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Warriors Are Back! Huge SoD Phase 4 Class Reworks!

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Warriors Are Back! Huge SoD Phase 4 Class Reworks!

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This guide covers the latest updates in WoW Classic's Season of Discovery, including class reworks, new buffs, the introduction of the Warrior world buff, and significant PvP events.
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The Season of Discovery PTR has been newly updated, with Blizzard developers implementing a wide array of changes. These updates include class adjustments, a range of buffs (predominantly), nerfs, and bug fixes. Moreover, there is a significant shift in design philosophy, particularly for tanks, who will now benefit from enhanced AoE capabilities.

Warriors’ New World Buff

Warriors are poised to gain their own exclusive world buff. Given that Warriors rely heavily on world buffs for scaling, this new addition will help mitigate the loss of such buffs. Now, they can activate a less potent version of the rallying cry world buff, providing benefits to both themselves and their entire raid.

Phase 4 and Level 60 Content

With the imminent launch of Season of Discovery Phase 4, this is an excellent opportunity to explore level 60 content. This phase marks the beginning of new level 60 adventures, with additional raids under development. Expect Molten Core to be featured in the initial phase.

Cataclysm and New Adventures

For those still involved in Cataclysm or awaiting Deathwing and the following phases, new adventures are on the horizon. With Deathwing’s return in Cataclysm Classic, another powerful dragon is set to appear in Terrace Land, an upcoming game.

Terrace Land and Its Dragon

Terrace Land, a free-to-play MMORPG available globally on multiple platforms, offers a vast fantasy world under the threat of the Blight Dragon. The game also introduces the Taurus Legendary Dungeon Tournament. Get ready to face dragons in this exciting new adventure.

New PvP Event in Season of Discovery

The upcoming PvP event, Black Rock Eruption, is set to premiere in the Season of Discovery. Occurring every two hours, it will initially take place in Searing Gorge, later transitioning to Burning Steppes. This event blends PvP and PvE elements, offering substantial honor gains and increased opportunities for participants.

Details of Black Rock Eruption

Black Rock Eruption provides significant honor gains within Black Rock Mountain. Engaging in traditional PvP in these areas will enable swift ranking, while open-world PvP in Searing Gorge will not yield honor. This design encourages players to engage in the event’s PvE components, promoting a balanced gameplay experience.

Additional Event Features

Participating in the Black Rock Eruption event will boost your reputation with the Thorium Brotherhood and Hydraxian Waterlords, offering additional spawns and daily quests. Although some griefing may persist, the main PvP action will unfold within the mountain, reminiscent of historic PvP chaos.

Class Changes and Expectations

Upcoming class modifications include Druids being able to use Wrath in Tree Form, ensuring its usefulness. Contrary to predictions, Elemental Shamans have not been nerfed for this event. The event promises a dynamic mix of PvE and PvP elements, creating a richly intense experience.

Druid Changes in Tree Form

Tree Form Druids can now apply a 20% nature damage debuff while healing and dealing damage. This vital change enhances the viability of Tree Form. Nourish benefits from talents affecting Regrowth, and Eclipsed Moonfire now extends the duration of Moonfire and Starfire indefinitely, making Boomkin gameplay more straightforward and effective.

Moonkin Form Enhancements

Moonkin Form now provides two additional spell power per level, totaling 120 spell power at level 60. Furthermore, your DoTs can now critically hit and be refreshed indefinitely, leading to a significant boost in Boomkin performance.

Feral Druid and Tanking Improvements

Feral Druids using Swipe can now strike up to 10 targets, enhancing their tanking potential. This improvement makes them more adept at handling multiple enemies, thereby increasing their effectiveness in various combat scenarios.

Hunter Adjustments on the PTR

Two bugs affecting Hunters have been resolved in the PTR. However, melee Hunters remain unchanged, highlighting the need for additional revisions as they continue to underperform compared to other specializations.

Mage Enhancements and Rune Adjustments

Mages now benefit from the Hot Streak Rune being moved to the Helm slot, which enhances its effectiveness and boosts overall power. Additionally, the Rewind ability has been relocated to the Wrist slot, improving the versatility and performance of Mages.

Improvements for Shadow Priests

Shadow Priests have received notable upgrades. Vampiric Embrace now aligns with a wider range of talents, and the new DoT benefits from relevant talents. The removal of the cooldown for applying curses with Eye of the Void allows for a more consistent and streamlined application of curses.

Streamlined Pain and Suffering Mechanics

Pain and Suffering now refreshes automatically, simplifying the gameplay for Shadow Priests by eliminating the need to manually manage its cooldown. This change ensures a more fluid and efficient playstyle.

Shadow Priest Updates

Shadow Priests will see their DoT with the shortest remaining duration among Shadow Word: Pain, Void Plague, or Vampiric Touch refreshed automatically. Additionally, Mind Seer, the AoE ability, now inflicts damage on the primary target as well, enhancing its effectiveness.

Improvements for Paladins

Paladins now have the Divine Steed ability, which increases movement speed by 100% for 3 seconds. The Divine Light Rune has been shifted to the cloak slot and now also benefits the Beacon of Light target. Hallowed Ground modifies Consecrate to function as an AoE heal for nearby allies, greatly enhancing its utility.

