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Ranking Best To Worse 5-Star Gem In Diablo Immortal

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Ranking Best To Worse 5-Star Gem In Diablo Immortal

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This guide ranks every five-star gem in Diablo Immortal, providing personal opinions on their effectiveness in PvP and PvE, and offering insights into each gem's tier placement.
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Howdy! It’s Librarian Husky and today, I will be Ranking every single five-star gem inside of Diablo Immortal on the Tier List, sharing my personal opinion on how I would rate each five-star gem. Before I start, again, this is my personal opinion, and you can have a different-looking Tier List. Now that is out of the way, we have 25-star gems to go through, so I will try and keep this article short. You will also be able to find the timestamps for each gem.

Hellfire Fragment

I will put this in C because, for the ranged classes, it isn’t that good in PvP or PvE. When the gem gets triggered, especially in PvP, you are mostly not close to anyone, and usually, the gem does not end up hitting your target. As for the melee classes, they can use the gem a bit more, so for them, this could be a B, but overall, I would put this gem in C because we have a lot of gems which are much better compared to the Hellfire Fragment right now.

Starfire Fragment

This gem I will put in A tier only because of PvP. It is a must-have gem for PvP to stun your target. It has a really high accuracy, and the speed at which it triggers and hits your target can be really important to stop or push the idol. This is why most of the creators or players say that this gem is a must. So, I will be putting this gem in A tier because of PvP only, but if you don’t care about PvP, then this gem is going to be somewhat B tier in my opinion. But for now, I will be keeping the gem in A.

Spiteful Blood

Spiteful Blood used to be not all that good, but now it might be somewhat a decent time to get the Spiteful Blood, especially if you like doing a lot of PvP. Tempers are very heavily focused on the primary in PvP, so this gem can help you avoid and become immune to the primary attack when they are trying to hit you. The same for a Demon Hunter; if you want some protection from a Demon Hunter, Spiteful Blood can help you. But if you don’t care about PvP, then this gem will drop maybe to the C tier. But for now, after getting Tempest, and they are very heavily focused on primary and the dashes, it can be somewhat a decent gem.

Gem Rankings for PvP and PvE

Why I am putting this in A, especially if you like doing a lot of PvP. If you only do some PvP here and there, then this gem is like maybe C or B tier. But for now, I’m putting this in A tier.

Frozen Heart

Frozen Heart for me will go in B tier, not because it is not good. The only reason I’m putting this gem in B tier is that it can be really good for some classes and not that good for others. In PvE, we don’t need this shield; this gem is mostly only good for PvP. This gem can be really good for Tempest, Barbarian, and Crusader, who get close and personal with their enemies in PvP, needing more shield and chill around them. So, a good gem but depends on the class and build you are playing.

Concentrated Will

For PvE, most classes maybe won’t be using dashes all that much. Speaking of PvP, some classes can use this gem a lot, like Tempest. For them, this gem is going to be maybe S tier with the amount of dashes that Tempest is currently using. This gem is fantastic for them. For some other classes like Wizard and Demon Hunter, they can use it as well with teleport, but they have a longer cooldown for the dashes compared to Tempest. It’s tricky to place in the Tier List. For Tempest, it is S tier for PvP. Even in PvE, Tempest will be loving this gem. For other classes, I think it is safe to say this gem is very powerful when using dash in your build. Some builds might not use dash, others might. So, I will be putting this in B tier, not because it isn’t good but because it depends on your build.

Evaluating Gems for PvP and PvE

It is a bad gem. It is a very powerful gem, in my opinion, but some builds might use it and others might not, which is why we are putting this in the B tier.

Gloom Cask

Gloom Cask is a really good gem. You can increase the duration of the gem with more beneficial duration, and if you can get more attack speed, you will also launch a lot more blades. However, it is not that good for classes in PvP that don’t use their primary attacks all that much unless you are Tempest, a Demon Hunter, or some class very primary-focused in PvP. But in PvE, it will be really good for all classes since all classes are very primary-focused. So, for PvE, this is going to be S tier, but for PvP, I will put this gem in A tier. It is a fantastic gem; I have this at rank seven. I would highly recommend it. What I usually do is use an auxiliary gem in PvP instead of having the Gloom Cask. I just use more of the deep as an auxiliary at Gloom Cask‘s spot.


