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PvE Tier List – Which Is the best Class in Diablo Immortal?

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PvE Tier List – Which Is the best Class in Diablo Immortal?

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Starting with the Barbarian, which is going to be our first class for PVE, it is, in my opinion, really strong when it comes to open-world farming. It can move at maximum speed, "spinning to win," and is really fun to play, even inside dungeons.
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Starting with the Barbarian, which is going to be our first class for PVE, it is, in my opinion, really strong when it comes to open-world farming. It can move at maximum speed, “spinning to win,” and is really fun to play, even inside dungeons. The Barbarian is very good, capable of putting enemies on fire, spinning to win, and can buff teammates as well.

Barbarian Class Overview

For PVE content like Dungeons and open-world farming, the Barbarian is excellent. When it comes to the Challenge Rift, the Barbarian is not the best but still a solid class for free-to-play players. You have a ton of options; it is easy to set up as most builds are close to one another in variation, so you will not have to farm a lot of different set pieces.

Blood Knight Class Overview

The next class for PVE is going to be the Blood Knight. When it comes to speed for open-world farming, the Blood Knight has a lot of dashes. You can enhance your mobility with certain gear sets, increasing your speed and size. Additionally, this class is super strong when it comes to combat, offering a blend of agility and power that makes it an appealing choice for players looking to optimize their performance in both open-world and dungeon settings.

Advanced PVE Class Strategies

To the PVE content, you have tons of heals and complete damage invulnerability, so you can go and challenge Rifts, just spin and surf around your enemies, stack them up, and you will do some decent amount of damage. Even inside the challenge Rift, you can go with the combination of your primary and a hybrid of skills with some healing and do really good even in the harder content.

And inside the dungeon again, you will have healing, you will have speed, even in the open world Farm, you can be really fast using the DH and the Sorcerer and keep moving forward, keeping up with everyone else because of the healing factor with the Blood Knight and the ability to damage, you can go invincible, take no damage.

I will be putting Blood Knight in S tier. I think it is one of the most friendly classes when it comes to playing as a complete free-to-play, that is just in my opinion.

Demon Hunter Class Insights

The next is going to be the Demon Hunter. Demon Hunter is a range class, meaning you will be taking about 30% more damage in PVE content compared to the melee classes, and you will need some nice movement with the Demon Hunter so you can move around and shoot and use your skills.

But there are tons of different options of builds available now for the Demon Hunter. You can use the Trap builds inside of the challenge Rift where the enemies will try and go after your traps, and then you can just maneuver yourself, moving around, shooting them down, and dealing some really nice damage.

When it comes to open-world Farm, we have some nice decent buffs for Demon Hunter, where you can just keep moving, using your strategy and charm, and some other different variations of the builds are available as well. So, Demon Hunter in open-world form is really good, and inside of the dungeons again, a really good damage dealer, doing a ton of single-target damage and also really good versus the normal monster.

Monk Class Evaluation

Next, we have Monk. Monk recently ended up getting a few new essences which made it really good when it came to damage, but in open-world Farm, it is still not the fastest. It can do a lot of dashes, hit and keep moving, which is good. You won’t be falling behind all that much.

But when it comes to the fun factor, when I think of the Monk, the fun factor of Monk is maybe a bit less compared to some of the other classes I have mentioned here. If you are somewhat a fan, you are going to enjoy it, but the fun factor for Monk seems a bit less. It seems a bit boring, at least that is what I have noticed. They don’t have any cool looking effects happening for them; they can do a lot of dashes, they can do some real single-target damage, they can survive inside of the challenge Rift as well.

Necromancer Class Overview

Next, we have the Necromancer. Necromancer is really good when it comes to single-target damage. The ability to control the battlefield with minions and apply targeted damage makes the Necromancer a formidable class in both open-world and dungeon settings. With strategic use of skills, Necromancers can manage large groups of enemies or focus down bosses with efficiency. Their unique blend of damage, control, and survivability options makes them a versatile choice for players. Thus, the Necromancer is also considered a strong contender for those looking to excel in PVE content, deserving a place in the tier list.

Necromancer Class Breakdown

The Necromancer is the class with the highest single-target damage inside of the game, and it’s really easy to play as a free-to-play player. Your summons will be doing most of the damage, and you can just stay back, as not much is going to hit you.

Even inside the challenge Rift, you can use some builds that completely block enemies from coming near you, like using a wall in front of you. It can stop the projectiles of enemies and prevent them from reaching you. There are a lot of other variations of builds available for Necromancer as well, especially for the challenge Rift.

Recently, for the open-world farm, Necromancer ended up getting some new essences which helped with the movement and the mobility of the class. Inside of the dungeons, it might not be the fastest class when it comes to moving, but it is still dealing some insane amount of damage and is one of the easiest classes to play as a complete free-to-play.

Crusader Class Insights

The Crusader is going in SS tier for me when it comes to free-to-play and PVE content. You can go insane on your mount, just swinging your sword, killing everything in the open world. Nothing is going to survive in your way, and you can do that with low resources as well.

You can use the same variation of those builds inside of the dungeons as well, on your mount, just moving, hitting everything, and buffing yourself up and everyone around you. It’s a really fun class to play, in my opinion.

When you put the builds together, it’s really solid as well. You take 30% reduced damage, and you will be moving really fast inside of the dungeons and open-world farm, and even inside the challenge Rift, you will be doing some decent amount of damage. It might not be the highest single-target damage class, but it is still really strong and can do some nice single-target damage.

Wizard Class Evaluation

The Wizard class might be a bit harder than some of the other classes, especially for free-to-play, because it is really squishy. But if you can focus on the life and damage from the paragon tree, it is going to be somewhat fine. However, it is going to be the squishiest class inside of PVE.

It is extremely fast when it comes to open-world farm, as fast as SS tier. It is really good when it comes to dungeons, as well, in my opinion. When it comes to challenge Rift, it is SS, but overall, since it is really squishy and you need a lot of beneficial duration for a Wizard to help with most of these skills, and you also need a ton of different set pieces for different builds, the Wizard might be one of the only classes inside of Diablo Immortal right now which has like seven or eight different variations of the build for different things inside of the game.

So, difficulty-wise for a free-to-play player, this class is going to be A tier, but overall, I will give this an S. This is how my tier list looks, especially if you are a complete free-to-play player inside of Diablo Immortal. This is just my opinion and not a fact, so I respect everyone’s opinion.

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