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16 Must-Have Weapons Before The Final Shape

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16 Must-Have Weapons Before The Final Shape

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This guide details 16 essential PvE weapons for Destiny 2's "The Final Shape," highlighting their perks, strategies, and importance in preparing for the saga's conclusion.
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The final shape is fast approaching, my friends, and if you’re returning to Destiny 2 to finish the saga and confront the witness, you may need to catch up a bit in the weapon department depending on how long you’ve been away. If you haven’t played the game in, say, years, you might have no idea what’s good in PvE anymore.

Or maybe you’ve been playing this whole time, but you just want extra weapon advice for the final shape. Either way, I’ve got you covered. Let’s go over what I consider to be 16 must-have PvE weapons going into the final shape. A good number of these are group weapon options that fall under one umbrella. Don’t worry; you’ll see what I mean eventually

Indebted Kindness

At number 16 on our list is Indebted Kindness. I promise that many options on today’s list will be free-to-earn weapons, but the first on the list is not one of them. If you don’t know, Indebted Kindness is a sidearm that runs on special ammo and fires small rocket projectiles instead of bullets.

This weapon not only hits hard but also has access to two perks that shine brightly in PvE: Lead from Gold and Volt Shot. Volt Shot allows you to shred through clumped-up trash a bit easier, and Lead from Gold helps you manage your ammo much better.

With good ammo management mods, you can almost use it like a primary weapon. You can even be bold and include it in a double special loadout if you know what you’re doing. Either way, it’s a fine weapon that I love dearly, Arc build or not. Indebted Kindness can be obtained from the first encounter in the Warlord’s Ruined Dungeon and is quite easy to farm.

Scatter Signal

At number 15, we have Scatter Signal, one of two fusion rifles on our list today. Scatter Signal is a straightforward, reliable weapon with good perks, a solid origin trait, and the ability to be crafted. Rapid-fire frames are usually the archetype of choice for fusion rifles in PvE, simply because you don’t want to be sitting around taking forever to charge up your next shot while getting knocked around by the enemy.

Usually, you’re much better off spamming lighter, faster damage. The go-to perks are usually Overflow or Slice in column 3 and Controlled Burst in column 4. I prefer Overflow for column 3, but you do you. If you didn’t know, Controlled

Outbreak Perfected Upgrade

Coming in at number 14, a weapon getting a big glow-up in the final shape is Outbreak Perfected. Outbreak is already a pretty respectable weapon in PvE and something I always keep in my back pocket in day one raids, just in case.

Last week, when I was out of town, by the way, Bungie mentioned that pulse rifles would be getting a huge damage buff in PvE—plus 20% versus all combatants—goddamn incredible! Even if nanite damage is not affected by that buff, it would still be a big recommend from me. However, if nanite damage is also buffed, and there’s no reason right now to think that it wouldn’t be, then it’s an omega big recommend from me.

Forbearance Analysis

At number 13, Forbearance. I know it’s getting nerfed in the final shape, but bear with me real quick. To those unfamiliar, Forbearance is a grade A workhorse of a weapon. Fire at a wave of trash enemies, kill a bunch of them with both wave and explosion damage via Chain Reaction, rinse and repeat.

Forbearance has been King easy mode ad clear in Destiny 2 for a while now, so Bungie’s toning down special wave frames in general, with a shorter wavelength and toning down the power of chain reaction. Now, while it’s possible that Forbearance will be a shell of its former self come final shape, I don’t think it will be, and considering how easy it is to farm right now, I think it would be kind of dumb to not mention it to returning players.

To get right now, I’d say either go with Ambitious Assassin in column 3 to overflow the mag after a kill or go with Demolitionist to generate a ton of grenade energy and potentially fire twice by chucking a grenade in between shots. Both roles are currently godly. Again, it won’t be as incredible in the final shape, but I doubt it’ll be flat-out dead. You can farm Forbearance in Onslaught, currently free to all players.

Edge Transit Strategy

Edge Transit excels as a DPS weapon in scenarios where the damage window is extended, such as when you’re not pressed to deliver massive damage in a brief moment. This contrasts with scenarios suited for rocket launchers. Ideal perks include Envious Assassin and Bait and Switch. The strategy involves accumulating kills to boost DPS at critical phases. Once you begin your DPS phase with quick hits from your primary weapons, switch to Edge Transit with its pre-loaded magazine to maximize damage. Spike grenades are preferred, but their absence isn’t a dealbreaker. Edge Transit can be farmed in Onslaught for free.

Apex Predator Usage

Apex Predator is crucial for short DPS windows when you need to deliver concentrated damage swiftly. Despite no direct nerfs to rocket launchers in recent updates, the removal of damage-enhancing mods like Minor Spec and Major Spec affects their effectiveness. However, rockets are expected to remain powerful. A common strategy involves using Gjallarhorn to amplify the damage of nearby Apex Launchers through free Wolfpack rounds. The ideal roll would include Impact Casing, Reconstruction, and Bait and Switch, allowing for pre-loaded shots that capitalize on the increased damage immediately. Apex is available in The Last Wish raid and can be focused at Riven using wish tokens.

Selecting a Solar Primary Weapon

For those at number 10, choices like Zullie’s Bane, Anacle Integration, Sunshot, or Luna’s Howl offer strong solar primary options. These weapons are effective due to their ability to apply burning damage, making them valuable in various combat situations. Each weapon has unique benefits and fits into different combat styles, emphasizing the importance of choosing based on personal preference and playstyle.

