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Hello there, everyone, and welcome back! We are going to go over the Musket 1-20 level boost in New World. As usual, we’ll go over the basic mechanics and suggest a build or few. It includes a full 19 ability build, armor class recommendations, attribute distribution, and some good weapon options to pair with it.

The musket never looks very strong at a first glance, but when you really start to dive into these trees and see how synergistic these passives get, you really find the power in it. I bet that you’ll want to be switching to this fantastic armament for PvP.

The three main abilities we’re going to be taking in this build are Traps, Stopping Power, and Powder Burn. To make this build a little bit easier to follow I’m first going to go into the abilities, their associated passives, and then to the isolated passives. I will tell you which ones have enough value to make it into this build. Don’t worry, you’ll realize the full potential of the Musket by the end of this New World boosting page dedicated 1-20 power leveling.

The first ability that we’re going to be taking in this build is called Powder Burn and it’s an amazing Damage Over Time shot. It deals 110% weapon damage on a hit and 20% weapon damage per second for nine seconds. It has 180% weapon damage total, so after the DOT elapses, you’ll have done 290% weapon damage with just a single hit. This is going to be a fantastic opener shot. You’re always gonna be having this Powder Burn locked and loaded. We’re definitely going to want to take the first passive under Powder Burn, which says: when we apply Powder Burn to an opponent, all subsequent damage from standard Musket shots is going to be amplified by 12%. The second passive under this ability does not have enough consistency to be taken in this build since it requires you to have to hit the headshots in order to extend the duration of the debuff from 9 to 13 seconds. Honestly, when you’re in a hectic PvP battle, especially in a really small-scale skirmish, you’re not going to be able to pull off this headshot very often. Yes, if you hit the head, it does something, but if you don’t land the headshot, it actually provides zero value to the build. However, if you consider yourself a good aimer, and usually hit the heads in most fights, feel free to pick this one. After the 1-20 powerleveling service is complete, this Musket skill is going to become your bread and butter in NW.

The next ability that we’re going to be talking about it’s called Stopping Power and it’s a shot that deals 125% weapon damage, which is decent alone, but it also staggers the target and knocks them back three meters. It could be fantastic for gaining a little bit of extra spacing in a small-scale intimate PvP. We’re going to want to take both passives under Stopping Power. The first is fairly decent but is only but a stepping stone to the second passive, which is amazing. It applies a ten percent exhaust to the opponent for eight seconds, which basically just means that it reduces their stamina regeneration by 10%. We’re definitely going to take the second passive under Stopping Power. It is a wonderful tool for PvP battles. It allows you to slow down your target by 10% for eight seconds on hit with that Stopping Power. Since everybody knows that CC is the absolute king in all PvP fights, do not let the 10% seem like an insignificant advantage to you. A plain 10% gross movement speed advantage over your opponent is going to give you that little bit of movement speed that you need to create spacing. And since you are using a ranged weapon, every bit of opportunity to create even a little space is extremely valuable. Aside from the 1-20 Musket level, you can also buy an NW carry who will teach you everything there is about PvP battles.

The last ability that we’re gonna be taking in this Musket build is called Traps. It is literally a bear trap that you can throw down onto the ground. It lasts for 20 seconds and if an enemy player walks over that trap or is pulled into that trap, they’re gonna be rooted and immobilized. A target standing still for three seconds is a perfect target. Trap creates a great opportunity for you to dish some great headshot damage out or create some space between you and your opponent. Honestly, you probably aren’t going to see Traps being snared that often. When you throw down a trap onto the ground, the opponents are going to avoid it like the plague. But that also means you can control the pace of the battle and also control the path of your opponents. Another use of the Trap is that while it is on the ground, you can be dancing around that trap or even stand right on top of it so that if a melee weapon user wants to engage with you they’re going to have to step on that. After the 1 to 20 leveling of the Musket is complete, feel free to order a New World training service and learn new tricks.

The Musket is a weapon of great power in NW, get its 1-20 leveling boost ASAP.

We’re definitely going to take the first passive under Traps. When an opponent steps onto your trap and snares it, they’re going to get a 20% Rend debuff applied to them for three seconds. This is just going to make it so you can dish out some serious damage as soon as they get immobilized by that trap. We also want the second passive under Traps. It’s going to make it so that 50% of the damage you deal to an enemy player while they’re snared in your trap will return as health to you. This is going to provide a little bit of good sustain while you’re in a small-scale skirmish. Like I have already mentioned, Traps are going to be utilized to define the area in which your opponents can stand and help you control the pace of the match. The next passive allows you to have two Traps instead of one. Having two Traps may be overdoing it, so having just one trap on the ground and kind of using it as a shield to dissuade enemy players from entering that space should be good enough. There’s no real value in throwing that passive into having just an additional trap. This point could go somewhere else that could help us a little bit better. Try the Musket abilities out yourself by getting our 1-20 level boost for your NW character.

