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CoD MW2 Weapon Mastery Boost

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Select master camouflage and obtain the fulfilment of the associated task.


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Hello and welcome, precious customer! My name is Librarian Husky. In the thrilling world of CoD: MW II, the WMC present an array of challenging tasks for participants to conquer, leading to the acquisition of prestigious achievements. These trials require a specific weapon and camouflage for each kill objective. The game introduces four outstanding camouflages (Platinum, Gold, Orion, and Polyatomic). Each camo is associated with unique tasks, such as securing one hundred eliminations with the gold camouflage or reaching three hundred eliminations with the polyatomic camouflage.

Why should I buy the CoD MW2 Weapon Mastery Boost?

Upon finishing a WMC, gamers receive a unique card and emblem that reflect the camouflage used for the task. Finishing the Gold MC with an M4 results in earning a Gold M4 Emblem and a special card. A special prize awaits those who master all four tasks — a Weapon Charm. Players who achieve the pinnacle of mastery across all weapons at launch, granting access to the Orion camouflage, are bestowed with an exclusive reward.

Participating in dynamic game modes like Team Deathmatch and Hardpoint can be advantageous. These modes offer an effective way to finish camouflage challenges swiftly. Achieving weapon mastery in MW II is a testament to dedication and skill, requiring a significant investment of time and effort. Purchase the MW II Weapon Mastery Boost service from Huskyboost to bypass the tedious grind and jump straight to the prizes. We simplify the Weapon Mastery Charm unlocking process by eliminating the need to grind kills. It’s the fastest way to get the game’s weapon charms.

What do Customers receive?

  • Select master camouflage and obtain the fulfilment of the associated task.
  • Brand new card and emblem tailored to the specified weapon.
  • Full set of modifications.
  • Conquer all base-level camouflage trials associated with this weapon.
  • A lot of EXP to elevate your Military and Prestige ranks.
  • Progress level-by-level through the Battle Pass.

How does CoD MW2 Weapon Mastery Boost work?

  • Express speed – We will complete your order with a higher priority, and the completion time will be faster by 30%.

Additional options

  • Stream – watch the boost happen in real-time with a live HQ video.
  • All Mastery plus weapon charm – we’ll complete each challenge to ensure you receive all camouflages, unlocks, and the weapon charm.


  • CoD: Modern Warfare II video game installed.
  • Access to the preferred weapon.
  • Access to the camouflage for the task.
  • If you wish to finish the MC but do not yet have the desired weapon or camouflage, please contact us through live chat, and we will assist you in finishing this task as soon as possible.

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