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PvP Tier List – Which Is the Best Class in Diablo Immortal

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PvP Tier List – Which Is the Best Class in Diablo Immortal

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Today, I'll be doing an updated DS for the PvP for all classes inside of Diablo Immortal.
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Today, I’ll be doing an updated DS for the PvP for all classes inside of Diablo Immortal. I have been pushing for the legend, currently, I am very close to Gold five, and so my opinion is going to be basically based on Gold four, five, and Legend matches.

Overview of PvP Class Strategies in Diablo Immortal

I have been fighting a lot of Legend and Gold five players now; mostly, they are very skilled and use the meta build. So, my opinion is going to be based on that, and on top of that, this DS list will not be a fact, so you can have a different opinion. Now that is out of the way, we will be starting with the Barbarian.

Barbarian Class Analysis

Barbarian, in my opinion, is now a really strong class to kill inside of Battle Ground. And even though Barbarian might not be the best when it comes to getting kills, they are really good at either defending the idol, stopping the fighting on the idol, and going into G dead and just doing some hit and run here and there, chasing some plays off like Wizard, Necro, Veners going with the immunity. They can be really good.

So, when it comes to the objective, Barbarians, in my opinion, are doing really good either on the attacking side or on the defending side, and if you have a good Barbarian in your team, it does make a big difference even if they die a lot and don’t get all that many kills. But they will be getting those badges for defending and pushing the idol, so I will be putting them in the S, and again, this is based on the Gold four, Gold five, and Legend matches.

Blood Knight Class Performance

Next, we have the Blood Knight. Blood Knights now are really, really good inside of PvP, one of the best actually, in my opinion. They can go with the immunity for the damage and on top of that, they have some insane mobility.

For them having a lot of Dash, they can go into the backline, attack players like the Wizard who are trying to provide support, which could be a big dent in the other team. Because if you target the Wizard on the other side who is trying to provide support, it can make a big difference.

So, Blood Knight to attack the backline is really strong, and they can get away as well. They have skewer, they have dashes, they have the surfing around, and they do some really nice damage and, in my opinion, currently, this class is SS tier, especially when the whale is playing a Blood Knight, it is really hard to kill.

Demon Hunter’s Role in PvP

Next, the class is going to be a Demon Hunter, and Demon Hunters are doing really good when it comes to getting those kills, especially.

Advanced Strategies for Demon Hunters in PvP

If you are playing on the defending side and you are somewhat a really skilled Demon Hunter, you might not even have to defend the idol that much. You can just go for the kills and finish the match with getting those 65 kills. I have seen multiple 9k-9.5k Demon Hunters going with the scare builds, running here and there, targeting the kills, and winning really easily, especially on the defending side.

But when it comes to the attacking side, they do have some hard time trying to push the idol versus the defenders because their goal is now to stay on those idols and push it. So, Demon Hunter actually performs a bit better now when they are on the defending side; they have a free hand.

But when they are on the attacking side, they do need some Barbarian and Crusader in front to push that idol while they try and kill other plays. But overall, these G builds have been really strong for Demon Hunter right now in the current meta.

Monk Class Review in PvP

Next, the class is going to be the Monk. Honestly, I have not seen many good Monks out there in gold four, gold five, gold six. I don’t see all that many Monks right now inside of PvP doing all that great, and in my opinion, this might be the weakest class right now. I could be totally wrong; they can provide some defenses and stop the idol. I know that, but even after that, Crusaders are somewhat stronger, in my opinion, in close range than a Monk. I could be wrong, but I have not seen all that many big Monks, and I have not seen that many Monks in Gold five and Legend performing all that well. Most of the whales are playing either Demon Hunter, Blood Knight, or the Crusader; that is what I have been seeing.

Necromancer’s Position in the Current Meta

Next is going to be a Necromancer. Necromancer used to be SS, in my opinion, but it has dropped now. Necromancer needs more skill; you need more skill to play a Necromancer because you are constantly getting attacked from Demon Hunter with the SC build, you are constantly getting attacked from Blood Knight surfing around, going into immunity, trying to chase you down. So, Necromancers are now somewhat staying behind the idol, trying to provide support. But good Necromancers who are extremely skilled will be using their rat form on the idol to fear everyone and send them back, and they will try and repeat.

Necromancer’s Tactical Advantage

Especially if they are somewhat a high resonance Necromancer, it can be really hard to deal with them. Their uptime for the rat form is going to be extremely high. They will just keep repeating the combo of the Rat form spikes and just keep pushing you back. If you try and chase them, they will just fear you, spike you, knock you up, and kill you off with the primary attack. 1-on-1 versus those real Necromancers gets really hard to fight them, so we need other classes like Blood Knight, Demon Hunter, or Crusader to deal with those skilled necromancers. So, in my opinion, a skilled Necromancer is going to be S tier now.

Crusader’s Role in PvP

Next, the class is going to be a Crusader. Again, this class will not be getting you the most kills, but it can make a big impact on the match. If there is a solid Crusader on your team, it is going to make a huge impact on the match. They can hold their own really well; they have a lot of armor, they go with the M bang, they can go with the damage immunity, they can give you buff damage immunity, and stun enemies around them, which is really strong.

So, you guys might not like this, but in my opinion, when it comes to the objective, Crusader might be the SS tier class. It can do the objective better than Barbarian and even better than Blood Knight. Blood Knight can still do the objective, but it is still somewhat of the offensive tank class which attacks the back line.

But Crusader is the class that can stand on the idol, stop it from moving, or keep pushing it, or go in front of the idol and stop them from stepping onto the idol. So, Crusader is going to be SS tier for me.

Wizard’s Current Standing

Now, let’s talk about Wizard. Wizard, in my opinion, was SS before we got some switch in meta. Now, Battlemage, I don’t see all that many Battlemage Wizards, and they are not doing all that great. The only effective builds for the Wizard right now are support; either go with the beam or go with the meteor or can win combo to freeze the enemy, go with the teleport. That is the combination right now, and you basically provide support.

Even after that, you will be getting attacked a lot by Blood Knight, you will be getting attacked by Demon Hunter, and even Barbarians will come down and chase you. So, Wizard life out there right now in Battleground is a bit harder; some would say it is even a class but a skilled wizard is still going to be really annoying for the other team, and it will go in S tier.

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