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New Offlane Tier List for Patch 7.36B

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New Offlane Tier List for Patch 7.36B

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Librarian Husky presents a comprehensive tier list for Dota 2 Patch 7.36 B Offlaners, highlighting top heroes and strategies for optimal gameplay. Discover the best picks now!
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Hey, what is up guys? It’s Librarian Husky, and today we are back with another tier list for Patch 7.36 B. Today we’re going to be covering the Offlaners, and I’m excited to do this. Number one, because I’m an offlane main, and number two, because I have four heroes in the S Tier and four heroes in the D Tier. Usually, I only have one or two heroes in the S Tier, but the offlane is quite powerful right now. So, let’s jump into it.

D Tier Offlaners

So, starting off with the D Tier, we have some very unfortunate heroes, and one of them is very, very shocking to me. But okay, let’s start with Mars.


I’ve been a Mars hater for a while now. I think that the hero in the pro scene has some value because it’s good in team fights and most importantly, it one-shots creep waves. It actually still does that, right? But in pubs, I don’t think that’s very valuable because people don’t make the most out of it.

On top of that, the numbers are so weak that it’s very hard to scale with this hero. It’s very hard to solo kill people with this hero. It just doesn’t really do anything besides being a team player, and that might sound good, but it’s actually not. The numbers are just not good enough, so I would not recommend picking Mars. I think he is absolutely D Tier.


Then we have Magnus, one of the most difficult heroes in all of DOTA. His numbers have been nerfed, and I don’t think he’s in a great place right now. I would definitely avoid him. Similar to Mars, he’s just hard to make plays with. Much easier to scale but still not my favorite hero.


Then we have Kunkka, who’s really shocking to be here, right? This hero has been top of the meta for a while now. Kunkka, for the longest time, has had a 51-52% win rate. He has been an S-tier offlaner for a while now, but after nerf after nerf, it’s funny enough he got an innate ability. Like, this is one of the heroes where at level one you can have Torrent and Tidebringer. You’d imagine he’d be good, but no, it just doesn’t matter. It’s not a good version of Tidebringer, it’s quite underwhelming. So, yeah, the Kunkka build is finally dead, and I would not recommend picking it.


This is just one of the hardest heroes to execute in Dota, and as a result, he’s in the D Tier. He’s actually not awful right now, now that Sticky Napalm is only 22 mana instead of 25 per stack or per usage. It’s really okay; you can also take Arsonist and take towers, and it’s pretty interesting. But the scaling is very difficult, the execution is really brutal, and the item decision is probably one of the hardest out of all the heroes in Dota. So, stay away from Batrider.

C Tier Heroes

Then in the C tier, we have Omniknight. They nerfed his Hammer of Purity primarily; they got rid of the Shard, and as a result, he fell off as an offlaner.


Omniknight‘s nerf primarily targeted his Hammer of Purity, and the removal of the Shard significantly affected his viability as an offlaner. The changes have made it difficult for him to maintain his effectiveness in games.

Sand King

Sand King‘s a funny one in the C tier. He almost was a D Tier hero, which is funny because he was Omega S Tier not long ago. This hero was like S of S Tier not long ago, and then Valve just decided to annihilate him. He had the ability to just move Sandstorm around everywhere at like Mach 10 pace, and all of a sudden, you can’t do anything with this hero. You can’t farm fast, its numbers are worse, and its ulti feels like trash. It’s just terrible, which is so funny because it was hyper broken not long ago.


Next up, we have Windranger. I think the higher MMR you go, the better Windranger becomes. This is one of Dota’s most mechanically difficult heroes. You’ve got to line up your ulti, you have to position incredibly well, and you need to know what kills you and what doesn’t because the hero’s squishy. Yeah, Windrun makes you invincible to physical damage, but the majority of what kills you in Dota for the first 20 to 25 minutes is all magical 95% of the time. As a result, Windranger really struggles. I don’t think the hero’s in the worst place; she gets to buy Gleipnir, which is a great item, but due to the difficult execution, I would stay away unless you’re going to spam her.

Nature’s Prophet

I think the hero is better as a support. It’s not a terrible core, honestly; it scales pretty okay nowadays due to the Treant and damage multiplier. But it’s just too difficult, and the scaling isn’t really worth it.

Primal Beast

Then we have Primal Beast. I think the hero’s laning stage is quite bad. The scaling is okay, but the execution is so difficult that it makes the decent scaling not really worth it. Some of the other Offlaners are just way easier and way more impactful.


