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CoD DMZ Serpentine Camo Boost

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Access to Serpentine camouflage for any preferred weapon.


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A warm greeting to you, dear customer! You’re in the experienced hands of Librarian Husky. Acquire the unique Serpentine Camouflage from Huskyboost for your weapon in Modern Warfare II. This special Season V demilitarised zone item is not listed in any standard camouflage collections or featured in events. It is on a hidden menu at the purchasing zone of the mysterious Zaya Observatory laboratory.

Why should I buy the CoD DMZ Serpentine Camo Boost?

Participants must find a secret trade recipe to receive the Serpentine Camouflage in the Demilitarised Zone. This camouflage is a permanent unlock but is individual-specific, meaning it’s only accessible to the player possessing the required components. Participants cannot acquire this exclusive camouflage at any other purchase zone across various areas, further enhancing its rarity and value. The journey to uncover this hidden station involves delving into the depths of a hidden chemical bunker and navigating through multiple rooms. A sign will appear indicating that radiation is necessary, suggesting that this station only becomes operable when Zaya Observatory is overwhelmed by a storm. Gas masks are essential for this experience.

Purchase the Modern Warfare II Serpentine Camouflage service from Huskyboost to bypass the extensive grind. The items needed for this challenge are extremely rare, making their acquisition in a single match a formidable task. Be aware that losing your life in the game resets your progress, regardless of how close you are to fulfilling the required conditions. On the other hand, the Demilitarised Zone secret camouflage boost reward is worth it!

What do Customers receive?

  • Access to Serpentine camouflage for any preferred weapon.
  • Accumulate experience in the military and prestige tiers.
  • Possibility of finding keys to enter inaccessible locations in Demilitarised zone regions.
  • Potential progression in both weapon experience and camouflage development.
  • Progressing through the stages of the Battle Pass.

How does CoD DMZ Serpentine Camo Boost work?

  • Express speed – We will complete your order with a higher priority, and the completion time will be faster by 30%.

Additional options

  • Stream – watch the boost happen in real-time with a live HQ video.

Buy CoD DMZ Serpentine Camo Boost now!

How do I receive the Serpentine Camouflage?

The outstanding Serpentine Camouflage, a new addition in the Season V Reloaded update of Demilitarised Zone, offers a formidable obstacle in the game. Participants must trade 4 distinct items to receive this unique camouflage. However, this deal is not easy since each item requires completing different quests in various areas of the Demilitarised zone:

  • Blackcell Hand Cream: This item is unique to the Secure Buy Station in the Koschei Complex. Participants must navigate to this specific location for the trade.
  • Chemist’s Acid: To obtain this item, participants can use our M13B Access boost. It not only helps in receiving the acid but also offers additional rewards.
  • Skeleton Key: To get your hands on the Skeleton Key, consider using our Shadow Company Quest Boosting service.
  • Heavy Chopper Fuel: Participants can find it by looting in one of the hangars at Al Malik Airport, along the side of the cargo train, and in certain mechanical areas of Highrise, in Al Mazrah.