 20-second version. Even with that many versions, though, they still didn’t manage to get it right, nothing great in the First Column, and nothing great to pair it with C2.

Concluding Remarks on Weapon Evaluation

Prolonged engagement, if you’re looking for a stasis SMG, this is the one. Subsistence frenzy or Feeding Frenzy headstone are both great roles, tempted to go s here, but it’s probably just a blood Feud. Prolonged engagement overshadows this one entirely, but it stands out with the role pugilist frenzy for any melee Focus builds, not terrible.

High beta 7th serf SMG, very obviously lacking any sort of damage or ability perk, also a Precision frame. I can’t bring myself to put an SMG indeed here, though, so it’s going and see show your wrath.

While this thing was the only void SMG in the game, it was great; now, not so much. Perpetual tricorn is decent, I guess, see too stochastic variable.

Introduction to Weapon Rankings

Released Feeding Frenzy multi-kill clip will always be an amazing role regardless of how much he gets power crept. Ate it submission arguably the best kinetic SMG in the game, can’t go wrong with overflow frenzy plus it’s craftable, which gives it the edge over rendition, s tier but only by a bit. Hero’s burden, the only reason this is good, is because of go Falcons when used with it though it’s really good, high B tier but only because it’s limited to that one build.

Detailed Analysis of Various Weapons

The title super underrated pick, stats for a one for all on a 750 RPM SMG, great for legend content too since you don’t actually have to kill anything for the perks to activate. Ate it Unforgiven, the main reason why I didn’t put funnel webiness here, demo frenzy will usually beat out subsistence on funnel web, however, the base stats on Unforgiven aren’t the greatest, however, you can also get demo Repulsor bracelet Unforgiven and also demo tricorn.

Additional Weapons and Features

Furthermore, Bungie’s adding energy-specific reload mods which will negate the poor reload speed. I rest my case. S2 borrowed time, another really underrated option, only issue is you have to play Gambit together, overflow frenzy is what I’m personally going for. ETA kallus mini tool, I don’t think this weapon really needs an introduction, easy as to cold front.

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