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How to Playing for a Faceless Void

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Hey everyone. Huskyboost here. Welcome to another guide. Today I’m making a guide on how to play Faceless Void.

It’s one of my favorite heroes, and I’ve probably played this heroin 600+ games.

Start game

Let’s start with the reasons why players pick this hero. First of all, he can win any carry. He’s solid on the lane if you play him right. When you play this hero, it’s hard to kill you, and you can move fast on the map. However, this hero has a lot of weaknesses too. He’s not very strong versus stuns & tempo gameplay. He’s hard to play.

  • Starting items are practically always the same. Quelling Blade, Circlet, Magic Stick, one Iron Branch.
  • Or Quelling Blade, Magic Stick, Faerie Fire, Tango, two Iron Branches. The hero should play the lane passively until you get levels 3-4.

I think it’s one of the most complex heroes to play in pos 1. Besides, you can’t make any mistakes. He farms very slowly, and if you’re playing against anti-mage, it’s essential to maintain a good tempo. Let’s start from the beginning.

Time walk & lock

If you play against solid nukers, you should max your Time Walk; if you play aggressively against your opponents, you should max Time Lock. Time Lock should be level 4 before you buy Mask of Madness.

  • Then, it would help if you always bought Black King Bar, Mjollnir, and Eye of Skadi. Other purchases depend on the course of the game.

As for the item build, you should buy Band of Elvenskin into Power Treads, and it would help if you didn’t upgrade your Magic Stick yet. It would help if you bought Mask of Madness, then Maelstrom. After that, you should upgrade your Magic Stick;

Creep attack

You always use it to save and try to make creeps attack the ranged creep and kill your opponent’s ranged creep. Then, use Time Walk and deny your ranged creep if possible. Your essential job is to farm your items efficiently.

  • You should always use Time Dilation if the players use their spells, and it doesn’t cost much, only 60 mana.
  • If the players use their spells, their mana will be regenerated from your Stick charges.

With PT at level 5, you can farm a small or a medium camp near the lane if your lane is terrible and your opponents are strong players, and they don’t let you get the creeps. If your lane has been pushed, you just farm, go under the tower and get what you need.

Game Tips

When you reach level 6, you don’t have to tp anywhere. If you can farm, then farm on the lane. You can tp somewhere only if everything’s too good and you can do better, or everything’s too bad on your lane, and you have to risk and make things better somehow; otherwise, you’ll lose.

  • In a perfect game, you TP offlane or mid, kill the hero with MoM, then you farm ancients. Your main job is to farm PT, Maelstrom, MoM, and BKB.
  • You can accept any fights with these items.

If you see that everything’s going fine and you understand that if you use Chronosphere, nothing will change, and you’ll be able to defeat Roshan anyway, you can use Chronosphere on any hero. Getting a solo kill is also essential because you won’t get many points if you attack somebody. If you see that your opponent’s picks can’t kill you, you should always contest Roshan. You shouldn’t dodge any fight even if you don’t have Chronosphere, and you can fight without it.

Lots of damage

You can tank a lot of damage with your first spell; you have your second spell, which doesn’t let the opposing mid-laners play well. If he clicks on the first and third spell, you use Time Dilation;

  • It would help if you tried to get your timings, buy Mjollnir and upgrade to level 20. When you’re at level 20, you can kill any hero on the map.
  • It’s trendy nowadays to play Keeper of the Light in pos 4. If you use Time Dilation, even if his spells aren’t in cooldown, he would have one stack of Time Dilation anyway.

He will have three stacks of Time Dilation. It helps you in the game and your lane. You can almost always kill him because Time Dilation greatly slows your opponent.

Skill build

As for the skill build, Level 10: Time Walk and Time Lock are level 4, and Time Dilation and Chronosphere are level 1. Level 11: you should level up your stats instead of talents. Level 12: you can upgrade Chronosphere to level 2, but it depends on the course of the game.

  • Level 15: you should always get a 1.5s Time Walk cooldown. At level 20, you should get +120 attack speed during Chronosphere and +20% backtrack at level 25.
  • As for neutral items… A possessed Mask or Chipped Vest is the best neutral item for tier 1.
  • Ring of Aquila and Vambrace go for tier 2.
  • For tier 3, it’s Titan Silver or Mind Breaker if they can’t kill you. We can add Paladin Sword to this list too.
  • As for tier 4… The game rarely reaches tier 4, but I think Ninja Gear is a perfect item for this tier if it does.

If you see that there won’t be any fight before level 13, you can level up your stats because it’ll help you farm faster. It would help if you didn’t level up Time Dilation to level 22. Oh, I forgot to tell you about Aghanim’s Shard. If the game is OK, you’ve already bought BKB, and you don’t need Mjolnir to kill somebody because you have enough damage. You can buy Aghanim’s Shard.


It makes the game and the position easier to play, and it’s also easier to fight with this item because it has a long cast range for Time Walk. It’s an imbalanced item because it’s easier to kite heroes with it.

You don’t have to blink in and use Chronosphere if the enemies have been saved. If you’re fighting with Shadow Demon, you don’t use Chronosphere. You click on the first and second spell, nuke, and wait till they waste their spells. If you want to watch some Faceless Void replays, I’d recommend players such as Monet… I think he’s very good at playing Faceless Void, then Ame… That’s it, and I don’t think I can recommend anyone else.

Faceless Void

Faceless Void can play against any hero with a good net worth, and some heroes don’t let you play the game. If he’s playing well and got a fast Orchid, he can make the game hard for you to play the game.

  • Pos 1 Medusa is one of the heroes you can’t ever kill in Chronosphere. It’s easier to buy Hand of Midas and farm with the Hand of Midas and MaelStrom, be ready for the late game, buy Eye of Skadi, and win yourself time.
  • You can also buy Sange and Yasha if there’s not much there. You buy Sange and Yasha, MaelStrom, Satanic, and Eye of Skadi, and you fight, and you’ll kill them eventually.

It’s also tough to win against Medusa, pos 1. You should maintain a fast pace in the game and not let her kill Roshan because if she has the Eye of Skadi and Roshan, it’ll be tough to win. I told you everything that I wanted to tell you about Faceless Void. Thank you for reading. I hope the guide will be helpful for you. My name is Librarian Husky – your constant pro gaming friend in Dota 2. Suppose you need some help, don’t take to check out the Dota 2 Guides. We are the best in the world with 33000 positive reviews.