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The Ultimate Guide to the Emerald Dream in Patch 10.2

Hello, guys, it’s Librarian Husky, stay today with a complete Emerald Dream guide for you to kick you off as soon as 10.2 launches. To let you know what exactly you’ll be getting up to in the EML dream and what you can spend your time doing.

Emerald Dream Guide Introduction

So, this is indeed where you will be spending most of your time outdoors in patch 10.2. We’ve got the new faction to earn Renown with: the Dream Wardens, with a variety of nice rewards like pets, mounts, and transmogs.
As you can imagine, there’s a few different types of outdoor events, tons of rares, treasures, loads of transmogs to be earned from various things, all of the new Druid appearances to collect for yourself. So, any Druids out there, and plenty of more things to get your teeth stuck into.

Starting Your Adventure

Let’s start with how to unlock it and how we get there. So as soon as you log in when 10.2 launches, you’ll get a little quest popping up which is the start of the 10.2 campaign storyline.

So all you need to do is follow through with the quests on that, and that will help you unlock the Emerald Dream and take you to the central encampment, which is a new sort of hub where you’ll find a lot of the quests come from, and the inn is there, and a few of the vendors.

Travel Methods

To get there in the future, there are two methods: one of them is quick, one of them will take slightly longer. The longer way around to do it is to actually fly over the Onaran plains and to the portal just on the left of the map there. That’s one way you can get into it.

Or the quickest way is, as soon as you’ve completed the first part of the campaign, you can take the portal from the Emerald Enclave in Val’sharah and that’ll take you straight to the main encampment, but it is a one-way portal. Once you have unlocked this, though, on one of your characters, you can use this on your alts.

New Faction: The Dream Wardens

Very early on, you’ll be introduced to the new faction of this patch: the Dream Wardens. Some nice little druidic guys whose mission is to look after the Emerald Dream. So, you can gain rep with them from all the usual various ways. They do have a weekly quest to go out and gain a certain amount of rep with them. Once you’ve done that, you will get a reputation token that grants you 1,500 rep.

Reputation Management Tips

Now, a major tip that might save you a lot of time with this: next week after the patch launches is the actual Warcraft anniversary, and with that comes a 19% buff to experience and reputation, usually.

So, it might be very beneficial to you to save any reputation tokens that you get to give you a lovely almost 20% boost to your reputation gain from that token.

So, that’s just one thing to bear in mind if you are quite serious about getting ahead with this rep. There is the chance that this may not work retroactively, though, so this may only apply to tokens that you get after the anniversary event starts. But it’s worth potentially saving them up if you’re not too bothered.

New Faction Reputation Dynamics

About having that proportion of reputation before the event, that’s the new faction. Pretty much everything you do in the Emerald Dream will grant reputation towards them, whether that’s killing rares, looting treasures, doing events. So let’s have a look at what those events may be.

The Super Bloom Event

The first big one is the Super Bloom. So every hour on the hour is when this event will start. There is a weekly quest for this event too, so make sure you pick that up from the dryad mob that lurks around near Spruce Ground, the big guy that you’re going to be supporting during this event.

And he can complete that as well. Don’t worry if you don’t get that first time; he can get it at a later time, and you’ve got the rest of the week to complete it. And like I say, it happens every hour, so there’s plenty of opportunity.

You will see the icon on the map for where Spruce Crown is; he hangs around just outside the main encampment, so you will know where to go. And this will move around the map as Spruce Crown sets off on his adventures.

Event Mechanics and Buffs

Now there are buffs you can grab at times from these large plants called dream fruits. They work a little bit like T gas Powers, so you can get these just as the event is beginning. Make sure you pick some of those up to boost you as you do the event. So what you do is you follow Spruce Crown around and you help him basically do his job, which is to help all the things in the Emerald Dream grow. There’s lots of different mini objectives to do as you’re going through this.

Event Design and Solo Play

It is kind of building on the Tussar Soup event that we used to from the past. Now what they’ve done is they’ve been quite clever with this in two ways. First of all, when I tried this event, I wasn’t too sure about the fact that you had to constantly move around all the time.

But then I realized this is very good because people can’t just come and sit AFK and leech off all your progress. So that is quite a clever way of doing this. The second improvement they’ve had on this kind of world event is the fact that you can do this very capably solo.

So if you’re on a quiet realm, don’t worry, or if there’s only, you know, three people that turn up, because you will get a buff which is called Lone Wolf’s Courage. And even if there’s a few of you rather than a huge group, you’ll still get a buff, but it won’t be quite as strong, which gives you a bonus to your stats.

But also, you’ll earn bonus Bloom, which is the sort of currency that you’re trying to collect to help Spruce Crown on his ventures. So you’ll still get bonuses to what you do, making it very possible to still get the max reward from doing this even as a solo player.