Moving into the isolated passives and starting with the Sharpshooter tree, the first passive decision was actually fairly difficult, but the best choice should be to go with the 15% amplified musket shot damage if holding down sights for more than three seconds. This is a little bit more viable than the landing three headshots within 10 seconds. This one will simply proc more consistently. The second, and the last isolated passive in the Sharpshooter tree for us is a really fantastic addition to our build. O any successful hit with the Musket it’s going to give you a 10% Empower bonus for five seconds. That’s a 10% damage increase for five seconds, which is really powerful. Note that it amplifies basically any shot, so we’re definitely going to be taking this. And if you buy our 1-20 Musket level offer, the carry will allocate all the points for your New World avatar.

Moving into the Trapper tree, the first passive is just great as it provides you with a 15% damage bonus to targets under 30% health. It doesn’t even seem to be reasonable to explain why this one is so good. Even though, I’ll mention that it helps to finish off low HP targets quickly. The next passive is crucial for PvP, you absolutely need to take it. It increases the movement speed of your walking and strafing by 30% if there is an opponent within eight meters of you. Since in small-scale skirmishes you are going to be locked up with the opposing player, this perk is going to have really really high uptime. And as we all already know, more mobility equals more survivability. The next passive is also a must-have PvP asset. It deals 200% extra stamina damage to players that are blocking with the shield. We can safely assume that the Sword and Shield PvP is going to be a really great weapon, specifically because of that block. And so, Musket players potentially are going to be a direct counter to that. Moreover, if the enemy is not blocking with a shield, you can have 10% extra armor penetration to that particular player. The nice thing about this passive is that it not only works against just Sword and Shield users, but it is also effective against other players as well. A really versatile perk we recommend investing a point into. Trust our New World service’s advice, we’ve already completed a lot of 1-20 powerleveling offers with Musket.

But the next one is really good for this particular build. Hitting a player with an active debuff will amplify your damage by 10% for the next five seconds. Since we’re running Powder Burn, Stopping Power with the slow, and Traps, they all apply debuffs. Thus, this passive is going to be a very valuable asset in our arsenal. The next passive increases your movement speed by 30% after a dodge for three seconds. In PvP creating space between you and your opponent can and will be pretty valuable. So, dodging can create a lot of space. However, if you get a 30% movement speed bonus applied to you afterwards, that is going to allow you to move pretty far away from your opponent. And that’s especially needed after the 1-20 leveling, since your NW power is no longer in need of boosting, and all there is left to master is the Musket.

Moving on, the next two passives really define the Musket in small-scale PvP. The first passive gives you 20 stamina whenever you successfully hit someone that has an active debuff. In this build, we’re taking Powder Burn, Stopping Power, and Traps, all that apply a debuff to the opposing player. Meaning, you’ll get 20 stamina on hit pretty often. And this resource you will be getting is going to synergize very well with the next passive, which is completely broken for PvP. It is the main reason why the Musket is the best ranger option for PvP. When you dodge, you reload. Our weapon is a heavy hitter. The only downside is the long reload time. However, you will mitigate this disadvantage by instantly reloading whenever you dodge. And since we took the previous passive that restores 20 stamina when you successfully hit somebody with an active debuff this will synergize really well. Ideally, you would find yourself doing an infinite loop of dodging, reloading, hitting, recovering stamina, and dodging again. Just make sure that you either have Powder Burn, Stopping Power, or Trap debuffing your target. The last isolated passive is just going to give you an extra 10% damage against targets with an active debuff. This is another reason why we picked up three abilities that all apply debuffs. We are definitely going to want to take the Lethal Combo Ultimate ability on the Trapper side. It gives us a 25% damage bonus increase to opponents affected by any of our trapper status effects, including the Stopping Power’s slow and the Trap’s Rend. You’ll master all these Musket tricks in no time after taking our 1 to 20 leveling service for your NW character.

Buy our New World carry and level your Musket 1-20 very fast.

