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10 Things You Should Already be Doing at Level 85!

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10 Things You Should Already be Doing at Level 85!

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To prepare for Cataclysm raids: keep high item level gear, use faction tabards for reputation, complete crucial quests, and utilize add-ons for efficient leveling and questing.
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So, you’ve hit level 85 and now you’re wondering what you are supposed to do in this game. This will be a checklist on how to most efficiently prepare for raids. We will actually begin with tasks you should be performing while on that last stretch to reaching level 85. One significant issue in Cataclysm Classic is the item level requirements to enter Heroic dungeons. This is a problem you do not want to face. There’s a little trick to this: you can have higher item level gear pieces in your bag, but not equipped, and that still allows you to enter the random heroic dungeon finder. I’m not sure if this is an oversight by the developers, so take advantage of it while you can. If it does get fixed, you can simply use item management tools to equip higher level pieces.

Strategic Item Management

What you want to be doing is keeping gear from quests or drops that have a higher item level, even if it’s not your main specialization. This is especially important for quests from Twilight Highlands and the group quests in this zone because this could give you the item level boost you need to unlock the queue. Do these quests also because they will give you two very good trinkets for every single specialization in the game.

Auction House Opportunities

Keep an eye on the Auction house also for some really cheap items, usually crafted gear because people are actively leveling professions right now. There’s a massive influx of these items on the Auction house, but sometimes you get absolute bargains for less than 50 gold, and the item level can be equal to dungeon gear. Take advantage of that while you can. You can even buy pieces that aren’t your main spec if you just need that item level boost to get into heroics, but don’t go spending a lot of gold on that.

Building Reputation

Remember to get friendly with every single faction to unlock the tabard. I can guarantee that every single class in the game can benefit from the Reputation gear from every single Reputation. Once you get the tabard, you can just stick it on and then farm Reputation in higher level dungeons and heroics to do this efficiently.

Questing and Reputation

All you have to do is complete a few quests in every single zone and you’re sorted. You’re probably also going to need a certain Reputation for your best-in-slot head enchant. Once you reach exalted, you will then unlock some epic pieces. Additionally, you will need the Therazane Reputation at exalted to unlock the shoulder enchant, which most raid guilds will absolutely demand.

Essential Add-Ons and Dailies

Get an add-on—this specific one—and use it every time it’s available. Also, make sure to complete all Daily quests every day. A faster solo leveling route is provided by a speed leveling add-on, made by world record-holding speedrunners. It guides you step by step and includes a quest mob button to find mobs easier and a quest item button, so you don’t have to dig through your bags.

The Crucible and Heroics

You also want to tackle The Crucible of Carnage if possible. This might be challenging on high population servers but it rewards a free weapon, which can give you the much-needed item level boost to get into heroics. Once you unlock heroics, make sure to do the daily every single day without fail. You need those Valor points; you won’t regret it in the long term. At this point, you will also need to buy gear from vendors, particularly important for acquiring your set pieces, which provide bonuses that are usually a significant boost to your DPS. Those who care about parsing and getting good scores early on in the raiding experience should prioritize this.

Current Market Conditions

The materials are currently quite expensive, so if you want to go out and find them yourself, put on your boots and get to it. However, if you are going to use the Auction house, just be mindful that it is very costly right now. You will need your professions to be leveled up for your perks and to unlock very easy gold flips later on. I promise you, you will make the gold back.

Gold Farming Strategies

If you do desperately need to farm some gold, one of the most reliable methods right now is farming old raids. With the power spikes in Cataclysm, it’s much easier for a majority of classes to do this. This can include classic Vanilla and TBC raids. Alternatively, questing in Twilight Highlands is also very effective, unless your server is lagging too much. Personally, mine is always lagging, and it is unbearable to play on.

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