Next, we have Tiny with the toss facet. I actually think this hero is a decent offlaner nowadays, but similar to other heroes, Tiny always has a bad win rate. Its numbers have been nerfed repeatedly, so if you don’t master the hero, it’s just not worth it.


Same thing with Razor. This hero might be picked by team Falcons, but you shouldn’t pick it.

Alright, getting into the low B tier, we have a lot of heroes here, so let’s go as fast as we can to cover everything you need to know.

Lone Druid

First off, we have Lone Druid, who actually seems maybe okay to me. He gets Bear at level one and can heal the Bear with his hero, which is new. The hero used to never be able to heal the Bear; it was always the other way around. The Bear could heal the hero with auto attacks, but not the other way around. Now you can. However, the Bear is so squishy, and it’s on a 160-second cooldown at level one. So if your Bear dies at level one, you are at a significant disadvantage. As a result, it’s way too risky if the enemy team knows what to do against you, which is to target the Bear. It’s not going to be good, let me tell you.


Then we have Bristleback. I think the Snot Rocket Bristleback, where the goo reduces armor by 2.5 per stack at level one, is really good. It’s like minus 4.5 armor at level one, and I think the scaling here is good. You buy Aghanim’s Scepter, you go right-click, it’s good. But people don’t like it; they want to try the other build. They want quills to come out of their back, and I don’t think that’s the way to go right now. As a result, he’s in the B tier, especially because of how people are playing him.

Elder Titan

Then we have Elder Titan, who actually might be more of an A tier. Funny enough, I actually think this hero is really, really good right now. I do believe it will get nerfed in the upcoming patch primarily because support Elder Titan is so broken. Basically, you have this facet called Momentum, and it gives you attack speed based on your movement speed. It’s so broken because you just have like infinite attack speed early game when you use your Astral Spirit and buy Phase Boots and Wind Lace. Even pre-Phase Boots and Wind Lace, you just hit like a truck.


Then we have Lycan, who I thought would be better because of the Helm buffs giving XP now, but he just sits in a comfortable B tier. He’s not crazy; Vladmir’s Offering is also not great right now, and I think Helm overall just isn’t too good.


Then we have Dazzle, who’s fine. You buy Boots of Travel, this hero is just okay. I don’t think it’s special, I don’t think it’s good, I don’t think it’s bad. It’s just a B tier hero. If you want a decent laner, maybe have like a Pudge or something; it’s good follow-up to melee heroes. You can definitely pick it in those scenarios.


Then we have Timbersaw. His base damage is so bad nowadays. When he was Universal, he had way more damage, and it was much nicer. But then they nerfed the hero quite a lot. I still think he’s okay, but honestly, he misses some timings nowadays. For instance, they nerfed Eternal Shroud a little bit, they nerfed Kaya because it doesn’t give status resistance, they’ve nerfed Shiva’s Guard, and they nerfed his level 25 timing where he used to get double Chakram, which was a big timing. Now he gets this really fast Timber Chain or the tree bonus damage at 25, which is okay but not enough.


Then we have Phoenix, who I actually really like as a hero, but I think as an offlaner, it’s just hard to play. Phoenix scales well though. You buy Spirit Vessel, Shiva’s Guard, maybe Radiance, and you can take the Dying Light talent and farm pretty quickly, especially if you want to go Radiance.

Dragon Knight

Then we have Dragon Knight, who was much higher, but then they nerfed his regen a little bit. I do think if the hero is fully understood, like the timings and such, its ability to take towers with Corrosive Breath is really good. You can scale into the game by just going something like Black King Bar, Blink Dagger, Daedalus, and popping off.


Then we have Tidehunter. He’s just okay right now. I don’t think his items are the best. I think the other aura buyers are just a little bit better. For instance, he’s a Pipe of Insight buyer, and I would say out of all the auras, Pipe is probably the worst right now compared to Guardian Greaves and Crimson Guard. So, it’s not terrible, but it’s just not the best. I’m not a huge fan.


Then we have Venomancer, who’s definitely better as a support, but I actually think that the Plague Carrier Venomancer is really good. You can stack around and just farm like crazy because of all the levels you’re going to get on offlane Venomancer. So, I do believe there’s some potential here. The only problem is the scaling is really awkward nowadays because he has this really weird Aghanim’s Scepter that just isn’t good, at least every time.


