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Hello there, dear comrades! We are going to discuss the Karazhan boost, which is only available to those who have completed the Burning Crusade raid attunement, which we also have a service for. So let’s jump right into it!

We have a default looting option, which is called roll for the main spec. It implies you will roll for items only suitable for your main specialization. For example, you have a DPS Warrior, either Fury or Arms, you will not be able to get tank items with protection or resilence. Only tanks will be able to roll for gear with protection. Likewise, if your main is a healer, it is extremely important to understand that you will only obtain healer-specific equipment. These pieces of gear will have more bonuses to healing rather than to spell damage. A healer’s item might have +64 healing power and +34 spell damage. DPS classes can’t roll for items with bonus healing respectively. The same applies to rings and trinkets. So make sure to claim the right main specialization so you could get the correct items. If you claim you’re a Fire Mage main, you won’t get any items with additional ice damage. This goes for all classes. So choose carefully while buying the Burning Crusade carry for your Karazhan Raid.

Master Loot is another option we have available for you. This option implies all best drops for your main specialization will be reserved especially for you. And you will not need to roll to get a chance to obtain that rare trinket you want, you’ll simply get it.

Next, choose either Pilot or Selfplay options. The first one implies that a professional will take over your character completely for the duration of the service. The second one means you will get to personally participate in the process. Remember that along with your WoW character, you yourself will practically be a part of the Burning Crusade boosting service taking part within the Karazhan raid. However, please note that for selfplay you must know the tactics, your spec role and rotation, and so on. Basically, do not be a deadweight. If you die, you will still most likely get boosted till the end, but the last word remains for the leader. If the RL does so, he will base that on the fact that a participant is ruining the whole run. There are several certain bosses like Nightbane, where everyone must strictly follow the tactic.

So, if you are choosing the selfplay option, please make sure you will be useful during the run, and that you will not be a burden in crunch moments. Otherwise, a wipe is imminent. Within the Karazhan Raid boost, there is also a certain encounter, which will require every TBC participant to stop moving. If even one character moves an inch, the whole group will most certainly wipe. If you are intentionally moving in this phase and wiping the whole raid, you will either be asked to kill your character at the beginning of that encounter or worse. So please, if you really want to personally take part in the run, study the tactics first. Watch some videos, read some guides. We’ll provide you with some useful information below as well.

First, we have Servant’s Quarters. This is an extremely optional mini-boss event and will drop some randomly statted braces, boots, or belts. When you enter the instance, go directly to the right and start clearing the spider, bats, and dogs. You have 30 minutes to clear all the trash before they start respawning. Once it is cleared, one of three bosses will spawn. If it’s Hyakiss, dispel the poison on the tank and make sure your off-tank is second on threat. If it’s Rokad, this is where the tank gets spank with a couple of ads for your off-tank to pick up. If it’s Shadikith, have your off-tank stand as far away as possible. while still in the line of sight, as the boss has a hefty charge. The boss drops threat on wing buffet and an AoE silence. And we’ve only just begun on the Karazhan raid, there’s a lot of the Burning Crusade bosses ahead in the boost.

Karazhan is not the easiest TBC raid, so there is no shame in getting a boost.

Next, we have Attumen, the Huntsman. Start by having your off-tank aggro the boss, and at 95% health, the bloke will spawn. Have your main tank pick up the dude. Keep them 10 yards apart. You want to nuke the horse, remove the curse of Intangible Presence with priority on tanks, when the horse gets to 25% health, the dude will somehow mount in combat. This also wipes threat, so pause DPS for a second. The boss now cleaves. Have everyone stack up behind the boss to not get charged. The fight is rather easy.

Following this strange encounter, we have Moroes. Four out of the possible six random ads will be present. You can CC the ads and just nuke each one down as you please. Always nuke Dorothea first if she’s there. Otherwise, the priority is to kill female ads, then male ads. Moroes will vanish every 30 seconds and put a five-minute bleed on someone. Heal through this or buff it off. Moroes will also gouge the main tank every now and then and swap to the second target on threat. So, make sure that’s your off-tank. You can just keep the ads CC’d if you want and kill Moroes first. You’ll be one step closer to carrying the Karazhan without even buying a TBC raid assistance.