Solar Primary Weapon Options

We group four solar primary weapon options together for diversity. Even if you’re a Year One player returning after a long break, you likely have Sunshot. Although it’s getting toned down in the final shape, it’s expected to remain effective. For backup, consider Zullie’s Bane with Explosive Payload and Incandescent—obtained through either the King’s Fall raid or Pantheon. Anacle Integration offers a curated role with Incandescent, providing a straightforward option. For 100% free-to-play players, Luna’s Howl in Onslaught is available with Heal Clip and Incandescent, excellent for PvE.

Dragon’s Breath

Dragon’s Breath, ranked at number nine, might be a surprise to players returning to Destiny 2 after a long hiatus. This weapon isn’t meant for every team member to use simultaneously due to its Scorch mechanics, which can be counterintuitive for group damage. However, without duplicates, it significantly damages and can ignite half the room, aligning perfectly with solar builds in PvE. Completing the Exotic Catalyst enhances its effectiveness further.

Riptide or Deliverance

Choose between Riptide or Deliverance at number eight. These stasis Fusion rifles feature Chill Clip, which is particularly effective against chunkier PvE targets by applying immediate slow stacks, making them easier to handle. Although Chill Clip received a nerf, it remains potent for managing all champion types. Overload Champions are instantly stunned by slow, Unstoppable Champions by freezing and shattering, and Barrier Champions are disrupted by it. Riptide is more accessible and can be focused at Shaxx with engrams. It can be equipped with Autoloading Holster or Lead from Gold. Deliverance, harder to obtain, is available via the Vow of the Disciple raid. This inclusion caters to players who prefer PvE over PvP.

Recluse and Argo

If Bungie reveals in a future update that the final shape artifact will be very void heavy, Recluse is likely to be the easier of the two options to obtain. It’s available for all players via the Onslaught activity right now. My quick and easy recommendations are either Feeding Frenzy, Subsistence, or Repulsor Brace in column 3, and Frenzy, Destabilizing Rounds, or Desperate Measures in column 4.

Destabilizing Rounds is usually my go-to for PvE if I’m running a void build to begin with. Argo is a fun void rifle that has access to Onslaught. It’s fun when paired with Subsistence in column 3. Argo is harder to farm at the moment; it’s in the world loot pool, meaning you have to get somewhat lucky to get one to drop. Thankfully, when the final shape launches, Argo will be focusable, so keep that in mind.

Choosing an Arc Primary Weapon

At number six, take your pick between Subjunctive, the Eolos SMG, the Waking Vigil, and Nation of Beasts. The TL;DR here: a great Arc primary weapon featuring Volt Shot is hard to beat. If you’re a fan of Arc builds in general or want to spread around Jolt on a prismatic build, you’ll want to be ready. Go after the Subjunctive or the Eolos if you favor SMGs in PvE, and go after the Waking Vigil or Nation of Beasts if you prefer hand cannons.


At number five, we have Necrochasm. Out of every weapon on today’s list, this one might be one of the more challenging ones to earn if you’re a returning player, but I must mention it. Necrochasm is already a damn good ad-clear weapon right now and it’s getting buffed in the final shape with built-in intrinsic Outlaw, increased burn duration, and a rebuilt Catalyst, which is basically a better version of One for All.

On top of that, auto rifles are getting a +15% damage buff on Red Bar enemies, so Necro is going to shred way better than it does already. Necrochasm can be earned by beating the Crota’s End raid and doing the Bottomless Pit exotic weapon quest. It’ll probably be a pain in the ass, but man, will it be worth it.

Pardon Our Dust

At number four, consider Pardon Our Dust or any autoloading and disorienting grenade launcher. I’ve gotten into a fair number of debates about the overall viability of this type of weapon, usually to the tune of why use your special as a utility when you can just hit hard, like with an Indebted Kindness.

Wave Splitter and Trace Rifles

I want to note here that honestly, any trace rifle has the potential to be really good in the final shape as they’re getting a 20% damage buff on both red and orange bar enemies. Your preference for elements should determine what you go for; for example, if you like burning things, maybe opt for a Retraced Path with Incandescent, and so on.

If I had to narrow it down to just one, though, I’d go with Wave Splitter. The entire loop of the weapon is tied to getting orbs of power, which are extremely easy to generate right now in Destiny 2. Getting one briefly maxes the damage output of the gun and allows you to also suppress targets—very handy for void builds and hopefully will tie in big with Prismatic 2. Wave Splitter can be obtained through random exotic engram drops and through Xur.

Divinity’s Role and Future

At number two, and bear with me here, Divinity. Yes, I know that Bungie announced a weird nerf for the gun, and on top of that, it isn’t exactly easy to get. First things first, Divinity’s cage will take longer to summon on a target. Even though that is annoying, I very much doubt the change will be the death of the gun. Certain bosses, who have difficult hit crit spots and are highly mobile, will still fear Divinity. Besides, even with the adjustments, its unique utility in team settings remains unparalleled.

Adjustments to Divinity

If it takes a tad more to get the cage going, once it’s up, you’ll still be able to easily keep it going via tap firing, which Bungie calls “feathering.” Kind of weird, right? Santat Warlocks probably won’t even feel the change at all, to be honest, and that loadout will definitely be in my back pocket for the day-one raid, just in case. As mentioned, Divinity is unfortunately kind of a pain to get; you have to complete a hidden exotic quest during the Garden of Salvation raid. Good news though, there are plenty of guides out there that can show you how to do just that.

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