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Diablo 4 Season 4 Updated Best Class Tier List for All Content

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Diablo 4 Season 4 Updated Best Class Tier List for All Content

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Season 4 Diablo 4 guide: Best classes for Casual play, Pit endgame, and player-friendly builds. Recommendations include Necromancer, Rogue, and Barbarian for optimal gameplay experience.
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What’s up Diablo 4 players, so let’s get right into it. What is the Best class to play in Season 4? This is going to be a triple Tier list to explain why I want to do it this way. Some people like to play in different sections of the game. Some people are more of a Casual audience, they just want to play the new Hell Tide, play their favorite build, and they want to know if this build is viable. Other people are interested in just doing the Pit, which is another metric we have to factor in. Additionally, the last one I want to go over is the 99% of the player base. What are they mostly interested in doing if they want to experience what the season has to offer?

The Casual Audience

Let’s start off with the most casual, which is going to be the open world, the brand new Hell Tides. Maybe you want to try your luck at some of the Uber bosses. Not necessarily the tormented ones, as those require a lot more time investment and are usually for players who are more interested in spending more time. For the super Casual audience, as far as the Tier list goes for the Best class, honestly, if you’re just interested in doing Hell Tides and open world content, every single class is going to be great for this. There’s not a class that can’t do the open world content, the nightmare dungeons, or the regular Uber bosses.

Returning Players and Favorite Builds

Maybe your favorite build in season zero was the Bone Spear Necromancer or the Twisting Blade Rogue, and you’re hopping back into the game because you hear a lot of good things about Season 4. Season 4 is really awesome, with many people coming back into the game always asking me, “Hey, I played in season 1 or season zero.”

Builds in Season 4

I really like this build; can I play it in Season 4? The answer is, you can play whatever you want. It’s totally going to dunk on the game’s content because the brand new tempering system makes your characters way more powerful. However, there are definitely going to be builds that are much better.

New Endgame Content: The Pit

To kind of look at this, what I’m about to show you is the brand new ladder for the Pit. This is the new endgame content that is best as a metric to see how good a build can actually perform. The reason I’m using this instead of The Gauntlet, which is the official Diablo one we have in-game, is that The Gauntlet is not hard content at all.

The Max Roll Leaderboard

I’m going to use this as a reference because they have noted that the elixir of holy bolts is banned. What you’re looking at is the Max Roll leaderboard that does have some prizes. For the most part, this is a great tool to see how good a certain class is performing and how high it can go. If you play Diablo, this is similar to a greater rift clear.

Class Performance Differences

You’ll see there is a significant difference in some classes, specifically between a 135 and a 119. Every 10 levels you go up is basically twice as difficult. Keep in mind to take it with a grain of salt, as there are other factors, such as luck with the Pit system, which is essentially a greater rift. The Druid is the only one significantly behind. The Necromancer is in a weird spot because it benefits from the new seasonal item, the elixir of holy bolts, more than any other class due to the minions’ crazy amounts of damage.

Top Tier Builds

It is basically a basic attack build and it’s really hard to get up and running because you need a lot of things absolutely perfect. It’s going to be a Firewall Fire Sorceress, which is the top-tier build for the Sorcerer. For the Necromancer, there are many different versions of the summon Necromancer, the pet Necromancer. If you want to play the Shadow Mages or Golem or some sort of Shadow minion build, that is going to be super good.

The Druid Class

The last class, unfortunately, is going to be miles behind. While it still can perform quite well in open world and other content, there are lots of different builds for the Druid. However, it is a huge step down if you look at the leaderboard, being 10 tiers down compared to other classes. The Necromancer has way higher clears using holy bolt, which doesn’t apply here. The Druid is still far behind other classes in the Tier list, mainly due to survivability problems.

Best Druid Build

If you want to run the best Druid build, it’s a basic attack build. However, most people will probably not be interested in playing it. This recommendation is for those who want to push to the highest in the Pit. Now, let’s move on to the other Tier list, which I think most people want to check out.

Most Player-Friendly Builds

While I mentioned that the Firebolt Sorceress is one of the top-tier builds, most people will not have a fun time playing it because it requires a significant investment to get it up and running. If you’re not careful, one split second can mean death, making you feel like you wasted your time on the build. This is for the 99% of the player base: what is the Best class for you to play? I won’t consider the leveling process too much because leveling is actually much faster now.

Optimizing Your Build

If you specifically get some tempers, your build is going to come online, and you’ll see dominating content for the most part. The Heartseeker Rogue is amazing. I’ve played four out of five classes this season, and Rogue stands out. Get the temper for Heartseeker, hold that button down, and if you have Moonrise, Expectant, and the Rapid Aspect, you’ll be shooting super fast with auto-aim. Especially on a controller, it aim-assists and deletes everything. It’s one of the best classes to start with, and it’s a really good build with minimal time investment.