Understanding the Dreaming Frenzy

So, I used to think this only happened after every Super Bloom, but it’s not; it’s more often than that. The idea of this is the wildlife is now blooming like crazy in the Emerald Dream, and some of the mobs there have gone into a bit of a frenzy and got overpowered.

So, we need to calm them down a bit by basically farming them for a short period of time. This is a great way, actually, to earn those Emerald Dew drops, which you’re going to need for the next kind of event: the Dreaming Bounties. Or sometimes, people call them the Emerald Bounties, but they’re the same thing.

Emerald Bounties Explained

So, what are the Emerald Bounties? Now, these are always active, and you can always take part in them as long as you have a seed in your bags. Whether that’s a small dream seed, a plump dream seed, or a gigantic dream seed, which are the uncommon, rare, and epic versions of the seeds.

You’ll start the event by going up to a patch of fertile soil on the ground, which will be marked on your map and your minimap by a little seed icon. Now, there can be multiple of these up at any one time.

Participating in Bounties

So, what you need to do is go up to the patch of soil, plant your chosen seed, and then a 3-minute timer will start, in which you can then contribute to the seed’s growth. There are two ways you can do this. The most simple is to pump the seed up with some of the Emerald Dew drops, which is what you’ve just got from the Dreaming Frenzy events. If you fill up the bar, then you get the maximum chance of getting all the rewards from these events.

Bounty Growth and Rewards

Or you can do tasks in the area nearby, such as squashing bugs, killing nasty plants, and pulling away all the weeds. The better you contribute, the more the seed itself will grow. And once it’s finished its growth cycle after the 3 minutes, it’ll give you a container to loot and get your reward. The rewards can include all kinds of things, depending on the quality of seed you’ve put in.

Dragon Glyphs and Add-ons

I’ll show you here on the map. Now, rather than me going around the world and showing you where all these glyphs are and leaving you with the guide to follow along to, I think the best way of doing this is to download an add-on such as Handy Notes and get the Dragon Glyphs plugin for that.

Or go to either WoWhead or Icy Veins, their websites, and copy the coordinates into your game using an add-on like TomTom with a combination of the add-on Paste. That’s the easiest way to do this, and I will put links into the description so you can go to either one of those websites, whichever you prefer.

New Dragonriding Abilities

Once you’ve got the glyphs, there is a new active ability for your dragonriding mounts and two new passives, which are probably going to benefit you when you go into the new raid as well, because there is a dragon riding raid boss encounter. But you’re going to want these nonetheless anyway.

Slumbering Dream Fragments

Now, another thing to be mindful of in the Emerald Dream is that from completing various activities, you’ll collect what are called Slumbering Dream Fragments. These are a green, soulbound item that you’ll gather through your activities in the zone. Once you’ve got five of these, you can combine them into a Minor Dream Container, and within that, it mostly contains a lot of junk or basic food, but there are some ways to gain seeds from this.

Questing and Side Stories

Questing-wise, there are some side quests to do in the Dream, quite a few of those with some decent rewards and quite interesting stories to see through there. There is, of course, the campaign quests.

Now, as far as I know, three chapters will be available at the start of the expansion when it launches, and then it will continue on the 14th of November with Rand, who’s going to give you a section called Misfit Dragons.

And then the week after that, on the 21st of November, you’re going to get the Reforging Tier quest line.

Unique Treasures and Rewards

If you do happen to collect all of the 10 Unique Treasures, then there is quite a cool transmog helm you can get once you’ve done that: The Forest Lord’s Antlers. Now, even though these do look very druidic, they can be used by any class, so don’t worry about that, any armor type. So, yeah, I’ll put a link to the Wowhead guide to this in the description as well.

Rare Encounters in Emerald Dream

Now, there are 23 different rares to kill too, most of which you can solo for their rewards and the rep gains and all the other things that come from them. But there are some super rares that you will need a group to take down.

Dream Infusions

So there’s one final thing to talk about that you can do in the zone, which is the Dream Infusions. Once you get to Renown 5 with the Dream Wardens, you’ll get a quest called “Emerald Reawakening.” Once you complete that quest, you can then start infusing creatures with a new currency, Dream Infusions.

Infusion Mechanics

Now, to get yourself a Dream Infusion, you basically need to fill a bar of dream energy, which is kind of like a hidden thing that you’ll just collect through doing stuff in the Emerald Dream.

It’s quite vague now; it is hidden, but you can get a UI core to make this show, or you can go to Eliana, which is the mob that will give you the quest “The Emerald Reawakening” in the central encampment, and she will tell you what current level of dream energy you have.

When the bar is full, you can go back to Eliana, and she will give you your Dream Infusion, and then you can then infuse a mount or a pet to basically make it look like an Emerald Dream version of it.

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