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Shadow Hunter Endgame Build & Guide

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Hey everyone. Huskyboost here. Welcome to another guide. Today I’m gonna show you the strongest end-game build for Shadow Hunter, the specifically demonic impulse to prepare for vaulted, and a budget version of it that anyone can get for only two to maybe 5k if you’re super unlucky but also outputs about a million DPS. Honestly, Shadow Hunter may be the absolute strongest class in the game. Not only DPS-wise but his insane survivability and tackiness due to self-healing.

  • Alright, without further talk, let’s start with the main build and follow up with the under-5k budget build. But they’ll also explain what’s your optimal rotation and combos to get the most damage out of it. Demonic Berserker and Sorcerers are currently the strongest but also the most expensive classes in the games, followed by support.
  • Level 3 costs you about 50k. This is what I was gathering for two weeks because I really wanted to invest in the fourth one. Three engravings cost below 5k and do about the same exact damage almost. But I’m a DPS fan, and I always love to maximize.

Right now, my Shadow Hunter does over a million DPS. I’m still missing one massive part to complete my build. The cooldown reduction gem because with this, you can get a whole extra rotation of cobalt, which I also simulated by removing cooldowns, and I went up to 1.3 million DPS. I’m curious about your strongest class and highest DPS with a 4×3 engraving. Comment down below and let me know your clicks. I want to see who can beat me so I can make that class asap.

Highest Damage Build Engravings

My Engravings are demonic impulse three for thirty percent extra crit rate keen blunt three, which boosts your crit damage by fifty percent. This skill is only worth it if your credit rate is above fifty to 60 percent. But we do have way more than that, about 85 percent, I believe. It also can buy RNG and reduces your damage by 20 on a hit, but it’s still an overall 30 increased damage, if not more.

Adrenaline 3

Adrenaline 3 is a super important skill since it boosts your crit rate by 15, and it gives. Additional six percent damage at full sticks. And finally, Grudge. Grudge is one of the best skills in-game since it increases your total damage by 20 percent, but you also take 20 percent more damage.

I thought that the first scratch was overrated, but it’s really not. I have just on all of my old accounts. I have only a demonic pulse in the garage and damage everyone. I always have 50 to 40 damaged dealers. On my alt account, surround me with one level of heavy armor to cancel out the side effect.

Luckily Shadow Hunter

Luckily Shadow Hunter heals himself by like 20 health every time you go into Demon mode, which is almost every 30 seconds. So it’s one of the safest classes to use crotch. If you’re still uncomfortable with it, I highly recommend you to use hit master, which is a 16-damage boost with no penalties at all. Hit master increases the damage of non-front or back attacks, which is basically every single of your attacks in demon mode. So yeah, it’s basically a cheaper version with like four percent less damage, no big deal.


Now quickly on how to get this Engraving on the character slots, you use Adrenaline keep blunt on purple, giving you each nine power note points. This is basically free. You get weekly. So many purple books, and it’s like 50 gold each at the auction house. The stone must be a combination of whatever you put in the slots. So if you went for Keem blunt and Adrenaline, you get a stone with Kindle and Adrenaline.

They cost around 1k on average, so you will need about 5k gold for the stone on average to get a 6 6. Power note point and complete the two Engravings to level 3. you can also get the level 2 ability stone for much. With less gold, you will have less hp. That’s up to you. Surprisingly crutch and impulse were much cheaper than Adrenaline or Kim blunt with a Demonic impulse on the equipment. The Necklace is gonna be the most expensive. I bought mine for 25k.

Specialization details

Please pay attention that specialization is the highest stat. For example, here, one has a low spec. You don’t want that at all. The other one has both equal or mostly spec is higher. So you also want to aim for higher spec. Spec not only increases your damage. Increases your demon mode uptime. You get more meter gain with the speed you get in the Demon mode. And the damage of all your demon skills, so spec it is.

  • The other four parts you can get for below 6k easily or get lucky with the 3k like here.
  • I just opened the shop and was there.
  • I also got mine for about 3k, which was pretty much 50k.
  • You can get 50k in two weeks.

Guys, if you save your gold and efficiently sell mats, sell everything, go fishing a little bit and stuff, and maybe drop a good gem.