I’ve seen it where you get base damage per debuff; it’s just not enough. So, yeah, Plague Carrier offlane Venomancer is cool, even Patient Zero Venomancer is pretty good where you’re just clicking ulti and it’s spreading like crazy. But the hero’s laning stage is not great, and ever since they’ve removed the good Aghanim’s Scepter, it hasn’t been the best core.

Nyx Assassin

Then we have Nyx Assassin, who I actually really believe in as a core, mainly because in downtime now when his ultimate is on cooldown, he can use his W, the Mind Flare, on a 7-second cooldown to one-shot creeps. That’s no joke—a 7-second cooldown creep one-shot on a hero that generally cannot farm is incredible. So, I absolutely recommend giving this hero a shot if you just want to blow people up with Dagon.


Next, we have Dawnbreaker. She’s just okay. You can go Aghanim’s and just heal people. Death Prophet, once again, is also just okay, nothing special. She received some buffs to her innate abilities recently, which shot her up from a C tier hero to a B tier hero. Also, some buffs to one of her facets are way better now. So, she was probably a D or a low C tier hero, but now after buff and buff and buff, she’s in the B tier comfortably.

Ogre Magi

Ogre Magi, I believe in this hero a lot, especially if you’re against melee heroes who cannot pressure you. The high base damage and the insane level three timing of Bloodlust and two points in Ignite with Learning Curve are really good. You get three abilities by level two, which is great. You can go Midas into Atos, and then you can scale into items like BKB and Harpoon, and go right-click with its right-click talents.


Then we have Pudge. Basically, Pudge is just Pudge support, but it’s still good as a core. You go for Flesh Hook.


You don’t even take Fresh Meat, the facet which gives you increased strength when dealing damage to heroes. No, you take Flare’s Hook, which just makes the hook a completely overpowered ability. You get kills at the rune, you get kills in the laning stage, you roam, you can do whatever you want.

Winter Wyvern

We have Winter Wyvern, and this hero just scales well as a core. It always has and always will. Because of the fact that it scales like a menace and doesn’t really require a lot of difficult execution in the late game, you might have to get good at using Winter’s Curse, but other than that, it’s really easy.

Spirit Breaker

Then we have Spirit Breaker. Talk about easy—you take Bulldoze, and then the hero’s like unkillable. He can split push like a madman, and with Herd Mentality, you’re constantly giving your supports 50% more bonus XP. That is pretty good, right? You’re going to keep your supports at a higher level always.


Finally, we have Beastmaster for the last hero of B tier. I actually think that in the pro scene, the hero is probably more of a low A tier, but the difficult execution—the micro of the boars, knowing when to stack ancients, hitting timings, knowing which auras to buy—is actually quite difficult. As a result, he’s only B tier. But what they did to the hero is that his Aghanim’s Scepter is better now.

His Beast Mode facet gives him a self attack speed boost, and when you’re hitting things, it applies Wild Axes bonus damage per stack. It gets nuts. When you roar people with this Aghanim’s, you want to hit them a ton to keep the Aghanim’s effect going, and the damage goes crazy. His bonus attack speed is a flat 55, and if you activate Inner Beast, which now has an active, it gives you an extra 40. So, you get 95 attack speed with the ability to apply Wild Axes amp with that 95 attack speed.

Low A Tier Heroes

Alright, getting into low A tier. First off, we have Necrophos. I think this hero actually should be more of a Radiance buyer. I actually like what Gor does on the hero. It’s really, really greedy.


I think maybe he’s a little bit too greedy. I personally think that maybe some sort of a mix, like Treads or even something like Falcon Blade, could work. I’m not exactly sure what the first item is—maybe it’s just something to get you through the early game, give you a little bit of HP. It could even be like Raindrops. The scaling of this hero is solid. He also has this incredible facet called Profane Potency, which was so good that they nerfed it. Profane Potency grants Necrophos’s AOE abilities and items bonus radius per kill. When you have stacks of Sadist, your innate ability that gives you regen per kill, it now also gives AOE bonus. This is really good with Death Pulse, the slow of Ghost Shroud, and Heartstopper Aura. I also think it works with Radiance. This build can scale incredibly well due to this facet.

