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Free Boost in LoL

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Welcome, dear Customer. My name is Librarian Husky. Have you ever dreamed about a fully free boosting service for League of Legends? Well, we’ve got you covered. Playing for 30 minutes might not let you finish a whole game, but it does let you see how good the HuskyBoost booster is at playing. And believe it – they are awesome for real, for real!

Why should I buy the Free Boost in LoL?

Choosing our free LoL boosting for half an hour helps you understand how skilled our team is, how we talk, and if we’re good at helping win the game in this game. It’s a quick way to see how professional HuskyBoost is – like how fast we will start boosting and how much it will take us to complete your goals.

It’s not much – but it’s free – 30 minutes – so order our boost, and after you like it – purchase the paid boosting service which will be as good as a free one, or even better for some parts (since you’re getting some higher goals).

What do Customers receive?

  • One net-win completion for your League of Legends account.
  • Leveling for your heroes during the 30-minute boost session.