Maiden of Virtue. Tank the boss in the middle and spread out to avoid chaining the Holy Wrath. Dispel Holy Fire as fast as possible. The boss will pulse AoE around her and cast Repentance which will stun everyone for 12 seconds. This breaks on damage. Pull the boss towards your healers to break them out, and then go back to the middle. Don’t forget about the ranged DPS.

The Opara event is a reference to three different movies. You will face one of three random encounters. The Big Bad Wolf does an AoE fear and stuns everyone in front. The Wolf will sometimes fixate on a player. They need to kite it around the room. Quick fact, the Big Bad Wolf utters the phrase “Runway, small child!”, which is used in many popular add-ons such as Atlasloot and Titan panel. Romulo and Julianne’s encounter goes as following. Julianne will spawn first. Interrupt heal and Dispel Devotion from her. Once she’s dead, Romulo will spawn. Dispel poisons and dispel Daring. After he dies, they will both respawn, and you’ll fight them at the same time with one tank on each. Kill them within 10 seconds of each other. Take a guess of what this encounter is based on. Go ahead, you won’t be wrong. Our WoW boosting service would never lead to you a wrong decision, especially in a challenging TBC raid such as Karazhan.

The next encounter is called The Crone. Four bosses will spawn. They will become active at different times, starting with Dorothee. She is untankable, just nuke her down. She’ll also summon a dog, Tito, quickly kill it after Dorothee is dead. The next one, Roar, will activate after her. He does an AoE fear. Have a tank initially pick him up, but you should fear or Scare Beast him constantly, whilst DPS nuke him down. The Strawman spawns next. Fire spells disorient him, so have someone constantly spamming a fire spell on him the whole time. If you don’t have any fire users then have a tank pick him up and nuke him after Dorothee. Have your main tank pick up Tinhead. He cleaves, so face away. After a while, his movement speed gets decreased, so you can kite him around the room. Once they’re all dead, The Crone will spawn. Have a tank pick her up. Avoid cyclones that move around the room and spread out for Chain Lightning. Carry out these tactics as described, and you’ll complete the Karazhan raid without even needing to buy any service in the Burning Crusade.

The Curator. Tank him wherever you want, ads will spawn that deal AoE damage to the raid, kill them as soon as possible. The boss will cast a hard-hitting spell on your second-highest threat, so make sure this is the off-tank. After a while, the Curator will run out of mana. You will have 20 seconds of 200% damage to nuke the boss as much as possible. Rinse and repeat until you kill the boss.

Coming up next, we have the Terrestian Illhoof. Tank the boss near the demonic circle. Off-tank Kil’rek, and cleave him down. Once he dies, the boss will take 25% increased damage. Kil’rek will respawn after 45 seconds. Repeat this throughout the fight. Every now and then the boss will teleport a player onto the demonic rune and stun them. They will take a lot of damage until you kill the chains binding them. You can heal the sacrifice target, but it also heals the boss. Also, you can bubble and Ice Block out of this. Finally, non-elite ads will randomly spawn throughout the fight. AoE and cleave them down. Sometimes, even the most random of enemies ruin the whole raid in the Burning Crusade, but such occasions in Karazhan never occur while our WoW boosting service does the job.

Buy some help from our TBC carry, and get everything you can from Karazhan Raid.

The next boss is a bit unusual. You can’t tank Shade of Aran, so tanks just need to equip DPS gear and do their best. Don’t interrupt Arcane Missiles ever, but you do want to interrupt every single fire and frost spell. This is because his spells cost mana, and when his mana gets low, he will polymorph the raid down, and shotgun the Pyroblasts into your face. Aran casts three special spells. Arcane Explosion – you’ll get sucked to the center of the room. Run out in between the bookshelves. Blizzard will spawn a blizzard that rotates around the room, just avoid it. Flame Wreath will be cast on three people. A fire ring will appear around a player, and if that player moves you will wipe. At 40% health, he will summon four Water Elementals. You can kill these, or if you can CC them, they will despawn after 90 seconds. Dispell chains, casters don’t be close to the boss, and you will win. If you suddenly realized you don’t want to go through all this, just order our raid boost, and we’ll complete Karazhan using your TBC character.

