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Got Tier Exotic For Sale! Xur Location and Inventory

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Got Tier Exotic For Sale! Xur Location and Inventory

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It's Librarian Husky, and today we've got a brand new location and inventory review for the weekend of February 16th to the 19th.
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What’s up, guys? It’s Librarian Husky, and today we’ve got a brand new location and inventory review for the weekend of February 16th to the 19th.

Introduction to the Weekend Event

Let’s get started, and first things first, the event is going to be located in the tower hangar. Alright, let’s take a look at what’s on offer.

Exotic Gear Highlights

Firstly, for the Exotics, we have the Lord of Wolves, which once dominated The Crucible. Now, maybe not so much, but it’s definitely something worth picking up if you don’t have it. Then we have the Gwisin Vest, which really doesn’t see a ton of play right now. However, with 62 resilience, it’s okay; I’ve seen worse. Next, we have the Wormgod Caresses here for the Titan, with an insane roll. Essentially, these got buffed; every single melee kill is going to increase melee damage. These got buffed while Synthoceps got nerfed, so a lot of people switched from Synthoceps to the Wormgod Caresses within their Titan melee builds. With 68 resilience and strength, if it’s good enough for me, it’s good enough for you. Absolutely pick these up; they are fantastic.

Notable Weaponry

Moving on to the weaponry, we have the No Reprive with, oh my goodness, Triple Tap plus Focused Fury. It’s a pinpoint slug frame shotgun. This is a very good roll; arguably a God roll. You’d just want a magazine extension perk here normally, but Triple Tap, getting your round back, and Focused Fury massively increasing your damage make this a great DPS shotgun roll for PVE. Then we have a few other options like the Perpetual Gutshot, Ailos, Snapshot Vorpal Spare Rations, and Moving Target Multi-kill Clip Tarnished Metal. The latter might not be the worst for a PVP Scout Rifle rule, but we’re kind of splitting hairs there.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, this weekend’s inventory has some standout items that are definitely worth considering, especially for those looking to enhance their gameplay. Whether you’re a new player or a seasoned veteran, there’s something here for everyone.

Exciting Shotgun and Grenade Launcher Rolls

For those interested in shotguns, one notable option comes with the extended mag perk, grave robber, where melee final blows reload the weapon, and swashbuckler, which provides a scaling weapon damage bonus for each kill. A melee kill boosts the damage to the maximum, about 35%, offering a significant increase. While it might not be the most meta, it represents a fun and potent combination for PVE. Additionally, the interference grenade launcher, now equipped with autoloading and swashbuckler, becomes more appealing with the recent PVE buffs to non-spike grenade launchers. The possibility of an augmented drum increasing magazine size could set a new standard, making this a noteworthy choice despite swashbuckler being potentially outclassed by other perks.

Unique Weapon and Armor Finds

In the weapon category, the Hawk Moon with snapshot sights and extended barrel is available, offering decent range. Although it’s considered satisfactory, it may not stand out among other options. Moving to armor, the Forged Machinist set, reintroduced in season 14 after its initial release in season 5, holds a rarity with only 35% of Guardians owning the helmet. The gauntlets and chest pieces exhibit impressive stat distributions, particularly for resilience, making them valuable finds. The Warlock set features gauntlets with a significant recovery spike and a well-rounded chest piece, despite some preference for discipline over intellect. The Hunter armor offers a mix of stats with notable spikes in strength and recovery, providing decent options for various builds.

Highlight: Wormgod Caresses

The standout this weekend is undoubtedly the Wormgod Caresses for Titans, boasting exceptional stats that significantly enhance melee builds. These items are highly recommended for their game-changing potential, emphasizing their value in current meta strategies. This notable mention underscores the importance of seizing these opportunities when they arise to maximize gameplay effectiveness.

In summary, this weekend’s inventory presents a variety of intriguing options for weapons and armor, with the Wormgod Caresses being a particular highlight. Guardians are encouraged to explore these offerings to enhance their arsenal and gameplay experience.

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