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Season 4 Every Secret Uncovered for a Smooth Start!

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Season 4 Every Secret Uncovered for a Smooth Start!

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This guide offers advanced strategies for Season 4 leveling in Diablo 4, focusing on optimizing gear, dungeon tactics, and efficient use of game mechanics for rapid progression.
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Number one: use your Profane Mine Caches for incredible XP. They raise the Hell Tide Monster level by 10 and increase the Aberin Cinder drop rate, plus the Threat Meter gain. You get these mine caches from the Hellborn opponents, and the Hellborn opponents spawn as your Threat Meter goes completely full, then depletes. At the end, you kill the lieutenant for the cache. Keep in mind that when you die with the cache on, it goes away, so avoid the Blood Maiden while the cache is running, and just reap the amazing benefits. Get all that juicy bonus XP, and as a little bonus, if you’re already level 82 in the Hell Tide with a mine cache, you will constantly drop 925 gear from everything. Boom! Super value.

Strategic Dungeon Play

Number two: the Capstone dungeon World Tier 2, Cathedral of Light, do it at level 35, and to World Tier 4, the Fallen Temple, at level 55. There’s a good reason for it because ancestral legendary gear, the final gear, can already be worn with level 55. Yes, as soon as you jump over to World Tier 4, you can straight up put everything on. Not only can you put straight up everything on, as soon as you get into World Tier 3 and respective four, you can go to the opal vendor, roll for items, and straight up get 95 item power or even 925, 918, probably 850 as you just entered the World Tier then and there. But this works for World Tier 3 and four to get a killer weapon straight away, and then just blast through the content. Easy mode.

Maximizing Ion Wolf Reputation

Number three: Ion Wolf reputation, straight up use the items, do not hoard them, do not keep them. Down here, this is going to be kind of ancestral until then. You’re mostly getting sacred things. The cool thing is that the traces of the Maiden and also the Iron Wolves most dependable did drop me unique items straight away in World Tier 3. I already had the Lless Wall or Mother’s Embrace. Hell, they even gave me the Death Speaker’s Pendant and the Grace of the Empty Tomb. Keeping those caches open will not suddenly with a weler jump yield your ancestral legendaries, ancestral uniques. You get what’s in the box, and you can’t kind of upgrade them.

General Hell Tide Advice

Number four: General Hell Tide advice, don’t waste your time on the Blood Maiden. You can kill her in World Tier one a couple of times, but in tier 3 and four, it’s not as beneficial.

Structural Efficiency in Leveling

It’s often tedious at the start, leading you to search for structures. These fire-shooting and soul-sucking constructions spawn many elites and rapidly fill your Threat Meter. Leveling here is more time-efficient than battling the maiden. If you die against the maiden, you risk losing your Cinders. Always spend your Cinders before attempting to take her down to avoid frustration from rapid losses. The use of mine caches significantly boosts your Cinders collection; within just 5 minutes, you can amass over 300 Cinders.

Nightmare Dungeons Strategy

Number five: nightmare dungeons. Avoid engaging in nightmare dungeons until you reach at least tier 41, which corresponds to a monster level of 106. At monster levels of 95 and higher, these dungeons begin dropping 925 gear. A tier 52 nightmare dungeon offers up to 300 glyph XP. Prioritize acquiring the seasonal blessing, Earn of Nightmares, which boosts glyph XP from nightmare dungeons by 20%. This setup prepares you to efficiently tackle nightmare dungeons and capitalize on their rewards. By the time you reach level 86, much of your effort will focus on exploiting the Hell Tide scenario, where utilizing mine caches at level 82 consistently yields 925 gear from boxes. This approach also floods you with valuable boss materials like living Steels and Exquisite blood, crucial for summoning higher-tier bosses and maximizing loot from tormented bosses.

Efficient Handling of Tormented Bosses

I can really easily kill the tormented boss around level 95-100. The next topic is about tempering and master working. Do you actually temper during the leveling process? The answer is mostly no. Now, I say mostly because as I jumped into World Tier 3, I rotated myself a 741 item and I would not find anything better during my time in World Tier 3. So obviously, I gemmed it in and already tempered it because tempering is quite cheap at this point; I mean it’s seven rocks and four Veil crystals.

Strategies for Item Management

At 3,000 veiled crystals, I’m not doing anything special; I’m just sitting here with a bunch of these Veil crystals and don’t have to worry about anything. I’m not even picking up yellow items anymore; I’m just literally just picking up these. If you actually salvage a normal item, you do get veiled crystals, which is fantastic. So you don’t actually have to salvage goddamn yellow items. Nah, you can salvage legendary items for veiled crystals.

Tempering in Higher World Tiers

Then, as I get to World Tier 4, I start picking up my 925 items. That’s where the tempering actually begins. That’s where I have tempered my weapon, my gloves, my helmet, and the ring that I’m potentially planning to keep for a while. But I’m still not tempering every single item because it’s just simply not worth it since they might just get replaced 5 minutes later.

Maximizing Gear Potential

Technically, the next tip on top of that is you’re finding greater AIX items like crazy. They used to be rare, but you notice greater AIX is greater AIX is 120% vulnerable damage, pretty nice. And I even found a triple greater AIX items. Yes, this is 901 item power, technically the best thing out there already on the market, that’s insane. So you kind of don’t want to temper a single item that doesn’t have at least one greater AIX because as soon as you get a greater AIX, they make a huge difference. You’re going to replace your item from before.

Comparing Weapon Efficiency

I mean this one right now has 120% vulnerable damage and 152 intelligence, compared to my item which only has 80 vulnerable damage. Yes, it has the same amount of intelligence, kind of, and the resource generation could be even rolled into better maximum life. It’s just the superior weapon because of the greater AIC, and the Scythe can never keep up with this. Interestingly enough, though, I am level 86, and the purveyor of Curiosities can roll 925 items already. It’s 905, 925, and 918 from rolling, and it can not only do that, it can give you greater AIX items as well.

Strategic Gear Acquisition

So, if I’m looking for boots now because I’m looking for a specific AIX, a specific aspect, I can just roll this stuff like crazy, and I might even get one that has one or two greater affixes, or just give me better aspects like an absolute max rolled movement speed to chill enemies, which I’ll actually never use.

Optimizing Resource Use

On the topic of obals, yes, the urn of burning obts boosts the amount of obts you find in Hell TI chests which contain obals during this season. Use your obals, don’t worry, you’ll have more than enough because the time you spend in Hell ties is tremendous.

Avoiding Inefficient Events

Finally, avoid Legion Events like the plague; they’re really not worth it anymore. The only reason to go to Legion Events was for the blood for Lord Zur, and if you actually get a very good XP multiplier. But they’re slow and cumbersome. In the time where the legion event happens, you could kill the Blood Maiden of the Hell Tite already two or three times, open just random chests, kill the amount of Elites there, and get yourself the materials like this. These 24 Bloods I got just from hell-tying.

Season Highlights

Do the Hell Tite, the Hell Tite is everything this season, ladies and gentlemen. What level have you already achieved, and what class are you playing? Put it in the description below. And if you’re now looking for the Necrom Monza build I’ve been flying through levels with, here it is. In general, the livestream of me flying through all these levels, enjoy. Thank you for watching.

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