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Top 10 Best Raid Pet Gold Farms

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Hey guys, Librarian Husky here. So today, we’ll be looking at 10 of the best raid pet gold farms. Let us begin.

Serpentshrine Cavern

Coming in at number one, we have the Serpentshrine Caverns. Coming from the Burning Crusade expansion and located within Zangar Marsh’s zone. This raid has some great things to take note of. These are the raid-based battle pets coil fan stalker from the boss Lady Varsh.

  • At a nine percent drop chance, the tainted wavelength from hydros the unstable at a 13 drop chance.
  • The tide skipper from a monogram-tied walker at a 15-drop chance.

These battle bets can be sold for a reasonable amount of gold, along with all of the transmog that comes from the trash from these mobs. Make it a good gold farm for getting started.

Heart of Fear

Moving into number two and in the zone of the Dread Wastes, we have the raid of the Heart of Fear within this raid. We have multiple battle pets to be farmed, so we farm this raid. The battle pets in this raid are the thick core swarming from the boss Imperial Visor Zor lock at a three-drop chance.

  • The Amber Glow Stinger from Blade Lord Tayak is at three percent once again, and the Spawn of Garillon from Garillon has a four percent drop chance.
  • Also, with living amber from the boss amber Schaefer and sock with a five percent drop chance.
  • The Ravenous Pride link comes from the end boss, grand Empress Shakir, at a four-percent drop chance.

I run this raid once a week to keep a steady supply of these battle pets by using the looking-for raid NPC in the veil of eternal blossoms to make things a lot quicker when gold farming.

The Bastion of Twilight

Moving into the Cataclysm expansion, we have the raid on the Bastion of Twilight. With this raid, it is wise to use the potion of treasure finding this is. So you gain additional cataclysm materials from running this raid, increasing your overall gold value. I would suggest slaying the trash mobs nine times on heroic 25 to gain as many additional materials as on your 10th time, running the entire raid to maximize your total gold value.

  • Battle pets from this raid are the bound stream from the boss Elementium Monstrosity at a five percent drop chance.
  • The Faceless Minion from Cho’s goal at five percent, and the Twilight Clutch sister from the bosses of Leona and Theralon at four percent.
  • The Twilight Clutch sister is a keynote pet from this raid because it is used for many pet battle fights. Sells faster as a result, with a substantial gold value behind this.

Trial of the Crusader

As for number four, we have a quick raid farm which is quite good and can be completed within 15 minutes for some reasonable amounts of gold. The drops and additional loot can be vendors for raw gold. The Snowbowl runt it, from my experience, sells the fastest and typically goes for good gold for the time invested into farming this battle pet.

  • The battle pets that can be sold are the Dreadmoor from the boss ice howl at 17 drop chance.
  • The Peruvian swarmer from Anubarak at 11. the snowballed runt from ice howe again at a three percent drop chance.

Temple of Ahn’Qiraj

Moving into the old world and the raid of the Temple of Ahn’Qiraj. We can get high-end transmog from this raid and additional battle pets, such as the mini mine slayer from the first boss Prophet Skerem at a 20 drop chance. This pet sells for the least the Anubis Seth idol is rated one as it is used in pet battles a lot.

  • When equipped with a low-level sword, I can thus slay said boss. The Vasidis Globjew drops from this boss at a 28-drop chance. So it is worth doing along with the high gold value, making it a prize choice.

Meaning it goes on an excellent gold value on average at a reasonable sale rate. This comes from the Twin Emperors at a twenty percent drop chance and the Vicious Globule, which comes from the boss of Acids. However, this does go for the most amount of gold. This boss can’t be killed usually. You will need ice damage to freeze and Shatter the boss. My preferred preference is using the Enchant Elemental Force.


Next up at number six and in the zone of the Deadwind pass is the raid Karazhan. This raid provides the chance to get some scarce recipes. Transmog from this raid, and I do this regularly for those high-ticket items. Overall, I prefer this raid just for its simplicity and its law.

  • Other items are the battle pets and the Fiendish Imp from the boss certain Ilhoof at a 12-drop chance.
  • The Little Bad Wolf is an excellent pet for pet battles and selling from the Big Bad Wolf at a 37 drop chance.
  • The Menagerie Custodian from the boss to the curator at 11. the never Space Abyssal from the last boss of the raid Prince Malcazar at an 11-drop chance.

Icecrown Citadel

As for number seven, we have the raid Ice or the Icecrown Citadel. It is worth noting that this raid is best done on normal difficulty due to one battle pet. This is the Drudge Ghoul, which can be sold at the auction house for a high gold value. The Soul Broken whelpling from the boss Sindragosa at an eight drop chance. The main takeaway for this raid is the Drudge goal, and that is what you should be aiming for if you are farming this raid.

Comes from the Lich King himself at a 1.4 percent drop chance.
Other battle pets from this raid are the bone shard from the boss Lord Manager. Blood Boil from Deathbringer Sauerfang at 17 percent at a nine percent drop chance, Blight Breath from Professor Patricide at an eight chance.

The Emerald Nightmare

Following this at number eight is the raid of the Emerald Nightmare. There is only really one thing you are going in for, and this is one battle pet: the Nightmare Whelpling, which goes for a high amount of gold. This comes from the boss Yasonder at a one percent drop chance and can sell for stupidly high amounts of gold if you are lucky enough to get this battle pet to drop.

Throne of Thunder

Next up at number nine and located in the isle of Thunder is the raid Throne of Thunder. Here you have the chance to get some lovely Zandalari Transmog along with some personal mounts for yourself. The Cocoon Hatchling from at two percent living fluid from the boss Primordium. With an undefined drop chance on LF.

  • Also, in battle pads, the Pygmy Dire Horn comes from the boss horizon at a 1.4 drop chance of the living sandling from the Sand Elemental at two percent.
  • Mode the Vicious Horror from Primordium once again but on the regular and heroic difficulty at four percent. The Son of Animus from Dark Animus’s boss has a four-percent drop chance.
  • These battle pets tend to sell for a high amount of gold due to the combined low drop chances, and the weekly lockout made it a prize pick for gold farmers.

Siege of Orgrimmar

Last and finally, to round off our list is my go-to gold farm for raid farming, which I do every week without fail. This is the Siege of Orgrimmar, and Here you are going just for the battle pets alone. All of these battle pets go for stupid amounts of gold.

  • The Black Fuse Bombing from the boss, Siege Crafter Black, fuse at a 0.8 percent drop chance the Gooey Sharing from the shah of pride on LFR difficulty at 0.7 percent.
  • Drop chance the droplet of Yashraj from the boss chart of pride once again but on normal heroic or mythic at a 1.2 percent drop chance. Lastly, the pet Kovac from the Paragon boss fights at a 1.1 drop chance.

Thus, I farm this every week because you can make some seriously great gold just by doing this, even just on one character. Other than that, guys that are my pick for the ten best raid pet gold farms. Have an excellent rest of the day. Thank you for checking my short but informative guide. Please don’t hesitate to visit our WoW Retail Guides page. My name is Librarian Husky; cya on the next page.