The Netherspite. Pull the boss, tank him around the center of the room. Three portals will open up. Intercept the beams. Have your main tank intercept the red beam. They will want to take the beam for around five ticks and then move out. And let it hit the boss for three or so ticks, and then move back in. Keep repeating this. The green beam is for healers. It also heals the boss. If healers are struggling, they can rotate this beam. If not, you can have a non-mana DPS or the off-tank take this beam for the whole fight. The blue beam is for DPS, have 2 DPS rotate standing in this beam for 10 seconds each time. Phase 2 will make the boss banish. Run to the edge of the room and just AFK. When he comes back, your off-tank will need to take the red beam, as your main tank will still be debuffed. Watch out for void zones on the ground, and there is pulsing AoE damage throughout the fight. By the way, our boosting service has never wiped on this Karazhan stage for the whole history of doing WoW raids in Burning Crusade.

Chess. For this fight, you will take control of a chess piece. Your objective is to kill the opposing king. Just make sure the people using the healing pieces actually heal and you’ll be all right. There is definitely a Horde bias on this fight, and Alliance will find that they have a much harder time during this encounter. This is made partly as a meme.

The next boss is Prince Malchezaar. Tank the boss with your back up against the wall. Ranged DPS and healers stand at the door. Dispel Shadow Word Pain. When he casts Enfeeble, he will lower some players’ health to one. This also means he’s about to AoE. Ranged can stand where they are, melee can line of sight at the nearby wall or run back to where the ranged are at. In phase 2, there is just extra tank damage, and in phase 3, people will get targeted by spooky floating weapons. Surely, it will not pose any threat to our Karazhan boost masters, and they will complete the raid for your TBC avatars flawlessly. Really!

Nightbane. Tank him near the pillar. He cleaves and uses Tail Swipe, so DPS, stand at the side range stand close to the wall on one side. The boss casts Bellowing Roar, which is an AoE fear, which you can outrange. Dispel Distracting Ash. Charred Earth will drop a big AoE on a raid member, so move out of it as soon as possible. Every 25% health the boss will fly away. Stack up, and whoever gets Reign of Bones, move away from the group slightly. This will also spawn five skeletons that are immune to everything but physical and holy damage. Nuke them down, heal through Smoking Blast. Finally, in the last phase don’t run too far away, as Nightbane will spam fireballs on the raid if you do. Repeat these two phases until you win.

That concludes what we have to tell on the boosting service of the Karazhan Raid, the most famous WoW TBC instance. We’ve tried to put everything you absolutely need to know in here. In case there is still something unclear to you, feel free to contact us. Our managers will definitely help you out and explain everything you want to know in detail. But the most important thing is that you have to prepare if you choose the selfplay option. Feel free to browse the pages of Husky’s WoW boost shop at your will. And we’ll meet again some other day. Cya!

⚠️ Did you know? **We have 24/7 support** Our team works 24 hours 365 days. Feel free to ask any questions
⚠️ Did you know? **We have 24/7 support** Our team works 24 hours 365 days. Feel free to ask any questions
⚠️ Did you know?
**Best price guaranteed!**
Found anything cheaper? Let us know and we will lower the price.
⚠️ Did you know?
**Best price guaranteed!**
Found anything cheaper? Let us know and we will lower the price.
⚠️ Did you know?
**We have 10-15% Cashback in Checkout**
10-15 % of purchase price returns to the customer as a cashback code
⚠️ Did you know?
**We have 10-15% Cashback in Checkout**
10-15 % of purchase price returns to the customer as a cashback code
⚠️ Did you know?
**We monitor the prices of our competitors**
**You get low prices**
⚠️ Did you know?
**We monitor the prices of our competitors**
**You get low prices**