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Diablo 4 Season 2 Best class tier list Final Version Updated Best Classes and Best Builds Season 2

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Diablo 4 Season 2 Best class tier list Final Version Updated Best Classes and Best Builds Season 2

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This is going to be the final one as we got the most recent update, the Midwinter Blight.
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What’s up, guys! It’s Librarian Husky. Let’s go over the best tier list for Diablo 4 Season 2. This is going to be the final one as we got the most recent update, the Midwinter Blight. I wanted to go ahead and wait for this event to see if it was going to be challenging, to see if this would actually shift some of the meta, and it really didn’t.

Introduction to Diablo 4 Season 2 Tier List

What actually shifts the meta up is going to be the Avatar of Zir, so it’s going to be the updated tier list for season 2, going over the best classes and the best builds in the entire game for season 2. As I don’t think we’re getting any more major updates to the game until the next season, so as you guys can see over here, we have the max R leaderboard. While this is not an official leaderboard, it does give us a kind of good idea at what the best characters are versus the worst characters, as well as the builds for them.

A lot of people just want to know what’s the best class. Most people just want to know what’s the best one. I’m not going to waste your time, so I’m going to go ahead and answer that immediately.

The Best Build of Season 2

The best build in the entire game by a landslide is going to be the Hoda Barbarian. This build is just so good, and Barbarian got so many big buffs with the amount of multiplicative damage to the berserking, so this is why Barbarian is so strong. You’re able to consistently go into UH tier 100 Siil, and you could just kind of one-shot things.

Now, obviously, if you’re going into Avatar here, don’t expect to go and do the sigil 25s and one-shot everything. It’s going to take a lot of practice. You got to group up things and you have to rotate your cooldowns properly as well as snapshotting, but if you’re looking for the best build in the entire game by a long shot, the Hoda Barbarian is definitely the class for you.

Other Notable Barbarian Builds

Now, there are other great Barbarian builds. Heck, you can play most Barbarian builds, whether you want to do some double swing, the only thing I’d stay away from is maybe Whirlwind. But you can run Landslide, double swing, and these are still very, very strong builds. But the point of a tier list is I’m going to basically just mention what’s like the top build, but don’t sleep on any of the Barbarian builds, with the exception of Whirlwind. Barbarian is just in a really, really good spot right now.

Overview of the Tier List

I want to discuss this tier list because I counted how many players are in each category of this kind of leaderboard over here, and there are like 100 plus Sorceresses, 100 plus Barbarians, and then the rest of the classes are kind of grouped up towards the bottom here, sub 40 in the list. But by a long shot, Barbarian is the best over here. I’m trying to keep it objective, but as far as the next class I want to talk about, I’ll give you guys a mixed variety of some gameplay here in the background, so you have just more things to look at than, of course, just the Hoda Barbarian.

Druid Class Analysis

As far as Druid goes, um, I wouldn’t really recommend if you are trying to push to do pulverize. I think shred is arguably going to be one of the better builds, but it’s not easy to play. A lot of people are trying to use tier lists perhaps as a gauge on what to play. So, I’m going to put two Druid builds here. The thing with Druid is, I would say Druid is not in the greatest spot if you’re looking to push Abatar. They’re actually towards the bottom in terms of the leaderboard. I would really recommend shred and pulverize just for anyone that is interested in maybe playing a Druid build.

Pulverize Druid Build

Now, there are other things like the Crone staff build, there are other tornado builds, but the thing is, I would recommend these two builds, and the reason why is pulverize is by a long shot one of the best builds in the entire game for a beginner Diablo player. This thing is just so great because it lets you hit hard, it has a similar play style to Hoda, but it’s ranged, and it’s just so satisfying to play.

Shred Druid Challenges

But the shred Druid right now, in terms of the leaderboard, is the only one that is really seeing some play. Here towards the list, if you look at the Druid, I mean, you got to scroll down through all the barbarians, but there are Druids here. It’s mostly Barbarians and Sorceresses on this list.

But shred Druid has this problem of one, it’s really squishy, two, it’s not the easiest thing to play. You have to attack and move back, and to attack and move back, because you need that dash for the thing to get the proc of one of the poison things that you do damage with. It’s not easy to play, and it does require a lot of timing stuff with your pets. It’s just rough to play, and on top of that, while it’s not really seeing as much play towards leaderboards, I’m trying to keep this list objective here.

Comparing Classes in Diablo 4

The other classes in the game have varied performances, and we’ve already mentioned Barbarian’s dominance. Druid, I place it in C tier, but next up, let’s delve into the Rogue. The Rogue is actually only good due to a bug with combo points, allowing for 20 plus combo points and the ability to just delete things in the game. It’s really good if you’re interested in a boss killer role. The Rogue is excellent for that. However, without the combo point bug, Rogue falls significantly in rankings, potentially becoming one of the worst classes.

Rogue Class Deep Dive

For those looking into the best Rogue build, considering the current meta influenced by the bug, options include poison twisting blades, rapid fire, and penetrating shot. These skills are viable because of their effectiveness when hybridized. Despite being conditionally powerful due to the bug, the Rogue remains proficient for speedruns, with abilities like teleporting through walls via Shadow step. This versatility highlights Rogue’s situational strength, requiring close-quarters engagement to leverage key passives effectively.