Righteous Vengeance Buff

Righteous Vengeance for Retribution Paladins now has its DoTs buffed by 50%. Critical hits from abilities apply a stronger DoT to targets, and Divine Storm now affects multiple targets, increasing its overall effectiveness and impact in combat scenarios.

Reckoning Enabled by the Aus Rune

The Aus Rune now empowers tanks to activate Reckoning, allowing them to deal substantial damage in both PvP and PvE contexts. This enhancement boosts their adaptability and combat potential in diverse scenarios.

Adjustments for Rogues

A correction has been made to Fan of Knives, which was incorrectly generating energy from offhand crits, restoring it to its intended functionality in Wrath. Additionally, the overpowered version of Crimson Tempest that permitted infinite energy gain through Relentless Strikes has been modified to prevent this exploit.

Updates to Rogue Energy and Combo Points

The previous issue with Crimson Tempest generating infinite energy has been addressed. It now returns a fixed 125 energy after execution. Shuriken Toss grants an additional combo point per enemy hit and has a 30-second cooldown. Poison Knife refunds 5 energy per stack of Deadly Poison on the target, enhancing builds that utilize Sinister Strike.

Improvements in Poison and Buff Mechanics

A PTR bug affecting Ault Poison, which offers a 10% spell damage boost, has been fixed. Although the buff doesn’t stack among Rogues, having two Rogues in a group now allows for effective poison application, optimizing abilities like Envenom. This correction ensures accurate application and enhances strategy in Rogue gameplay.

Enhanced Defense and Attack Power Scaling for Tanks

Tanks now gain increased attack power from their defense skill, with this scaling moved from the “Rolling with the Punches” Rune to the more accessible “Blade Dance” Rune. Shamans have similarly benefitted from this update, with the “Shield Mastery” Rune now triggering attack power scaling from defense skill when using Flame Shock.

Upgrades for Two-Handed Shaman

Two-handed Shamans receive a substantial upgrade with an increased attack speed bonus now at 50%. Maelstrom Weapon procs more frequently when using two-handed weapons. Additionally, Molten Blast now targets up to 10 enemies in front of the Shaman, and weapon imbuements have been extended to last for a full hour, enhancing long-term combat effectiveness.

Warlock Lake of Fire Overhaul

Warlocks’ Lake of Fire has been revamped to enable instant casting of Rain of Fire while moving. Although it now has a cooldown, this change significantly enhances Warlocks’ ability to manage damage in dynamic combat scenarios, increasing their overall adaptability and efficiency.

Updates to Warlock Abilities

Warlocks have undergone several notable updates, resulting in enhanced AoE and potentially improved single-target damage. Shadow Cleave now targets up to 10 enemies. The Backdraft ability’s casting speed buff duration has been increased from 10 to 15 seconds. Additionally, the Felguard’s stacking attack power bonus has been increased to add 5 attack power per stack for 10 seconds, stacking up to 10 times.

Revised Drain Soul and Execute Mechanics

Drain Soul has been reworked to function as an execute, delivering 300% more damage to targets below 20% health when using Soul Siphon. This adjustment boosts Warlocks’ effectiveness in extended encounters, similar to how Warriors gain strength over prolonged fights.

Mark of Chaos Overhaul

Mark of Chaos has been redesigned. It now applies through Curse of Agony and Curse of Doom, reducing the target’s resistance by up to 75 and increasing the spell damage they take by 10% for the duration. This significant update greatly amplifies Warlocks’ damage capabilities.

Valor of Azeroth: The New Warrior Buff

Warriors now have their own world buff, Valor of Azeroth. This ability grants 90 attack power and a 5% crit bonus for spells and normal attacks to all party and raid members at level 60. Although less powerful than Rallying Cry of the Dragon Slayer, it mitigates the loss of traditional world buffs, providing a reliable alternative.

Developer Insights on Warrior Scaling

Developers have noted that Warriors gain the most from world buffs, making them highly powerful with buffs and notably weaker without them. Valor of Azeroth aims to balance this, offering a consistent enhancement to maintain performance even in the absence of world buffs.

Warrior Changes: Raising the Baseline

Rather than enhancing the peak potential, Blizzard has focused on improving the baseline performance for Warriors. This update supports players who either lose world buffs or prefer to avoid them. With the new personal world buff, traditional world buffs become less crucial. Single-Minded Fury now increases attack power by 10%, stacking up to five times.

Enhancements to Gladiator’s Stance

In Gladiator’s Stance, Warriors will now generate more rage when they are not the target of attacks. This change addresses the issue of rage generation for DPS Warriors who do not use shields, significantly boosting their damage output.

Upgrades to Thunder Clap and Shield Slam

Thunder Clap has been enhanced to hit up to 10 targets, significantly boosting the AoE potential of Warrior tanks. Additionally, Shield Slam now deals an extra 15% of your attack power as damage, enhancing its effectiveness in tanking roles.

Increased Viability for Warrior Tanks

These upgrades make Warrior tanks more viable than before, addressing previous challenges noted during PTR testing. While earlier tests without world buffs offered limited insights, these new adjustments make Warriors stronger and more competitive.

Excitement for Changes in Classic

These updates signify a constructive evolution in Classic gameplay, bringing in new abilities while retaining the fundamental spirit of the game. Players are encouraged to share their feedback on these adjustments and their influence on the overall gaming experience.

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