Bash Barbarian

Next up, the Bash Barbarian is another class that I highly recommend. It feels great, especially if you play my charge variant for speedrunning pits. This build is amazing. There are plenty of build guides available if you need them. The Bash Barbarian, like the Rogue, becomes incredibly powerful with temper recipes. Your damage becomes crazy high, allowing you to delete content effortlessly. You can handle SEL 100s at level 70 smoothly, even with missing glyphs. The build is incredibly strong, and if you get Razor Plate, you can just walk around deleting enemies.

The Necromancer

If you’ve never played Diablo and are looking for the easiest, most casual-friendly class, that’s the Necromancer. The Necromancer with summons feels incredibly powerful and fast. It’s part of the seasonal journey, so you can get a bunch of aspects guaranteed. It’s one of the easiest classes to start with in the season because you don’t have to rely on random drops like the Barbarian or Rogue. The Necromancer’s power and ease of use make it an excellent choice for new players.

Time Investment and Accessibility

With the Barbarian and Rogue, you need to randomly get specific tempers, which can be time-consuming. However, as long as you have around 10 hours to invest in the game, it’s not too difficult. The accessibility and straightforward power of the Necromancer make it stand out as the easiest class to start with for most players.

Time Investment and Tempering Recipe

It takes 10 hours to get, but most people will spend 10 plus hours in the entirety of the season. You’re going to be able to get the tempering recipe with no problem. The Necromancer gets it guaranteed; you get all of the aspects and fly through content. As a beginner player, this is the number one class I can recommend.

The Druid Class

As far as the Druid goes, I find it relatively difficult to recommend the class. The brand new Boulder update isn’t going to make it an S-tier class. The best build is actually the Tornado build. If you don’t like playing the Tornado build, I can’t recommend the Druid, especially from a casual standpoint. The Windshire Druid is currently the top-tier build for pit pushing, but it’s a basic attack build. The clear isn’t on the same level as Tornado.

Seasonal Changes and New Builds

The new stuff for this season, mainly for Landslide, hasn’t seen much play. The new unique item mainly adds some damage without significantly changing or adding new content. In contrast, Bash and Heart Seeker are brand new, as are the new minions, which are extremely powerful.

The Sorceress Class

As for the Sorceress, the Frozen Orb build is kind of fun but lacks damage. If you’ve played the Frozen Orb build, you’ll notice it lacks boss damage. Initially, I recommended the Sorceress for everyone to start with, but things have changed back.

Original Tier List Insights

When I made my original Tier list, the frosty strides build absolutely dominated the entire game. You could do Pit 200 and walk through the whole thing with the fastest time and immortality. It was an SS-tier plus build. Nothing was stopping it because it was the fastest build and had immortality. However, they have since buffed the HP of the monsters and nerfed the Hectic aspect, making it a lot harder to achieve immortality.

Frozen Orb Build

The Frozen Orb is actually a pretty fun build to play for open world content. If you’re doing pits up to 80, it is quite good. However, if you want to play in the high-tier levels, you need to use the Firewall Fire Bolt build. This requires casting a firewall and then shooting out something, which currently has some bugged interaction with the highest clear on the pit.

Challenges and Bugs

Many builds in Diablo 4 have bugs, which complicates making a Tier list. For instance, the Rogue or Bash Barbarian builds had an issue where they were supposed to be additive but were changed to multiplicative. After complaints, the updates were deleted. This unpredictability makes it hard to create a preseason Tier list.

Recommendations and Class Viability

Despite these challenges, if I were to recommend based on the current state, the Sorceress and the Druid are not bad classes. If you’re interested in doing open world content, play the class you want and you’ll have a great time. However, for high-tier pushing, the requirements are much more stringent. Achieving the same level needed for higher pit pushes with builds like Windshire Druid is very difficult. Even now, Tornado Wind Shear are considered top-tier builds, but they aren’t what I would consider the best category.

Recommendation Tier List

If you look at the gameplay, you’ll see a significant difference between some of the classes I can recommend. Here’s the recommendation Tier list, the high tier in terms of the pit, and the casual Tier list. Hopefully, this gives you an idea of what you might want to play.

Best Build for Leveling

I have gameplay of a lot of the other builds if you’re interested in the best build for leveling. This is subjective, but objectively, the Necromancer is highly recommended for beginners because you get everything you need. If you’re new to Diablo, start with the Necromancer, Barbarian, or Rogue. You’ll have a blast playing them, and in the end game, you have some of the top-tier stuff to work with.

Challenges with Sorceress

The Sorceress is really hard to build for the top leaderboards. Most people aren’t interested in that anyway, so for a beginner, I recommend Necromancer, Barbarian, or Rogue. These classes provide a great experience and are easier to build.

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