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A Deep Dive into the Night Veil Event 2023: Changes, Strategies, and Fun Additions

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New World’s Night Veil Event 2023

New World’s night Veil hello event has returned for 2023 and there are some important changes that you’re going to want to know about. So, I’m going to explain everything that you need to know right here, let’s jump in. Now, the event all starts in the center of any town. Well, I think any town that you can capture, you will find a cauldron and you will find Salvator.

Quest and World Boss

Salvator has a quest for you, and there’s a lot of fluff if you want to read about the actual law, but I mean, personally, I don’t really care about that. The quest is simple: you go and kill the world boss. Now, this is pretty much identical as last year; the world boss will look like this, and at the minute, you have to get there very, very quickly.

Event Mechanics

Now, there’s actually a pre-thing when you get there that triggers it. I think you got to kill some of the small Halloween stuff. I haven’t been able to get any footage of that because it’s dying so quickly that I can’t get there quickly enough, if that makes sense. And then, the boss itself is literally at this point just a tank and spank.

Boss Battle Strategy

It’s not really supposed to be; there are supposed to be little creatures around that you kill, and then you basically throw that at the boss, and that lowers its stamina. Then, you do like insane damage to it, a little bit like when Tius is being knocked over; you do like that kind of damage to it.

Rewards and Tokens

However, when I was doing this, there were so many people there that we weren’t even bothering; we were just all attacking the creature Baloo, and we were killing it. Nobody was even bothering with the mechanic.

When you get that, you’ll get an IA, and I think you have to come and put it in the cauldron first, and that basically completes the quest. And once you complete the quest, the reputation in-game in the shop will go from pretty much zero to completely full. There are no intermediary steps in this one.

Boss Rewards and Vendor Items

Now, when you kill the boss, there’s a couple of things that you get: you get like a box, you get the IA, which every time you can come to this cauldron, hand it in, and get some more tokens. And then, I think for the first five kills, you have a chance of getting some 650 purple gear, which for most players who are a little bit more on the hardcore side, you’re literally just going to salvage, and that’s it; you can’t upgrade it.

And you also have a chance of these costumes, and we’ll come on to the costumes in a minute.

Now, with the tokens, as I said, there is a store. Once you actually come to this vendor, you can just buy stuff. It’s worth noting that this is actually a housing item, not the actual basket of treats. With these, you can buy these patterns; now, the green patterns, unfortunately.

Gear and Score in New World Event

It looks like no matter what you put in gear wise, they’re always going to come out of a 640 score, effectively making them pretty pointless, if I’m honest. There are some cosmetics and emotes from last year. There are also these legendary patterns now. I won’t go over them; basically, they all have like, I think, a fire achievement on them or something, as well as another perk which I don’t remember. They might be good for you; they’re always 675. They don’t really require any of the new materials, only the old ones. I personally don’t think there’s anything great there.

Cosmetics and Emotes

I think I did see Duke, or maybe call them near Abyss, but I mean, I’m not going to argue with him. But for me, I’m not going to bother with any of these. And then there are some new cosmetics, there are some new helms that you can get, there’s some new housing items, and then, I think the funniest out of all of these is the possessed walk, which looks like this, which, if I’m honest, is just very, very funny and I like it.

New and Hilarious Additions

You’re going to see this one a lot in the future, so make sure you pick it up because, quite frankly, it’s hilarious. Now, that’s pretty much the old event; everything there is the same. But there is something new, and these are the costumes. Now, you get the costumes from killing the boss; it’s the only way to get them. I don’t know if I’ve got any footage of me actually getting them, but I think I’ve got footage of me putting them on.

Costumes and Transformations

Now, the costumes will be in your utility section of your inventory, basically where all of your potions are. I think you need to put it in your usable slots before you actually use it. You use it, and then you transform into whatever character.

There are four characters that you can transform into, and you do so for 30 minutes. Now, you cannot easily dispel that, by the way, you can do it by taking some of the candies, and we’ll talk about them right now.

So, once you’re in your costume, you want to go about and run around each town. I believe there are five baskets in each town. When you get there, you loot them, and then you get candies.

Treat Baskets and Locations

It is where all of the treat baskets are, so in each town, as I said, there are five, or at least there appears to be, and you can come here and you can start to find them now.

Some of them are a little bit hidden; if you don’t want to do this and you actually want to find them, crack on. Some of them are in unusual places, so you want to look high and low, and you don’t seem to see them until you get quite close to them, but if you are really keen, then you can come here, and of course, you can sort of, I mean, spoil it for yourself if you want to spoil it for yourself or what have you, but you can come here and sort of check it out.

Costumes and Treat Boxes

So the outfits themselves, the costumes, they last 30 minutes, and you need them to open up the treat boxes, and the treat boxes are going to reset each day, pretty simple. But what do you get from the treat boxes? As I said, you get three types of candy. Two of them appear to just be for fun. I know that’s a little bit unusual; fun, we don’t generally expect that in our MMOs these days.

Candy Types and Effects

The angry Earth candy fish does this: like, it literally just turns you into a fish, that’s it, it turns you into a fish. I tried to swim as the fish, and that doesn’t work. And then the corrupted jelly beans does this: now, I wonder if I can actually catch it in action when I do this, my eyes will grow red. Now, I think that’s red rather than pink, I don’t think they’re giving you pink eye, but your eyes grow red for 5 minutes.

Game Strategy and Tokens

And then the other one is the ancient Grizzly gummies. Now, this one doesn’t seem to do anything at all, apart from it gives you a buff that says that you’ve got your eye on the night Veil tokens, and this is the important tip. It appears to give you possibly double the amount of night veil tokens, so if you are eager for them, then you can do that, and then hand in your EOS, and open the boxes, and you’ll get an absolute ton of tokens. Like, I’m talking a lot.

However, if you’ve played this last year, and you’ve already got most of the things, then the reality is you don’t really need that much from here. I don’t think the green patterns are worth it because it’s all capped at 640, and I don’t think the legendary ones are worth it either because they’re capped at 675, and the perks aren’t that amazing.

And if you’ve bought all of the emotes and stuff already, you know, you’re pretty much good. I think it took me maybe like six kills or something to get all of these; it really wasn’t that many, so it’s not going to take you long to do this event, with or without the gummies, but it’s worth noting, just in case you really don’t want to do it that much.

Event Participation and Rewards

Of the day, you will get gold in the box, so there is a reason to sort of do this three times a day. I wouldn’t bother with the five times a day because the purple gear, honestly, for most people, is not going to be worth it at all, but three times a day for the gold, and I would probably just do that because the tokens are going to come very quickly.

Missing Candy and Event Uncertainties

There appears to be a candy that is missing, and when I say it’s missing, sometimes you will go to these candy boxes and not actually get any candy, and I think that’s about 25% of the time. And I think it’s probably because the Lost black licorice is super lost and just actually isn’t available now.

Event Objective and Player Experience

This event, if you are looking for player power, then you’re not really going to find it; it’s not that kind of event. This one is pure fun; there’s emotes, there’s cosmetics, there’s housing items, and all that kind of stuff. There’s fun turning into a fish, there’s fun costumes, there’s fun little tricks and treats. It’s not player power; there’s nothing really here that I see is going to grant you any kind of best-in-slot or any kind of good items in that sense unless you’re a very, very casual player.

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