Vengeful Spirit

Then we have Vengeful Spirit. I’m a big fan of Venge offlane. You just buy Treads, Wand, Wraith Band, Bracer, Null, and then Aghanim’s Scepter. Stack stats and then go fight. She has Soul Strike now, where her ranged attacks behave as if they were melee, decreasing her base attack time to 1.5. She hits like a truck. You don’t have to go Echo Sabre or anything like that. I think those builds are kind of a meme more than anything. Not that they’re terrible; I think they’re fine. Just buy an Aghanim’s Scepter. Take her right-click talents, like -5 Wave of Terror armor. An ability that already reduces armor by six is really something. At level 20, you get Wave of Terror steals damage, which is great for a hero that wants to right-click. Let me tell you, it’s pretty good.


I think he’s not in an incredible position, funny enough, because of the basic execution of the hero. The strong concept is just a solid hero that’s always going to have impact. It’s easy to play, and the ultimate, when noobs go on you at the wrong time, punishes them. That’s just how the ultimate works. It’s the same reason why Wraith King has a good win rate—similar ultimate concept. As a result of his kit, he’s naturally a high win rate hero.

Legion Commander

Then we have Legion Commander, who I still believe is an A tier hero after all of the nerfs in pubs. In pubs, this hero has a good laning stage and is still really impressive in the right matchups. Against heroes like Slark, Spectre, Wraith King, and Sven, you can really dominate and be a true nuisance. Her scaling is okay. They nerfed the Aghanim’s Scepter like crazy, but still, it’s a 7-second duel that gives you magic immunity. That’s not bad. You’re going to get solo kills like crazy, do well in your lane, buy Blink Dagger and Blade Mail, and kill people.


Then we have Doom, who is quite good right now. He has either Gluttony or Devil’s Bargain for his facets. Devil’s Bargain allows you to sell items back for 90% of their value. This one’s cool because you can buy a ton of Bracers, Phase Boots, and even a Blade Mail or a Hand of Midas. Eventually, when you feel like you’re done with these items and have gotten full value out of these very strong early game items, you can sell them back and buy a Shiva’s Guard, Black King Bar, or Octarine Core.

It’s a really cool concept, and I see Amar do it all the time. Funny enough, he doesn’t abuse it as hard as I would expect. Some games he does, like I’ve seen a game where he bought boots and five Bracers, which is really funny. Then you also have Gluttony, which gives you two charges of Devour. It actually makes Devour a worse ability if you were to spam it off cooldown normally. It’s kind of like the old Midas, where it’s easier to use. So yeah.


It’s just fine, it scales well, it’s fine. Then we have Enigma, which is a top pro hero right now. I would say the main thing that makes Enigma good is just the fact that his Eidolons are so annoying. They have a 40-second duration with a 40-second cooldown and only cost 70 mana. This hero is such a lane bully because its main ability is just too good. These Eidolons can’t be killed easily because they have bonus magic resist. They’re too tanky, with high duration and low cooldown, making it really hard to deal with Enigma.


I don’t even think they buffed too much else. I don’t think his facets are that good. He has one that makes him spawn an Eidolon when he takes damage, which is okay, and one that gives a movement speed penalty to people facing away from you in a small radius. I don’t even think the hero is really that overpowered in terms of getting buffs, but Enigma always tends to have a high win rate because he scales into the late game and dominates his lane. In higher MMR, that’s good enough: win your lane and then scale. There you go, you have the formula for a good hero.


Then we have Gyrocopter. I know people are going to hate me for saying this, but I win all my games. I have such good games on Gyro offlane that I’m putting it here. I don’t care what people think. Oh, it’s a carry, you can’t play it offlane. Why? What is different between Gyro or Death Prophet? What is different between Gyro and Viper or DP? These are lane-dominating heroes that do high burst damage. You might argue that Viper is more of a lane dominator.

Not anymore. I would argue Gyro is better in lane. You could say DP has building push, okay, sure, but that only applies to some heroes. What about Razor offlane? How do you justify Razor offlane? The hero is not always a lane dominator, and even when it is, Gyro is too in a lot of those situations. It scales into the game. I’ll stop justifying it. Basically, the hero’s good. You can buy a Blade Mail.


If you want to fight early game, you can buy a Vessel. Personally, what I do is go Aghanim’s Scepter and Black King Bar, or Aghanim’s Scepter and Gleipnir, and play as a scaling Gyrocopter. The hero’s laning stage is good, and you take the Afterburner talent, which gives you movement speed when you hit people with Rocket Barrage. You run around like a madman and go kill people. It’s really nice, and the laning stage is reliable. You can’t get last-pick countered by the rat safe lane players that are in every game.


