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Discover these items before SoD Phase 4 – Season of Discovery

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Discover these items before SoD Phase 4 – Season of Discovery

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This guide explores hidden secrets in WoW Classic's Season of Discovery, covering new items, mysterious NPCs, and strategies for uncovering the most powerful and elusive treasures.
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There is a dagger that was hyped up for phase three of Season Discovery. It spawns an ultra with a really dark secret: one random player who clicks on it will die. It’s pretty much the coolest idea ever, so why hasn’t anybody figured out how to get it yet?

Hidden Secrets in Season of Discovery

Let’s talk about the biggest Secrets in Season of Discovery. The next time you’re farming Feralas Incursions, pay close attention to the Twin Colossals area. You’re likely going to spot the Giant, an elite NPC dressed exactly like the Giant from Twin Peaks—same exact outfit and everything. If you kill the Giant, you’ll have a chance at a pet stone. That stone is perhaps the most powerful item in Season Discovery right now.

Potential Uses of the Pet Stone

The stone puts a rock under your character, and that rock has collision. It has everything. It’s entirely possible the devs put this in as an item to have fun with. “Hey look, I’m slightly taller than everybody else,” that’s great. There are even rumors Blizzard accidentally put this in the game because the potential for griefing is just so high. Some players speculate that Blizzard originally added these to the drop table, fully expecting us to work together to use them to reach some previously impossible-to-get-to location. If you’ve got any ideas for where that might be, please let me know.

Secret Items in Incursions

Fans have also noticed that the drop tables in Incursions are packed with secret items. If you kill the turtles inside the Hinterland incursion, you have a chance at a pet fish. Meanwhile, the ogres in the Feralas incursion have a chance to drop the Huge Ogre Sword—an item that was never available to players before Season of Discovery. This suggests there could be all sorts of hidden secret items on all the different mobs throughout the Incursions.

Exploring the Possibilities

If you want to kill all the different mobs in the Incursions to see what they drop, hit me up. Fans are also speculating about the secret agents throughout Azeroth. These were originally added in phase two of Season Discovery and are located in specific locations throughout the game world.

Interaction with Mysterious NPCs

If you get too close to them, they say the line “We’ve got ends,” and then they just disappear. With the trail cold and no new information, interest around why these NPCs exist and whether they contain any Secrets just dropped over time.

Introduction of the Rainbow Generator Quest Line

That is, at least, until Blizzard added the Rainbow Generator quest line. Now some players are completely certain there must be some way to interact with these mysterious agents, ideally to get more lore or even some data-mined items.

Speculations and Developer Teasers

You can definitely tell the developers are stoking the speculation fires because they placed a secret note in the Rainbow Generator quest room. That note is from a mysterious X character to a mysterious P character and mentions, “You’ll never be replaced in our hearts.”

Possible Identities of Mysterious Characters

The P character likely stands for Primo, as you get the Poise-generating Primo shirt from the quest line. I did a lot of Google searching and could not find any reference to Primo in any version of WoW ever. X, though, is much more interesting because it’s almost guaranteed to be Zotth.

Connections Between Classic and Retail

Zotth was the shadowy figure we had to deal with to get our epic boots in Phase One. This possible new connection between the villains of Season of Discovery and War Within has a lot of players hyped up. It means that, for the first time, the storylines of Classic and Retail could actually start to grow together.

Future Quest Lines and Potential Secrets

At the same time, it’s also possible that future quest lines in War Within could help us unlock Secrets in Season of Discovery. Keen fans have also discovered a connection between a mysterious G machine and a very different WoW expansion.

Phase Two Quest Line and Future Expansion

When you do the Phase Two quest line for your epic goggles, you end up getting teleported to Wal Wondergear. He’s located on probably the coolest land mass in Azeroth. But the real secret lies in the machine he’s working on.

Connection to Future Expansion: The Last Titan

If you look at the orb in the middle of it, that’s the exact same orb featured in the logo for the expansion The Last Titan, a future expansion that’s already confirmed. Now, I’m not saying we should roll out the welcome mat for Sargeras in Season of Discovery, but I’m not ruling it out either.

Chris Metzen’s Return to Warcraft

I can’t believe I didn’t mention this before, but Chris Metzen came back to Warcraft right during those crucial design moments of Season Discovery. It is very likely he wanted to find ways to tie the storyline of both retail WoW and the new Classic development together. If you’re a huge fan of solving mysteries in Season of Discovery, it’s very likely the War Within and future expansions may hold some of the keys.

Rediscovering the Hype

But somehow, all of us playing in phase three completely forgot about how hyped up the dagger was in the first place. Then Blizzard had to go and add it to the PTR vendor and basically say, “Why haven’t you guys found this weapon yet?” This new breadcrumb led to players wildly speculating.

Speculation and Theories

The most promising theory was that the Hakkari Blood Keeper was the true key to getting this dagger. If you use the dagger on the PTR, the resulting animation looks a whole lot like the Hakkar room. The idea was that the Hakkari Blood Keeper would summon Hakkar at 100% mana. So as long as we kept him below 100% and just outright killed him that way, we could ensure that Hakkar never even spawned in the first place, theoretically unlocking a whole new loot table for the Blood Keeper.

Exploring the Statue Activation Theory

We thought maybe it has something to do with the statues. You know, back in Classic, you had to activate the statues in a specific order. Perhaps they brought back that system, or maybe they want you to kill the boss without activating any of the statues. No matter what the solution is, one of these days, some genius secret finder will discover it and become the hero of Azeroth—unless Blizzard just completely forgot to put the item in the game in the first place, which is always a possibility.

Advice for Future Discoverers

If you do get the dagger, though, definitely don’t use it in some kind of illegal death rolling ring, at least without inviting me first. With so many unsolved mysteries, from the mysterious new giant NPC to the hidden drop tables in incursion mobs, the secret agents, the possibilities of Zotth being the true endgame villain of Season of Discovery, and of course, the new ceremony dagger—the coolest item in the game—this is the best time ever to get out there and start testing some ideas.

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