Sorcerer Class Analysis

Turning our attention to the Sorcerer, this class maintains a strong presence despite the dominance of Hoda Barbarians. Sorcerers are abundant, showcasing the class’s viability and flexibility in builds. The best Sorcerer build leverages chain lightning to represent ball lightning, a pivotal choice given the absence of ball lightning in this analysis. I rank the Sorcerer in the A tier for its exceptional performance this season, partly due to not needing to apply vulnerability, a significant advantage over previous seasons.

Build Recommendations and Class Utility

Sorcerers stand out for their fun gameplay and reduced need for vulnerability application, a notable shift from earlier seasons. This makes them not only enjoyable but also highly effective in their roles. For those seeking recommendations, the emphasis on chain lightning highlights the strategic depth and potential for creativity within the class’s build paths, underscoring the Sorcerer’s allure as a top-tier choice for players exploring different playstyles and strategies.

Choosing the Best Class for New Players

If you’re picking this game for a significant other, your son, daughter, or anyone else for Christmas and you’re wondering what’s the best class for them to play, I highly recommend the Sorcerers. Why? Because they offer so many more skills to play around with. They have core skills as well as Mastery skills, providing the best variety in terms of flexibility to play multiple different skills.

As far as it goes, that’s subjective, and I’m trying to keep this list objective. It’s definitely in the A tier. The long-shot difference between a Hoda Barb and a Sorceress definitely exists, but if you’re just interested in doing level 100 content, the Sorceress is going to let you absolutely melt content as soon as you get that ball lightning gravitational aspect. You will just clean up content, so Sorceress earns a very safe spot over here.

Exploring Sorceress Builds

As far as other builds with Sorceress go, I did make a quad damage build. If you want to play Fireball, it’s not even on here because it’s just not included in this list, but there are a lot of other things you can do with Sorceress.

Talking about the best builds, it’s definitely going to be ball lightning. Heck, even in my quad damage build, even my ice shards build for Sorceress, I had to try to include ball lightning to keep up and be competitive with the damage because certain lucky hit procs can activate ball lightning.

You still have a different play style where you don’t have to play in melee range, but ball lightning, by a long shot, is the best. Again, I know it’s chain lightning, but keep in mind that it is meant to represent ball lightning. That’s what I would recommend for the Sorcerers.

Necromancer: The Most Flexible Class

Now, we have another class, and this class is actually going to be the most flexible, and that is the Necromancer. The reason why I say it’s the most flexible is well, with Rogue, I mentioned that you can do basically three of the skills, basically just don’t run flurry, and you’ll be okay with Rogue in terms of what you can play.

The Necromancer, however, is one of the classes where you can play whatever you want. If you want to run Blood Lance, Bone spear, Shadow Blight, or Ring of the Menin, that was actually one of the builds that was here on the Necromancer. Granted, it’s not nearly as high, but you can see that there’s Infinus, there’s a lot of different builds for the Necromancer.

I don’t know what we would put for Infinus, maybe this picture here, but basically, Infinus allows you to go and become invincible, and it’s one of the stronger builds in the game in terms of survivability because, well, they cannot hit you. It’s weird that this thing came back because in the beta, they released it, and it was so overpowered, and then they decided to nerf it, and then it basically came back into the game. So, that was actually a pretty big surprise. But as far as Necromancer goes, yeah.

Necromancer’s Position in the Meta

I would put the Necromancer in the B tier because it’s relatively easier to pick up, and builds like bone spear are getting a huge buff because the suppressors got deleted out of the game. You can sit in the back and kind of just spam on stuff, or again with the Infinus build, you’re just not able to get hit at all. The Necromancer is in a pretty decent spot, minus summoning. There is one person that managed to play with the Ring of Medallin, but I would probably not recommend that if you’re using this to decide what kind of build to play this season.

Analysis of Necromancer Builds

The reason why is it doesn’t get good until you have the Ring of Melon, and even when you do, it kind of feels like you do zero damage for a really long time. You have to keep activating things, and if you’re activating things, you might as well just activate them to deal damage, not like activate an unlucky hit, then your minions get to do damage, and then they one-shot everything, and you’re back to doing zero damage for a bit while you’re spamming on things. People who want a minion playstyle are just going to have to wait until we get some buffs.

Speedrunning and Class Performance

This is going to wrap up the tier list for the best classes in the game. As far as speedrunning goes, I would definitely put these other classes; this is like the main difference here. Necromancer is just the slowest class.

Druid does have trample, but it’s nowhere near as good as the other classes. I would consider this to be the tier list for speedruns, but if you’re looking for Avatar Zer pushing, this is what I would go ahead and round off the list with. Objectively, again, in terms of numerical stats, Druid, Necromancer, Rogue, these are all towards the bottom, where the other ones, I mean, there’s basically double and triple in terms of how high they’re able to push in the leaderboards.

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