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Huge News For Cataclysm Goldmaking

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Huge News For Cataclysm Goldmaking

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Discover huge quality of life updates in Cataclysm Classic! Learn about changes to Darkmoon Faire, Valor Points, and smart strategies for gold making. Get ahead in the game!
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What is up, guys? It’s Librarian Husky another classic guide for Cataclysm Classic. Now today, we have some pretty important news. It is very small—there are only two things here—but it’s very important, especially for gold making and for the game overall.

Upcoming Darkmoon Faire and Valor Points Changes

This post, upcoming Darkmoon Faire and Valor Points changes, is from a community manager. It is a post on the Blizzard forums. The following changes will be made to the Darkmoon Faire schedule and the Valor Points cap in Cataclysm Classic. For the Darkmoon Faire, starting this weekend, the Darkmoon Faire will become available every 2 weeks instead of once per month.

Adjustments to Valor Points

For Valor Points, with the regional realm restarts this week, which is today for North America and Wednesday for EU, Valor Points will behave like conquest, and the current weekly cap will be replaced with a rolling seasonal cap. If you have missed any Valor Points in previous weeks since the launch of the expansion, you will now be able to catch up from those weeks. There is also no longer a cap to the number of times you may earn Valor Points from the random dungeon finder each week, up to your normal Valor cap.

Impact of Changes

So, basically, when you get to the brand-new level 85, you can spam dungeons until you reach the total Valor cap, which is 1.6k per week. This means if you missed two weeks, that is 3.2k, then 4.8k, and stacking that way all the way until whatever time you reach level 85. Now, these changes may seem somewhat small, but they are huge quality of life changes for the game as a whole. It’s great to see Darkmoon Faire as well; typically, it only arrives once per month. We hadn’t expected it earlier than we were supposed to the first time, and then the next one was supposed to be in July, like July 7th. That’s a long time to wait—about five or six weeks. So getting it every two weeks instead is absolutely perfect; that means we get it this weekend then.

Accelerating Expansion Progress in Cataclysm Classic

The next weekend, like 2 weeks after and every two weeks rotating that way, we have a faster Cataclysm cadence now than we had back in the day. So, we are going to be rolling through the expansion way quicker. Instead of spending 2 years in Cataclysm, we’re going to be spending less than a year probably in Cataclysm Classic. Having Darkmoon Faire more often, more regularly, does make sense and it also feels good for people who missed out on their trinkets the first time around.

Market Movements with Whiptail

For example, with the update today, like this post, I have now put in a significant amount of gold into a couple of items, specifically whiptail. I have bought a couple thousand whiptails. On my other Paladin here, we can see we have 3,100 whiptails. That might not look like a lot, but it’s all that I could buy for the price I bought them at, which is already going down back to that price. I’m going to buy all of these as well, so that’s another 310 whiptails right here.

Significance of Price Fluctuations

As you can see, the price jumped from 3.7 up to 7.5 for whiptails. Yeah, the prices jumped quite a bit after the announcement of Darkmoon Faire coming this weekend, and I can see whiptail going for even more than 7.5 as well. I already both put in a significant amount of gold into whiptail and I’m going to keep doing it as well, basically doing a daily cost average into whiptail here. I’ve also been buying and checking out the decks, so we have quite a different few decks here.

Current Market Dynamics for Cataclysm Classic Decks

We have the Hurricane Deck, for example, going for 4,000 gold right now on my server. We also have the Volcanic Deck going for 21k, and if you buy this one through trade chat, you can probably offer people 15K for the deck, and you might be able to get someone to sell it to you. Depending on your auction service price, for me, I’ve been able to grab them 5K below the auction house price. Looking at, for example, the Darkmoon Card: Volcano, that is currently more than twice that price.

Strategies for Maximizing Profits

So, if you’ve been holding onto a Volcano, you can sell that right now and then buy two decks, getting two trinkets back for the sale of one trinket. I’ve been selling Volcanoes myself; I still have two more to sell. As you can see, I’ve sold four of them, one for 42,000, one for 33, and the average price being 39,000. I also bought these for 32,000 each back in the last Darkmoon Faire, so I’ve been making an okay amount of gold on these decks alone, about 32k buy and 39K average sale, making 7,000 gold profit per sale.

Impact of Maelstrom Crystals on the Market

Now, another kind of interesting thing here is that if you take a look at two things: the price of Maelstrom Crystals on your server—they’re 2.3k on my server, 2340 to be exact or 2,339—and then compare that to the price of an Earthquake Deck. Because Earthquake Decks give you Darkmoon Card: Earthquake, which can be disenchanted into those crystals and, more than that, you can sometimes proc two crystals from one disenchant. So, per Darkmoon Card: Earthquake is worth on average roughly 1.2 crystals.

