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Castle Nathria Heroic Run Boost

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Howdy? My name is Librarian Husky. This is a great time to tell you about our CN Heroic Run service, so let’s get it started.

Why should I buy the CN Heroic Run Boost?

Shadowland’s fourth season will be released soon, so be ready for it. With our help, you will be able to trounce all ten bosses. Get yourself many new high-level items with a new Affix feature. Fighting versus the last strongest boss – Sire Denathrius, is challenging, so let us do it for you. Just obtain loot quickly.

The game will reward you with a vast amount of Shadowland’s fourth-season cash called dinars. Developers also changed the specs of bosses. Now they will appear in a much stronger position.

Loot System in Dragonflight pre-patch

It gives a massive comeback to the group loot:

  • The Group Loot option will offer only roll for the items that Customer’s class can do, and other people in the raid will do the roll too. Average items per run count: from one to three or more, if you are lucky!
  • The Exclusive Loot Run option will allow the Customer to buy an entire raid group with fifteen people with a new raid cooldown. All raids will loot about twenty-four \ twenty-sixth items, and the Customer can invite one-four friends in the raid – share the loot with them.

How does it work?

What do Customers receive?

  • We will complete the entire Castle Nathria raid with heroic difficulty. Check our personal loot option.
  • We will destroy all of the ten CN bosses to get you to discover the Carten Dinar quest.
  • Possibility of getting the high-level gear up to 291, either 298 by killing the last 2 bosses.
  • You will obtain the Fate of Nathria achievement.
  • You will obtain desired Castle Nathria raid achievements in every wing run.

Completion time

It will take only from two to three hours. Feel free to ask us any timetable questions.

Quick note: Nowadays, it is not available to get the Ahead of Curve – Sire Denathrius achievement. Also, you are able to play once a week using Fated mode.

Additional options

  • Loot-trade – Let us get you from 1 to 15 extra-loot cornets with the same armor you wear. Also, our professionals will trade all the loot they picked up during the order so that you can get even more items!


  • Your character level should be not less than 60.
  • World of Warcraft account with the Castle Nathria Affix turned it on.

Buy CN Heroic Run Boost now!