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Hey there our dear customers! Today we’re gonna be going over the 1 to 20 leveling service of Hatchet, which is one of the best weapons in New World for multiple reasons. We’re gonna cover it all for you guys, so be sure to read it all the way through so you don’t miss anything. One of Husky’s workers has personally spent hours in the game, so everything will be told from his perspective.

Let’s get into the abilities. We’ll see what they’re good at and where we would use them. The first ability on the berserker tree is Berserk, which gives you 20% bonus damage while it’s active for 15 seconds. With some passive unlocks, it provides you an additional 20% increased movement speed, a passive heal every 5 seconds that give a significant chunk of your health back. This heal also removes all crowd control effects like stuns, slows, and roots. In addition, all your attacks become uninterruptable, which means no enemy can stagger you out of an attack. It is a guaranteed hit. This ability is amazing for both PVE and PVP. It is the main reason for the Hatchet 1-20 powerleveling New World services to exist in the first place. I would use it in every scenario just simply due to how useful is the 20% movement speed bonus. This buff is simply amazing for traveling back and forth between the town and quest objectives. It saves so much time and in PVP absolutely nobody can run away from you. Trust me, people are going to try to run. On top of that, the passive heal is just too good to pass up in any scenario. You don’t need health potions. You don’t need food. That passive heal will be more than you need for a lot of the content. I’ve personally soloed a lot of content that I should not have been able to do, simply due to that passive. This Hatchet trait is often used during the 1-20 power leveling boosting in NW.

Moving onto the next ability, we have Feral Rush. It is a sprinting attack where you jump forwards, hitting twice. With a passive unlock, you also immobilize the struck enemies for two seconds, which is absolutely insane for PVP. Because when you get up close. and when you get on top of somebody. there’s a pretty high likelihood that they’re gonna try to back up and run away a little bit and then re-engage. Especially if they’re not expecting you to jump right on top of them, which allows you to easily line up this ability for some crowd control spells. I would take this ability all the time in PVP because of the fact that it’s a gap closer on top of being a potential CC, and it hits fairly hard. So make sure to order a 1 to 20 leveling service, and get all your NW Hatchet abilities.

The third ability down the berserker tree is Raging Torrent. This skill makes you perform four very fast attacks, and with a passive unlock you get a fifth attack at the end of the raging torrent. This ability is fantastic for PVE where you have enemies just rushing at you. It is possible to pop this and do absolutely insane amounts of damage since they’re not going to try to run away from you. You’re pretty much going to get it off 100% every time unless they stagger you. For PvE content, I would take this every time. It’s too good to pass up.

Level your Hatchet skill tree in New World easily with our 1-20 boost.

Now, we have the other skill tree, – the throwing tree. We have the first ability which is called Rending Throw. Your character throws an axe that applies rend debuff, which reduces the target’s damage absorption by 10% for 10 seconds. This is basically a flat 10 damage increase for these 10 seconds. And it’s great in PVP because of the fact that it’s instant. As soon as you press the button, you’re throwing the axe, and you get a guaranteed damage increase, which is obviously fantastic. So 1-20 level boost of the NW Hatchet tree is more valuable than you think.

The second ability down the tree is Social Distancing. Your character throws an axe forwards and dodges backward. If an enemy is hit with that axe throw, it slows them by 15% for three seconds. This ability is one of my favorites in PVP. It allows you to dodge backwardsб getting plenty of space to drink potions, eat some food, just have a little breather, or faking out your opponent, making them miss a few attacks before re-engaging and just destroying them.

The third ability is named Infected Throw. You throw an axe that triggers the disease and weakens the target for five seconds. The disease debuff reduces any healing efficiency on the target by 30% and weakens the target’s damage by 10%. This ability is great if you have space and time to pull it off since one of the big drawbacks of this ability is that it has a long wind-up time, making it easy for somebody to interrupt it, or just pump out more damage on you, while you have a large amount of downtime casting this ability. I’ve personally used this ability is in PVE. When I was doing the Amrine excavation, my tank was taking a lot of damage on some bosses, and I swapped to this to help him out. It worked out really well. So that’s it for the main abilities. And now I’m going to highlight two builds that I’ve liked the most so far for both PVE and PVP. I use these NW Hatchet builds every time I engage in a 1-20 powerleveling service.

