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Ultimate PvP Spec Tier List for World of Warcraft 10.2

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Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening everybody, welcome to another guides. We got a real banger for you. Here, we are going to do a tier list for 10.2, so you can stay up to date on all the latest World of Warcraft content, including what specs are completely overpowered. I couldn’t say it better myself. This is basically my best guess at what I thought was going to be OP.

Gameplay Experience

I have been playing a lot. Like I said, I’ve been playing a bunch of Warlock, a bunch of Priest, a little bit of this and that, playing twos, threes, Battlegrounds, Soul Shovel, all that good stuff. I have some insight on what I think is crazy. As usual, we’re going to add a tank column. I’m going to add a bottom row, and this row is going to be called TKS. This is also with the new patch notes in mind.

Specialization Rankings

Without further ado, let’s put the tanks where they belong in the tank specialization. That’s exactly where all these tanks are going to go. I don’t want to think about them, nobody does, so they’re in the bin, which is exactly what we all want. Perfect. I’m missing one. Druid, alright, cool.

I’m going to go through the specializations in order. Starting off, I had this at C and I’m going to keep it at C. I haven’t really fought too many Frost DKs, but I feel like they’re really not good. Honestly, you could probably put it down to D. I might even demote it to D, like Frost DK. You can run some cheesy stuff, but for the most part, it’s a pretty garbage spec.

Death Knight and Demon Hunter Evaluations

I initially rated the Frost Death Knight at C, but I’m going to downgrade it to D. Frost is just terrible, that’s the way it is. On the other hand, Unholy Death Knight, which I had at A, deserves a promotion to S. Unholy Death Knight received a ton of buffs, particularly in single-target damage. It was already really strong, and with no significant offset to these PvE changes, I think Unholy DK is going to be absolutely wild. So, it’s a definite S.

Havoc Demon Hunter Analysis

My prediction for Havoc Demon Hunter, after its rework, was an S tier. Now that I’ve actually played it a bit, I’ve changed my mind. Believe it or not, we’re going to S+. Actually, this will be S, and then here, we’re going to rename this to SSJS Plus God Omega. That’s where Demon Hunters are going to go. Demon Hunter damage is incredibly strong. The only thing keeping Demon Hunters in check is Rogues.

Rogue Spec Evaluation

Initially, at the beginning of the patch, it seemed like Subtlety and Assassination were insane, but Outlaw was lacking.

However, it turns out Outlaw is crazy and might even be the best Rogue spec. Many trusted Rogues have shared with me that it’s unfairly good, like a Giga spec. Therefore, Outlaw will be rated at SSJS Plus God Omega.

The other two Rogue specs, for now, will be at S. They are subject to change, of course. After the rework, Rogues are, unsurprisingly, very good.

Assassination Rogue and Boomkin Considerations

I’m going to put Assassination Rogue at A, although it’s borderline A+, nearly S. Assassination is really strong, but its vulnerability lies in its survivability, unlike the other two Rogue specs. Next up, we have the Boomkin. Boomkin.

Boomkin and Feral Druid Analysis

I previously rated Boomkin at A and I feel comfortable leaving it there. I haven’t seen anything that suggests Boomkin is better than A at this point. Similarly, for Feral Druid, I had it at A, and after playing, I’m keeping it at A. Feral Druid didn’t really move in the power play.

Resto Druid Evaluation

Resto Druids are definitely going up in the S tier. That’s what I had it at and that’s what we’ll keep it at after playing. Resto Druid is really strong.

Interestingly, I’ve seen more Druids weaving in Balance form and casting Wraths to regenerate their mana and assist with damage. I’m curious to see if we’ll see Resto Druids assist in damage similar to how a Discipline Priest does and maintain their mana.

Devastation of Ochre Assessment

Devastation of Ochre, I had at C tier, but I’m actually going to promote it. Many of my friends, after playing Devastation, say the Mastery changes feel really good. They nerfed the Mastery but gave more overall damage, allowing for other secondary stats like haste, which feel a lot better. So, I’m going to promote Devastation from C to B. In terms of solo Shuffle and Battlegrounds, Devastation might actually be closer to A, but for threes, it’s not that good.

Beast Mastery Hunter and Other Hunter Specs

Beast Mastery Hunter, which I had at B tier, is a complete sham. Beast Mastery Hunter might be one of the best specs I’ve fought so far. It’s absurd for some reason, summoning more pets than a Demonology Warlock. Its tier lets you summon even more pets that literally one-shot all game. I’m going to put BM up to S tier; it’s a sleeper spec right now that nobody’s talking about. I think it’s incredibly good.

Survival Hunter was at A; I’ll leave it at A. Marksman Hunter, I think, will remain at A for now. There’s a part of me that wants to make it S because once tier lands, it is going to be S. But for the time being, I’ll leave it at A, feeling more like an A+, but I’ll leave it here for now.

Arcane Mage Evaluation

I had Arcane Mage at S tier, and I’m going to keep it there. I don’t want to be biased, but I think Arcane Mage is very strong. Mages in general didn’t really get many changes. The only Mage spec that’s going to be worse is Frost, but Fire and Arcane with their tier are going to be even better. So, I’m going to put Arcane at S tier. I want to put Fire at S tier as well, maybe A tier. I’m going to put it at A tier; it’s A+. Fire is very good, you could maybe put it in S tier.

Fire and Frost Mage Adjustments

I’m going to be a bit conservative with the Fire Mage for now. I don’t… ah, I’ll put Fire at S tier and just eat my words if I’m wrong. I’ll put Frost at A. I’m going to demote Frost a bit. I’m going to buff Fire, I’m going to buff Arcane. Those are where the three Mage specs are going in my opinion. In Solo Shuffle specifically, I think Frost is probably still going to be A, but we will have to wait and see.

