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Greetings, dear customer! Welcome back to Huskyboost! On this page, you will find all kinds of item boosts in WoW Classic.

Need a reward from an obscure low-level quest in the farthest reaches of Azeroth but have no idea how and where to find it? Too lazy to farm all the prerequisites for Rhok’Delar? Need reagents for training professions? Maybe you want some specific stuff to turn in for that rare reputation? Buy Classic WoW items from Huskyboost and never waste your time on pointless grinds ever again!


Huskyboost is an experienced gaming shop with all kinds of Classic WoW items to choose from. You can post them on the auction house for a nice price to develop your gold-making strategy or use them for your own character’s progression. Regardless of the needs, Husky is happy to provide!

Huskyboost has a wide selection of items for sale in WoW classic. This includes mounts, weapons, trinkets, and other gear, consumables, vanity items and much more. Everything that can be bought with gold or farmed directly is available. If you do not find the needed goods in the product list, feel free to contact our customer support and we will arrange a custom order just for you!

Cheapest offers for quick Classic WoW item boosts

Our prices for Classic WoW items are the lowest on the market. We are carefully observing our competitors in order to try and give you only the best prices. Huskyboost wants to give its customers only the fairest price tags for its products.

For those who get our Classic WoW item boosts often, there are cashbacks for all non-discounted articles. Get 10% of the price back as a code for future purchases. Get more value by purchasing from Huskyboost continuously!

Not only are our services cheap, but we are also extremely quick! If the drop of the thing is guaranteed (i.e. quest item or high-chance world drop), we will give you the ETA and complete it before then. If the drop chance is low, it might take us a bit more time because RNG can be extremely frustrating. Regardless, Husky’s boosters will be the ones dealing with frustration. Your only job is to enjoy the final results!

If you are looking for pre-raid BiS items, quest items, Classic WoW’s legendary weapons, and more, we will be glad to sell them to you. Items like blades, axes, maces, black dragon scales, blue dragon sinews – anything you can think of – any item is available in our store for the lowest prices on the market!

Husky provides all kinds of Classic WoW item boosts. Raids, dungeons, quests, rare and epic gear, consumables, and much more. Nothing is impossible for our pro players!

Buy Classic WoW items with high security and comfort

If you want to obtain necessary Classic WoW items in the middle of the night at any price, we are always online for you. We work 24/7/365, on workdays, weekends, and holidays. A giant meteorite is heading towards our planet to wipe all life from Earth? We are still going to accept your order because we are that dedicated.

When you use our WoW item boost services, you are paying the price for accessibility and comfort. For any server, both Horde and Alliance are available. We will hop on to your account and get all the pieces you need. Or we might just get them off the auction house and deliver them without logging in if that is an option.

We offer you to purchase items in WoW Classic safely. We achieve this in two ways.

First of all, our players are trained professionals who know their trade very well but are also considerate about the security of the accounts they work on. It is imperative for us to preserve everything intact on the characters we use, including their availability. This also means that your bags and bank will be untouched and everything we farm in the process, including Classic WoW gold, is yours.

Secondly, all boosters are using Husky-Carry 2.0. This revolutionary software allows us to completely conceal the place of our boosters, changing their effective location to your city.
We speak your language! We offer you to kaufen, acheter, comprar, or get our offers on Classic WoW items in your preferred language.

Want to see more offers? Check out our WoW Boosts home page. Feel free to contact our customer support with any questions.

Thank you for choosing Huskyboost! We are awaiting your order!