Market Trends and Crystal Demand

For me, the deck is literally worth less than the crystal right now, which means unless the crystal goes down in price even more this weekend, which I personally don’t think it will because people keep getting more gear from the raid and they need crystals for pretty much everything—Power Torrent, Landslide, even the stats on chest and boot enchants. All the best enchants require crystals. So even though raids give us more crystals, it also gives raiders more demand for crystals because they get their best gear and they want to have the best enchants on their best gear that they then get from those raids.

Strategic Gold Making with Earthquake Decks and Maelstrom Crystals

I’m making about 350 gold here between Earthquake decks and Maelstrom Crystals, and that is assuming I don’t proc a single double. Once again, one card can disenchant into two crystals, so for me, this is a guaranteed profit margin. I’m just going to buy these decks and see what happens. Considering that 2K per deck is incredibly cheap, especially when the crystal is worth even more than that, and you can proc two crystals per disenchant.

Exploring Cost-effective Purchases

Now, apart from that, there are two more things to take a look at here. That is, cheap individual cards. Search up, for example, the Stones and look for individual cards that are super cheap that you can be able to buy now to then make a super cheap deck. Looking at the Two of Stones, for example, that is 170 gold on my server. If you can get the entire deck for that price, that is an Earthquake deck for about 1,000 gold.

Investments in Specific Cards

Going over to offer, we have a couple of really cheap Waves cards as well, and I actually bought a couple of them today. You can see I bought the Four of Waves, and I bought them for 450 to 500 gold each, and they are now selling for 1.8K. I also bought Three of Waves, and I bought those for 700 gold each, and they’re 1,000 now, so a little bit less profit on those. Two of Waves I bought for the current price they are at, so that one hasn’t moved at all, but there’s quite a few of them, so I might just buy these out and flip that one myself.

Review of Recent Market Movements

Then we also have one more that I bought as well, which is the Eight of Waves, which is now selling for 1,000 gold, and I bought it for, well, actually 1,000 gold. A couple of them have moved, like, for example, the Three of Waves has moved. Seven of Waves and Four of Waves, for example, has gone up in price four times, a 400% profit margin on that one. Now, the card that usually sells the most is the Volcano Deck, the Volcanic Deck, Darkmoon Card: Volcano.

Market Trends for “Embers” Cards

Which is also called Off Embers. Searching for Off Embers, you can try to snipe some really cheap cards right now, even though when Darkmoon Faire comes out this weekend again, people are going to craft these cards, so the cards might actually go down in price. This one is really risky, but then again, you could be able to get some really cheap cards right now. For example, looking at these cards on my server, we have quite a few of them for 2,000 gold each, and we even have two of them for less than that. Six of Embers is 1,250 and Five of Embers is 1.5k.

Cost Analysis of Completing Decks

Assuming these prices, you can get a Darkmoon Card: Volcano for 10,000 gold, which is super cheap, but 2K each, that is still about 16,000 gold for the entire deck, which is also pretty cheap compared to the current price of the volcanic deck on my server, which is going for 22,000. So, buying the cards while they’re cheap, you can save about 30% compared to just buying the deck, but this one is way more risky because, once again, Darkmoon Faire comes back this weekend, people will be crafting a bunch of cards this weekend, and they could be going down in price.

Valor Points Strategy with Alts

But it’s worth looking at your server and seeing if you can find any of the cards super cheap. Now, one more thing, we did also have the Valor change. So, if anyone here has any alts, like me, for example, I have a bunch of alts that I’m slowly working on leveling. When they get to level 85, you can hit two birds with one stone. You can both farm Valor Points, sell BoE through Valor Points, and gear yourself up in heroics at the same time.

Evaluating the Profitability of Valor Point Farming

Now, farming Valor Points then selling Valor BoE will not be the best gold power you can get; you’re probably going to end up getting one BoE Valor boots about every 3 hours, and assuming they sell for 15,000 gold, which is quite a lot by the way, that is 5,000 gold per hour. That being said, if you do have any alts that you want to gear up anyway and you want to gear them up in heroics, then jump into raids or do PvP, and you don’t mind spending the value to get some gold back to maybe play the game for free through buying WoW tokens or something like that.

Overview of Gold Making in Cataclysm

It’s a good way to hit two birds with one stone either way. That’s a quick little update on gold making in Cataclysm. It’s a pretty huge update—two seemingly small things, but huge quality of life improvements, and it’s a huge gold-making opportunity. Keep in mind, Darkmoon Faire this weekend, you might see the prices of herbs jump up quite a bit.

Specific Opportunities with Herbs

And even though I just talked about whiptail specifically, take a look at Twilight Jasmine as well, and keep that one in mind. That one is already up to six gold each on my server. I think it could be going higher though. So once again, keep the herbs in mind.

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