Monk and Paladin Spec Analysis

Punch Monks are really strong. I’m going to put them at S tier. When I think about Monks, I’m just going to put Punch Monk as their best spec, I think. If you can play both caster and punch, you’re even better off, but if you’re just going to play Punch, it’s S tier. Windwalker Monks, I’m going to leave where they are at A tier. Holy Paladins are interesting. Every time I play the Holy Paladin, they just go Oom really fast. I haven’t seen a Paladin that can sustain his mana longer than 2 or 3 minutes, so I’m going to put Holy Paladins down to B tier.

Disc Priest and Rep Paladin Considerations

Disc I had at S tier, I think I’m going to put Disc at A. Is Disc on the level of Resto Druid and Punch Monk? I think Disc is S Omega. I’ll put it at S. I definitely don’t think it’s better than Resto Druid. You guys will not convince me otherwise. After playing, Disc is a lot better than Fist. I don’t know if I agree with that. Rep Paladins, what did I have RS at? Rep Paladins.

Rep Paladin and Warrior Spec Evaluations

I had Rep Paladin at S tier, and they’re actually getting buffed, so luckily for them, RS are going to be very strong. We’ll put them over here. Arms Warrior is another one that I said was S tier. I think it is going to be S tier; it should be good. We could put Resto at SS JS Plus God Omega if you guys want. I’m actually perfectly fine with that. I feel like I’ve been convinced that Resto Druids are up there. So, we’ll keep Resto Druids at SSJ Plus God Omega for now, just nice and conservative. It’s a good little spot.

Shadow Priest and Shaman Assessments

Shadow Priests I have at A tier. Haven’t really heard too much, haven’t really fought them that much. They seem okay, so I’ll leave them at A tier. I’m not going to mess around too much. Elemental Shaman actually seem really strong. I don’t even know what happened to Elemental Shaman, but it seems like their damage is even higher somehow. So, I’ll leave it at A. I had it at A, I’ll leave it at A, but I’m debating S. I think Elemental Shaman is going to be a really solid pick.

Fury Warrior and Enhancement Shaman

Fury Warrior seems subpar, so I’m going to put it at B tier. It could be A, actually. I’ll put it at A tier. I think it’s a tier below. I don’t think it’s that bad. I don’t want to call it garbage, but yeah, we’ll leave it there. Enhancement Shaman, we’ll put that at B tier. I think it’s okay, not great. Restoration Shaman, I had at B tier. I’m actually going to promote Resto Shaman. I think the buffs to Resto Shaman were solid, so I’m going to put Resto Shaman up to A tier. I think it’s going to have some really solid comps; the buffs were decent.

Warlock Specializations and Augmentation

Then that leaves us with the three Warlock specializations. I think all three Warlock specializations are going to be S tier. My own personal experience with Affliction: it’s really good. Affliction is really good, Demo’s really good, Destro is really good. Warlocks are going to be very strong.

There is a possibility that Destro with tier gets promoted to SSJ S+ Oh God Omega, because Destro Warlock tier basically just makes it so you get a bunch more portals, and they recently buffed all the portals. So we’ll see how that goes, but for now, I’ll put Destro at S with tier; they could get promoted.

And then we don’t actually have Augmentation here, for some reason we don’t have Augmentation on this list. So that’s one we’re missing, but we will put Aug. Just really quick, I’ll put Aug. I think Aug did get some nerfs.

Augmentation and Dragon Spec Analysis

I do have reservations about Aug, but it did get some nerfs. So, we’ll put a nice little ‘A’ for Aug there. Aug looks like a Scrabble piece, so this is the Aoker, the dragon. I have it at S tier right now. It’s getting nerfed, and I don’t know if the nerfs are enough to move it from S tier. I still think it’s going to be really good. This, ladies and gentlemen, is my updated tier list. If you are looking at this and want to know if your spec is good, this is an honest and real tier list.

Overall Spec Evaluation

You want the most honest and most real tier list, this is what you’re looking at. Enjoy it, ladies and gentlemen. That’s a lot of good specs, yep, a lot of really, really good specs. Of course, there are some bad specs, but it is what it is. I might lower Frost Mage one more. I think it’s going to be pure Frost one-shot, and if people trade a cooldown, they’ll never die. Just because Frost will still be good in Shuffle, I have to be honest: if this was a 3v3 tier list, I’d put Frost at B, maybe C.

Spec Comparison and Adjustments

I’d put Aoker lower too, but if you want to talk about Battlegrounds and the game overall, I think Frost can still survive in Shuffle with dampening. I think it’ll be decent. So, this is it; this is the tier list; this is the update. I think I got most of these right. We can actually look at what I had and what it is now. Obviously, some specs have been promoted to SSJ God. I couldn’t have anticipated how OP they are, but here we are, they are very, very good.

Specific Spec Considerations

Devastation of Ochre, to me, was one that kind of blew me away. Beast Mastery Hunter, to me, is one that kind of blew me away. Devastation, like I said, is better than I thought. Paladins, maybe weaker than I thought, but we’ll see what ends up happening.

And yeah, Ben, you’re being too nice; this many specs shouldn’t be S tier. No, I think I feel very confident calling these. Let me ask you a question, kind sir in the chat, which one of these specs do you think is not S tier?

Affliction? I’ve played a lot of Affliction, and it is good. It’s not just what happened to Affliction, but also the fact that Hunters can’t Fain your dots and Priests can’t dispel your dots. It puts you in a really, really good spot. Trust me, if you’re an Affliction Warlock right now and you’re struggling, you just got to learn to play a little bit.

Demo’s S+; so, Demo, I’m going to keep it at S. The reason why I don’t put Demo at S+ Omega God is because of roots, but it could be there; there is a possibility that Demo is Omega S Plus God tier.

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