Then we have Broodmother. This hero has a kind of bad win rate in pubs because it’s really hard to play. But man, if you get good at Brood, it’s like the best pub hero in the game right now. That’s the reality. If you know everything about it—you know when to split push, you know how to solo kill people, you know when to take ancients because this hero farms faster than any other hero in the game besides Alchemist and Naga Siren—it’s just ridiculous.

Its laning stage is nasty good right now because it heals when getting last hits and denies. It gives miss chance, and all the heroes that had a dispel that countered the hero in the past no longer do because you can reapply Insatiable Hunger to give the spiders bonus attack damage. Plus, your ultimate slows now, so it’s easy to chase people down. I really believe Broodmother is really obnoxious and broken in pubs if you spam it. So even though its win rate isn’t the best, it’s one of those heroes where it will pay off if you really put the time in right now. I had to put it in A tier.


Then we have Brewmaster. Just Radiance, Shard, the usual. Nothing has changed. The hero is just solid.

Centaur Warrunner

Then we have Centaur Warrunner. Same thing, nothing changed. He just becomes tanky because of his innate abilities. You buy Eternal Shroud and Blade Mail with the Horsepower talent, the facet where he becomes even stronger.

Centaur Warrunner

You gain movement speed based on your strength, so instead of buying boots, you just buy like four Bracers and Blade Mail, and you’re obnoxious.


Then we have Axe, who even after nerf after nerf, was so good at the beginning of the patch. One Man Army still makes him obnoxiously tanky in the laning stage. You can have like 950 to 1,000 health starting the lane, which is crazy. He just farms ancients to buy Blink Dagger and Blade Mail. He scales well still, even though they nerfed the innate Culling Blade. If you’re getting enough dunks, you’re still going to be able to stack your armor, which gives you a ton more HP with One Man Army. This hero can just be tanky.


Then we have Visage, who, crazily enough, has a ridiculous win rate. This hero is in the best place it’s been in a very, very long time. There are a lot of different builds people are going for, based around the talent “Grave Chill.” Basically, Grave Chill affects units around the target, and you get 25% of the buff of all the targets you hit. So, you get 100% of the buff of the main target, but if you hit a creep wave, you get an insane amount of attack speed. This hero is what 33, probably the main Visage player in the world, is doing. He’s buying Gleipnir because the Maelstrom with the ridiculous attack speed is just nasty. This hero already wants control, so he’s going Gleipnir, and I think it’s really, really good.


You just get way too much attack speed. Plus, at level 10, you get Grave Chill cooldown, and at 15, you get Grave Chill duration if you want it. You can also get this insane Soul Assumption hits three targets talent at 15, which is a crazy talent. It’s a tough sell because the other talent is Grave Chill duration, but still, it’s pretty damn good.


First off, we have Underlord. Now his innate ability is Atrophy Aura, so at level one, you just get a weakened version of Atrophy Aura. It’s pretty nice; it can be very powerful just getting a little bit of extra damage in the lane. The main thing that makes this hero broken is, well, two things. Number one, they buffed some of his abilities, but most importantly, his root is now 1.5 seconds at level one. This used to be 0.8 seconds, now it’s double that. As a result, when you buy Atos in the early game, which in my opinion is the item you should buy first in 80% of games, you get to Pit, Atos, and then it pits again. You get a 3-second duration just from the Pit alone because of how good this ability is at level one. It also does damage now, so it’s really crazy how strong Pit of Malice is as a value point. They nerfed the cooldown, but trust me, it’s way better now.

The Abyssal Horde

On top of that, he has this nasty facet called The Abyssal Horde, where basically you spawn Necronomicon units when you use Fiend’s Gate. It just does a lot of damage, spawning minions that give a bonus 5% AOE movement speed if it’s one of the archers. It also spawns more minions based on how many enemies are around the portal. It will just spawn a ton of these minions, and if you buy Atos, these minions will rip apart supports or even cores that you get stuck in the Pit.


You’re teleporting in, it’s summoning these minions, and then you’re pitting them, you’re hosing them, you’re pitting them again, and these minions are just ripping into the enemy. It’s just so, so good. In terms of scaling, auras are pretty good right now. Guardian Greaves is good, Pipe is fine, Crimson Guard is overpowered, and Aghanim’s Scepter on this hero is really good. It summons a pit around, increases the pit radius, lowers the cooldown of Fiend’s Gate, which is incredibly good, especially with the minions. This Aghanim’s Scepter is really good.

