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Destiny 2 Volta Bracket Sniper Rifle Boost

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With our D2 Volta Bracket boost, you will get the version of the Volta bracket you wish for.


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Dear Customer, today is the day to introduce you to a high-level Sniper with homing projectiles as its basic trait. Of course, your Librarian Husky is talking about the Volta Bracket in Destiny 2!

Why should I buy the Destiny 2 Volta Bracket Sniper Rifle Boost?

While walking through the Lands of Destiny 2, you´ve come to see how many weapons there really are. It’s a crazy amount, around 600 base weapons, to be exact. There is something in it for everybody.

  • Do you personally like to shoot enemies from afar?
  • Do you like it if your bullets trace into the enemy automatically?
  • Do you like crazy amounts of damage with every shot?

Look no further! The Volta bracket has all your needs covered. With its basic impact damage of ninety and its range of seventy-two, it’s a hyper-carry weapon, which is why its tier status is legendary.

Crazy DPS boost

It has crazy DPS, too, as its base rpm is seventy-two. Could you imagine how much damage you deal when you pair it with damage perks? Perhaps make your already homing projectiles explode as well? It’s nuts. Keep in mind that’s a strand rifle sniper as well.

After all, it is tiresome to grind, however, which makes it up to the legendary tier.
If you liked what you heard about the rifle so far, let me tell you how we can help you get it.

What do Customers receive?

  • With our D2 Volta Bracket boost, you will get the version of the Volta bracket you wish for.
  • Also, while we are grinding for you, you have a chance to get raid armor and weapons, so you get to keep the stuff that drops during our boost. And, of course, we grind your Seasons pass and Artifact level at the same time.

How does Destiny 2 Volta Bracket Sniper Rifle Boost work?

We have three options for you to choose on how fast our booster will finish your order:

  • Normal Queue: Your order will get into the normal order queue, so it will get picked when orders before yours are done. That’s the option for you if you can wait a bit.
  • Express Queue: A separate booster team will take care of your order; they are online more frequently and boost more, making the order up to 30% faster.
  • Super Express: A separate, always free booster will take your order on immediately, making it 50% faster than the normal queue order.

Additional options

  • Broadcast: Are you curious about how our booster grinds to be best efficient in it? Watch it with our Streaming option!
  • Random roll: If you don’t mind the specific Perks on the rifle but would like to have at least some upgrades on it, our booster will get you a random perk roll on it!
  • Deepsight: If you thought about customizing your weapon later on at Relic, you will need the deep sight vision trait. It will allow you to harvest your sniper for resources every once in a while. Choose the “unlock full weapon +17 lvl,” and we will customize and choose attunements for you
  • Chosen perks: If you want to decide which perks exactly get onto your sniper, choose this option and let us know which four you would like on it.


  • Our boosters need your Destiny 2 Account with the Lightfall expansion purchased and 1770 light level.

We hope you will have a lot of fun and an easy time grinding with your new rifle. Thank you very much for ordering and spending your time with me together. With all that said, have a good day and a wonderful time in Destiny 2. Your Librarian Husky.

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