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5 Builds For Absolutely Free MMR

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Hey everyone. Huskyboost here. Welcome to another guide. Today I got five builds you guys can try in your pubs.

That is pretty freaking powerful right now.


I want to go over a build I’ve been theory-crafting a bit. That is Zeus mid with a little bit of tank variety. Here’s what I like about Zeus. It naturally wants to buy as a defensive item and should buy in most games. You can be very tanky. Then for your first item in many games, especially against hard disables. I was playing against the Void Spirit and went for a cayenne Assange.

  • At level 15, he honestly has two things he didn’t have in the past.
  • Number one is a 350 health talent, which will generally put Zeus up to about 1500 hp.
  • It’s pretty good. Then on top of that, you have a heavenly jump now, which is a 2.6-second slow, right? Pretty insane a 2.6-second slow for 100-movement speed.
  • So your hero has one of the best defensive abilities in dota, a 350-health talent at level 15.

This is something that I saw nine do in one of his recent games, and that was very powerful as well. He could not kill me, and it was straightforward to get away from him, especially with the heavenly jump. He died trying to kill me early on in the game twice a few times.


My favorite mid-builds right now; then we’ll move on to other roles. I want to go over Octorin Puck quickly. Suppose you haven’t played Octarine Puck, this hero, in the mid to late game. It’s nuts on a talk-turning time.

  • At level 10, you have two seconds off of illusory ore.
  • At 15, you have 10 seconds off the dream coil if you want to go that route.
  • Then on top of that, at level 20, you have your best talent six seconds off of the waning rift, which is your silence.

The general build you will be going to is a brown boots wand. Sometimes in the treads, but generally in the Which Blade after Which Blade, you’re going to be going for blink after a blink and decay Assange after Kaya & Sange Aether Lens after into the Octarine Core. What’s so powerful about this build-on Puck is that you have many cdr talents in your talents.


The Octorine increases your cast range, allowing you to blink onto the backlines conveniently. So when you’re against something like Bane or CM or Shaman or Lion and a counter to you, you can quickly get on top of them before they even see you due to the extra cast range on not only your blink but also your waning rift.

You can get to the back line, and your silence is nearly permanent. I’m not saying it’s 100 uptime with the sock marine corp. So when the team fights, you might be like, but I’m squishy. I need a BKB, or you know something of this sort, but you have Kaya & Sange, and Octorine.

Witch Doctor

All right, I have stomped pubs with Witch Doctor as of late. This hero has been bopped so much as I played. I honestly think Witch Doctor is being undervalued right now. I’m going to say I think this hero is way better than he gets the credit. For a couple of reasons, Maledict was buffed from 7 damage to 12 at level 1, and that’s tick damage. So it was nearly double. Keep in mind that it nearly doubled. Okay, not bad.

  • On top of that, his ulti is now a 60-second cooldown flat. It was 80 and got 20 seconds removed, a 25 buff to his old okay.
  • His shard is perfect; what trucker has one of the best shards in the game that’s at 15 minutes?

Voodoo Switcheroo

Now the Voodoo Switcheroo, I rush it almost every single game. And I’ll tell you my build that I go. I think it’s perfect. I’m like having. So much impact in these team fights because I’m tanky as hell. So what I do in the landing stage starts with the scale battle. The critical thing is the skill built here. So it starts in a laning stage I almost always take at level one.

The only time I’ll take malonic is if my safe laner is like a troll warlord or jug some hero with a lot of level-one pressure. I will consider taking Maledict and going for a kill. For instance, I was landing with a tomato. We killed these Necrophos like a gazillion times. We killed him at level one with Maledict and spin. He died from full hp because of how good Maladict is right now and because it’s a high-damage spell with spin.

Visage & Luna

I think it’s mighty, and that is playing around with Visage & Luna. These heroes are the meta because Vlad’s perfect drums are good.

  • So split pushing’s just kind of in the meta, and these unit heroes are just in the meta.
  • So yeah, here’s the thing about Visage birds, they get affected by lunar blessings.
  • Visage birds have some of the lowest base attack times in the game.

So also, team fighting has been nerfed. So when you buff them with attack speed, they get by it, which is why Visage always buys drum snap, right? So when you’re playing massage, you graze, chill with drums, and have a Luna.


Next to you and a Beastmaster with maxed out on next to you. Your birds are unbelievable. They are unbelievable. They are also unbelievably good at taking towers as well. Like these I, there’s nothing else for me to say besides these birds are something else like. I cannot even.

  • You want to get to level 12. So that the birds go from 25 to 50 damage. But the thing is, the lunar blessing is 35 damage.
  • Even if you’re not level 12, these birds are hitting for more than you would be at level 12, like 10 minutes into the game.

Death ball

I can’t explain how hard they hit. You have to see this for yourself, combo. I think it’s. So powerful. This death ball, and it’s not even unreasonable to have these heroes like it’s not like you’re going to have some lousy lane. You might be like, how can you have all three of these heroes, dude? The Visage can be a support, and it’s still good. Your Visage could be your four, your one, or your mid-two, which is fine.

So it’s just I’m such a fan of this combo. You could pick something like Luna offlane to stick next to the Visage. I know it’s a bit psycho, but I believe there are. So much potential in this combo. I think it’s dirty, and it’d get filthy quickly.


All right, and finally, at number five is Clock mid. This one’s cool. You guys probably saw pick it. Your q does double-damage creeps now. So you can shove waves. You could take two points of rocket flare and just nuk people in the side lanes off cooldown. It’s pretty funny.

  • You’re one of the best bankers in the game because hook Hookshot is a 60-second cooldown, and it’s hilarious. You can put no points and cogs even if your lane is passive.
  • I recommend you take the cogs because you can use them to push people away, burn their mana, and zone them off-range creeps or just cs in general. I wouldn’t do this, but.

The general build you will go to is if you want to get active. You want to go for bottle into stick raindrops boots phase boots into urn into wand after that, you want to go basically into like Vessel or Blademail. Yeah, your hero scales pretty well as well with his Axe. If you want to trick a lot, don’t sit too much.

Vessel timing

You want to get to a pretty good Vessel timing. This will allow you to kill people solo, and yeah, you just want to get active, like just get a playful shove to creep. Waves shove the mid-wave with your q and then trick.

This should be your rotation. Once it’s like minute seven, you should be like shoving midway, looking for a gank-off cooldown with your multi. Thank you for reading. I hope this information will be helpful to you. Please check our Dota 2 Guides to learn even more! It was Librarian Husky!