The first one for PVE consists of Berserk, Feral Rush, and Raging Torrents. All of these abilities let you get right up in their face and deal tons of damage. Because of that passive heal off of berserk, you don’t need to worry about taking a ton of damage, as you’ll just heal it back up. And after you get right back in the fight, use the raging torrent ability since it does wide sweeps with every attack. It’s actually fairly good at AOE if the enemies are in a cone in front of you. You’re pretty much going to hit all of them, while they are in front of you, making it easy to cleave down large groups of enemies. Next, I’ll move to real power leveling and 1-20 boosting tricks true New World professionals use with Hatchet.

Buy a professional New World carry who will level your Hatchet 1-20 very fast.

Now for PVP. What I like is going Berserk, Feral Rush, and Social distancing. Berserk makes it that the enemies basically cannot escape you, so feel free to chase them down. They’re not going to escape. Additionally, you get that passive heal, which makes it very hard for enemies to duel you. Also, that sweet potential CC from Feral Rush, While yes, it’s fairly hard-hitting this ability anyways, and it’s a gap closer, which further decreases their chances of escaping. And with Social Distancing, once you actually get in a duel, and you two start fighting, it is fantastic for jumping backward, faking out your enemy, making them waste attacks. You can also drink a potion in that time or eat some food, get some health back. Personally what I like doing is taking one point in Aimed Throw because that distance gives me enough time to just lob some axes at them, pop off some free damage, and they can’t do anything about that. Constantly engaging in PVP battles using a Hatched helps level its proficiency 1-20 and boost your overall New World skill.

Now that’s basically it for my ideas. Some great weapons to pair with the Hatchet would be the Great Axe, the Sword and Shield, and the Bow. All of these weapons work fantastically with the Hatchet, and you almost can’t go wrong with it. And for the attribute distribution, personally, I prefer to just dump everything into strength or dexterity, whichever is my main at the time right now. It’s been all strength-stat with the Great Axe.

For armor. It really just depends on your type of playstyle. If you have a heavy load, you can’t really dash around, you’re kind of stuck in one spot, and it’s very taxing on your stamina to dodge. The medium one is where i like being. You have a lot more flexibility when it comes to dodging. It doesn’t take as much stamina and it’s a good in-between in terms of the amount of armor you have because light armor is obviously lacking a little bit in defense. But! If you go light you get twenty percent more damage, your dash becomes extremely far and it costs even less stamina to dodge. So it really depends on how you plan on playing.

Husky hopes you’ve enjoyed the NW article, which you can buy and support us, and we helped you learn something about the Hatchet, which could help you carry through 1-20 levels as a hot knife cuts through butter. Some of you guys haven’t been able to try every weapon, and if you haven’t been able to try the hatchet, you should definitely try out one of these builds. It’s pretty much life-changing. Just make sure you take Berserk, as it’s absolutely amazing. So that’s it for today. Also, don’t forget to visit our main WoW boosting services page for special offers. Have a good one!

⚠️ Did you know? **We have 24/7 support** Our team works 24 hours 365 days. Feel free to ask any questions
⚠️ Did you know? **We have 24/7 support** Our team works 24 hours 365 days. Feel free to ask any questions
⚠️ Did you know?
**Best price guaranteed!**
Found anything cheaper? Let us know and we will lower the price.
⚠️ Did you know?
**Best price guaranteed!**
Found anything cheaper? Let us know and we will lower the price.
⚠️ Did you know?
**We have 10-15% Cashback in Checkout**
10-15 % of purchase price returns to the customer as a cashback code
⚠️ Did you know?
**We have 10-15% Cashback in Checkout**
10-15 % of purchase price returns to the customer as a cashback code
⚠️ Did you know?
**We monitor the prices of our competitors**
**You get low prices**
⚠️ Did you know?
**We monitor the prices of our competitors**
**You get low prices**