I mean good equipment. The gems you will actually need are only two at Demon skill damage and Cooldown Jam. I got insanely lucky, and I managed to combine myself with a level seven for damage. On the cooldown one, I’m stuck with a level three gem. I was still unlucky there.

I mentioned before that this could go way over a million DPS. I farm gems from my alt accounts or buy any class level 4 gems on the auction house, which are pretty cheap, and combine them. The rest should be cooldown reduction if you still have gems left for the other skills in case you don’t come with one rotation demo phone or miss an attack.

Skills & Runes

I know everyone uses Dash instead of the cutter for the skills and runes. In every class, everyone uses Dash. I’ve never been in a situation where I do need an extra dash but feel free to go for it. I also like crew cutter because it feels the gap I was missing for one rotation of Demon mode since it also gives you a tiny bit of Demon meter. I don’t need it anymore.

With a 1.5 case patch spec, you won’t need it. Thrust impact is super important due to its Shadow Hunter burst meter gain skill, the money clone, which also has a meter boost. It’s really important to try to upgrade the skill tree for at least the skills look on level three. It already gives a 20 percent more meter gain than a level one. The rising claw is your counter. Demonic vision is your strongest meter gain skill besides hull.

Meter gain

Concentrated release for more duration and more meter gain and reaching power for more meter gain, which I certainly have only on level 2 here. It’s still enough and instant discharge. Demon grip also has to reach power, and I prefer the stretching hand. I think it does a bit more damage but also more meter gain.

The hole is the second huge meter gain skill, but the burst window increased due to the scream of fury, increasing the enemy’s damage by 12 percent. The last is decimation, a great skill for destruction but also great meter gain for some reason when you pair it with a cruel hand explosion. Wealth runes should go to vision and hold. You do not need the golden rune.

Demon mode

I didn’t notice any difference when I dropped it last week. I was getting into demon mode in one rotation. Even without it, a purple and blue room is completely fine as long as you run the same setup with a high enough spec. If you don’t know how to get runes, click this codex button. It literally shows you how to get every single item in the game.

Best Combo Rotation

I also didn’t know that I just realized it about two weeks ago. All right now that we’re done with the build, I’ll show you an explanation of optimal combos. You want to use high meter gain skills, which is everything besides counter and Dash or crew cutter. The hole will be the last kill in the rotation and should be used if it fills up the meter fully.

So you have for 6 seconds 12 more damage than you can burst the strong Demon skills. After the thrusting pack, you can reposition yourself with a Dash or any other skills that put you forward. Pay attention to having the Argus 2 or 5 set bonus fully stacked and also adrenaline to maximize your crit rate because you really don’t want to miss crit there. It happens sometimes.

Avoid it

You can’t avoid it. I usually start with the awakening or the s ability since it’s the two highest damaging skills, and I want the 12 percent extra damage from the hole on them. Since I sense the awakening puts you far away, use the “a” or “q” ability to reposition the monster without any DPS downtime.

You, so I only use this twice, and I can’t spam abilities. If I had more than a level three cooldown gem, my DPS would jump for about two to three hundred “k” more. I tested it yesterday by simulating the no cooldown with the option there.

Budget 5K Gold Build

That was pretty much quick info on how to make the budget build with only three engravings. Once you’re 1370 below 1370, don’t even try. It’s way too expensive to focus on gearing up first and keep two engravings. You basically get your class engraving to level three, only with the equipment.

Gold amount

With like 400 to 500 gold, you can get a whole set look at this. That’s why it’s only worth gearing up after 1370 because you get the plus three Engraving, and they’re super cheap. If you look for some people on my previous guide, say yeah, you don’t need to use tier 2 gear below 37. You can just buy it below 1370. it’s like you won’t find any ring. Try it.

You would search for Demonic impulse below 1370. You don’t you won’t find any cheap ring, and it’s also only for only plus two. Then again, two Engravings of your choice in the slots, either adrenaline with kin blunt or with hit master or with Grudge. Again you spend about 2k on average for a 6×6 stone here. There you go, three engravings for 5k. 2k if you get it the first time in the zone.

No clickbait

No clickbait. You just got to do it efficiently once you’re 30 and 70. All right, guys, I hope this helped you and gave you a better understanding of Shadow Hunter. I appreciate you very much if you are reading all the way here. Thank you for reading. Stay tuned for new guides. Please check out Lost Ark Guides. Learn with us! It was Librarian Husky! See you.

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