Witch Doctor

Okay, getting into the second hero, we have Witch Doctor. Voodoo Restoration is just so good as it makes the laning stage basically unplayable for the majority of Offlaners. On top of that, what’s really crazy about it is that it makes farming easier than ever. This hero farms obscenely fast. You can be top net worth on Witch Doctor in a high percentage of games. From there, I just recommend buying auras: Greaves and a Pipe, Greaves and Solar Crest, or Greaves and a Vessel. You can go Radiance or Bloodstone, but I actually think that just going auras and being an aura carrier for your team, kind of like an Underlord or a Dark Seer, is really overpowered right now. So yeah, Greaves and a Pipe, Greaves and a Crimson Guard, then you buy your Shard.

Scaling with Witch Doctor

You’re going to scale naturally into the game because Death Ward scales, your Shard scales, and Maledict scales with the level 20 talent, which is overpowered. Cask is just a good ability nowadays ever since the cooldown got buffed back in the day. This hero is just really good as an offlaner. If you buy auras, you’re going to feel incredibly impactful.

Scaling with Witch Doctor

Your impact is going to scale into the game. Then we have Night Stalker, who’s the only non-aura buyer on the S-tier list. Night Stalker is still incredibly powerful. One of his facets, Night Rain, turns the game into night instead of day at the beginning, making your laning stage overpowered. The other facet, Blinding Void, makes you deal bonus damage and take away vision from enemies you nuke if they’re not close to allies, which is pretty good.

Night Stalker

This hero has been solid for a while, especially since it gained the ability to refresh cooldowns when activating Dark Ascension. You silence enemies for 6 seconds, refresh it, and then do it again for another 6 seconds. When you deal 40 damage per second for 6 seconds and silence them for 12 seconds in total, you kill people quite effectively. This hero scales well, and its laning stage is one of the most reliable in the game because of its innate Heart of Darkness, which gives you 40% bonus regen during the night.

Although you get a 20% decrease during the day, which kind of sucks, you can imagine why this hero is so overpowered early in the lane. You’re faster because of your passive, your nuke slows more because it’s nighttime, and you get bonus 40% regen, which includes Tango and Salve. Your hero just buffs its regen items. The early laning stage features insane base damage and insane base armor, making this hero the best laner in the game early on.

Night Stalker

It’s pretty crazy how good Night Stalker is for the first 5 minutes, allowing you to get off to a good start so that daytime isn’t nearly as bad. Finally, the most broken hero in Dota right now as an offlaner is Dark Seer. I’ve been talking about how good auras are right now—they’re pretty solid even though they didn’t get buffed. I think people just kind of forgot how good these items are. Mekansm has been in a good place for a long time now, and Guardian Greaves has been okay.

Then they buffed Guardian Greaves, making it a very buffed item. It buys Shiva’s Guard, which, even though it was nerfed, is still really good. It buys Crimson Guard, which just got buffed really hard because it gives more block on the active depending on your max health. If your hero, like Dark Seer, has high max health—which he’s okay at doing—you can make your Crimson block insane. Then you buy a Pipe, and basically, your team becomes invincible.

Dark Seer

What’s really crazy about the hero is his facets and his innate ability. His innate means that his intelligence can never be lower than his strength or agility. So, you start the lane with more intelligence because the hero’s base intelligence is 2.1, but its base strength is 22. Immediately, it gets a free intelligence point. Then you buy four Gauntlets of Strength or three, depending on what you want to do. All of that strength you buy immediately turns into intelligence. As a universal hero, all this bonus intelligence is highly beneficial.

Dark Seer

From this, Dark Seer gains more damage, so the hero has about 70 damage, six armor, and a huge mana pool, allowing you to spam Ion Shells. As for his facets, you either gain attack speed from intelligence—which is great with the innate ability, giving you a ton of free intelligence—or you get Heart of Battle, where you move faster when near other heroes. Both are actually really overpowered. An 8% movement speed boost for heroes within a 900 radius is insane. However, your base movement speed is reduced to nerf it a little bit; otherwise, it would be completely overpowered.

In team fights, you’re basically surged around, which is really nasty. You can be slowed, which is why it’s not that overpowered, but still, bonus attack speed from intelligence makes you trade and farm like crazy or even just right-click effectively. Heart of Battle makes you kite like crazy. This hero does everything right now—it really, really does everything. Plus, they buffed the cast point of Ion Shell, making it easier to cast to get kills.

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