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Greetings, dear Customer. My name is Librarian Husky, and on this page, I’d like to tell you about all the details of an upcoming Midnight update of the 11th expansion of the World of Warcraft. We already prepared to boost services for it, so you can check them out as well: gold boost, leveling character, obtaining mounts, getting top-level items and gear, and many more.

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Let’s start discussing it. The Midnight is the eleventh expansion to the legendary World of Warcraft. It centers around a Void theme (which sounds deadly already), where the glorious lands of Azeroth are being invaded by Void forces. Diving deep into lore, we’ll figure out who we should fight, and those fights will be bloody, challenging, and time-consuming until we complete the entire expansion.

Fast WoW Midnight boost with HuskyBoost

Just imagine many dungeon runs, raids, exploration of the new game zones, and many more. Thankfully, HuskyBoost services are always here to help you complete the full Midnight expansion in the World of Warcraft. We always complete our orders ASAP, so don’t worry!

Storyline completion for the upcoming Midnight expansion in WoW

The story happens in the lands of glory, Azeroth’s Old World, mainly in Quel’thalas. Here, the Void forces are trying to shut down the Light in the Sunwell and make the world dark. But we can’t let that slide, are we? You and our boosters will be fighting against the Void to become a true hero of the new Midnight expansion. With our boost, you can become and reach anything you like in this game, check our offers, and ask us any questions about the services if needed via 24/7 web chat.

The main mission in the Midnight World of Warcraft

A key goal is to bring together the Elven tribes to fight the Void forces and save the Sunwell. The story shows how important it is for everyone to work together to protect Azeroth from danger. Working together (not including lore characters) can also mean ordering from HuskyBoost because you can play side-by-side with our boosters (via self-play boost completion), watch them boost your account by participating, and learn how to become a professional player.

Future expansions after Midnight release in WoW & cheap boost

Midnight is a part of the Worldsoul Saga chapter, which includes three expansions, each of which tells stories that shape the future of World of Warcraft:

  • An expansion called The War Within;
  • An expansion called The Midnight;
  • An expansion called The Last Titan.

All of the expansions can be quickly completed by HuskyBoost professionals. Take a look at our offers, select the desired one (you can even order an entire Bundle – full preparation for the expansion, chapter, season, etc.) – and within a few days, you’ll get a 100% top account for the desired chapter in WoW.