The damage scaling of the Muskets starts to look really fantastic once you get the whole picture of the build. A lot of these isolated passes are going to be increasing the power of your gunshots giving you stamina, extra armor penetration on successful hits, especially versus targets with an active debuff, which is why we pick up three abilities that apply an active debuff. You’re gonna be getting ten percent Empower for five seconds on a successful hit, that’s in the Sharpshooter tree. And then, in the Trapper tree, you get even more! A ten percent Empower bonus, a ten percent damage bonus for five seconds, and 20 stamina when you’re hitting somebody with an active debuff. And you’re gonna get a flat 10% damage bonus against players with an active debuff with that sweet 10% armor penetration or 200% stamina damage against players with Sword or Shield. With all of these passives and abilities, we are going to be doing some serious damage to our opponents. Moreover, the Musket also can headshot, which is often used in 1-20 level boosts we provide in New World. So all of these damage bonuses are going to be rolling into a headshot multiplier sometimes!

As for Armor Class recommendations, definitely use the light armor class. We have so many abilities that are going to be amplifying our damage when hitting somebody with a Musket shot and particularly when they have an active debuff, and so an additional 20% damage on top of all of those bonuses with the headshot multiplier is going to be amazing! We want our dodges to be as valuable as possible and the Light Armor class is going to make our dodge the longest, thus, making it the best choice.

As for the attribute recommendations, go for 300 Dexterity and 200 Constitution build. The 300 Dexterity in PvP is going to allow you to pick up all of those juicy attribute threshold bonuses, and specifically that 300 Dexterity attribute threshold bonus, which allows you to get a guaranteed crit when you dodge. This is going to synergize so well with the tactical reload on dodge. You’re going to instantly reload your Musket and you’re also going to get a guaranteed crit on the next strike. As for the 200 Constitution, it’s just going to give you the base health pool you need in PvP. At 150 points you reduce the crit damage taken by 10%, and at 200 points, your armor gets increased by 20 if you’re able to evade your opponents. And in case you want to maximize your DPS, go for 350 DEX, 150 CON. But be wary of the risk. Although, with our 1-20 powerleveling service, you’ll be able to try different Musket builds in NW.

In terms of pairing, choose something with either a great CC package, which allows you to create space between you and your opponent. or a weapon that applies even more debuffs to synergize with all the isolated passives in the Sharpshooter and Trapper trees. The first weapon pairing recommendation is the Ice Gauntlet. It has an amazing C package that will really synergize well with the Musket abilities. The second great pair would be the Hatchet. Its Throwing tree has some rather useful abilities, which allow you to apply debuffs to your target. Moreover, there are some space-creating skills there. And the last weapon pairing recommendation is the Sword and Shield. It carries along a very decent CC package and some mobility skills. But you’re free to explore the potential pairing with the Musket on your own, we have 1 to 20 leveling services for every kind of weapon that exists in the New World.

At the first glance, the Musket may look fairly underwhelming, but when you take a deep dive into the isolated passives, it suddenly jumps to be an outstanding PvP weapon choice. Additionally, it is going to be really fun for both beginners and experienced players. The hit scan is pretty forgiving for those less experienced players, but the skill ceiling is very apparent in the hands of an experienced pro. It could be used to be an ultra-powerful and deadly tool even in a close-quarter combat situation. This weapon is going to be able to shine by itself, especially with all of these Trapper passives.

That concludes our explanation on the Musket, as well as its 1-20 NW power leveling boosting offer. Hopefully, you liked it and found something useful for yourself. But remember, everything is up to you and your playstyle in the end! So choose carefully and, most importantly, enjoy the game! In case you’ll ever get a feeling like this style is not for you, just head to our main WoW boosting shop page, and choose a different weapon service. Husky will always be there to help the lovely customers! Have a good day, bye!

⚠️ Did you know? **We have 24/7 support** Our team works 24 hours 365 days. Feel free to ask any questions
⚠️ Did you know? **We have 24/7 support** Our team works 24 hours 365 days. Feel free to ask any questions
⚠️ Did you know?
**Best price guaranteed!**
Found anything cheaper? Let us know and we will lower the price.
⚠️ Did you know?
**Best price guaranteed!**
Found anything cheaper? Let us know and we will lower the price.
⚠️ Did you know?
**We have 10-15% Cashback in Checkout**
10-15 % of purchase price returns to the customer as a cashback code
⚠️ Did you know?
**We have 10-15% Cashback in Checkout**
10-15 % of purchase price returns to the customer as a cashback code
⚠️ Did you know?
**We monitor the prices of our competitors**
**You get low prices**
⚠️ Did you know?
**We monitor the prices of our competitors**
**You get low prices**