I will be putting this gem in A tier. The reason for that is PvP. If you are someone who is utilizing a damage-over-time build, you have Rolling Consequence, you have Seeping Bile, and you have Viper Bite. You can chain lightning between players, and even the players who are off-screen have a chance of getting hit from Rolling Fire, getting poisoned from Viper Bite and Seeping Bile. I have seen this happen to me plenty of times, even when I am trying to stay behind my teammates, trying to provide support with my freeze as a wizard.

Effective Gems for PvP

The Voice Parx is someone who is not even on my screen, but I’m getting poisoned and losing HP. Other gems are getting triggered on me. It’s a really good gem for PvP to get that range and apply some of the damage-over-time effects on players who are not even close to you. For melee classes, this gem is going to be really good as they get close and personal and get hit from the ranged classes. It will also give you some attack speed whenever it gets triggered. You can also increase the duration of this gem by having more beneficial duration. So, this is where I will put this gem in A tier for PvP reasons only.

Phoenix Ashes

Phoenix Ashes will go into the trash tier because of the amount of duration it has. A 3-minute cooldown is a bit too much, in my opinion, and we have better options to get a cheat death now. You can go and buy a cheat pet with a savior passive that can give you a cheat death as well, and it’s a lot better than Phoenix Ashes.

Chip of Stone Flesh

Chip of Stone Flesh is PvP-focused only and will work with some builds and not with others. The reason why I am putting this in B tier is because in PvE it is not needed at all and will not work versus bosses, so there is no use in getting this gem to fight the easy monsters in PvE. When it comes to PvP, you need certain builds and skills that can trigger Chip of Stone Flesh. You need to have stun, fear, or freeze to trigger this gem.

Analyzing Gem Tiers for Different Builds

So, why am I putting this in B tier? Like the Concentrated Will, it will work with some builds and not with others.

Howler’s Call

I will put this gem in C tier. The accuracy of the wolf isn’t all that great. It does have some chances of stunning your target, but still, I will put this gem in C tier. It’s very easy to dodge this wolf, especially in PvP, and the duration of the wolf is just around 1 second, which doesn’t do significant damage. So, it is a hit-or-miss scenario, and in PvE, it is not that good either.

Seeping Bile

Seeping Bile has only a 4% chance of triggering, but if you are focused on damage-over-time builds, then this gem is a must-have. If you don’t care about damage-over-time effects, then this gem is going to be C tier. Overall, it is a pretty good gem, especially if you have Viper Bite as well. It will be decent in both PvE and PvP. To this day, a lot of players are using Seeping Bile in PvP to get some additional damage-over-time hits, which work well with four pieces of Grace of the Flagellant to get additional hits and cancel the healing of the opponents. So, I will be putting this in A tier for PvP reasons only. But if you don’t care about PvP all that much, it might as well be C tier. I’ll be putting this in A tier for PvP reasons.

Blessing of the Worthy

I will be putting this gem straight into the trash tier. If you don’t have full HP, the blast damage of this gem isn’t going to be all that great. Most of the time, when you are fighting in PvP, you lose HP really fast, so your gem will never trigger at 100% blast damage.

Evaluating PvP and PvE Gems

You need to be closer to the player for that blast to hit. This is why I’m putting this in the trash tier. It’s not that good in PvP, and when it comes to PvE, it will randomly trigger if you are somewhat close to a trash monster or some enemy using a ball hit you. It will trigger and you will not hit anything, so it goes in the trash tier for now. I don’t recommend this gem to anyone.

Blood-Soaked Jade

Blood-Soaked Jade gives you damage and movement speed. It is a must-have gem for anyone playing Diablo Immortal right now. Even if you are a free-to-play player, try and get this gem. Having that 10% movement speed is really good for PvE and will help you survive and run away in PvP as well. This is an easy A-tier gem for me.

Echoing Shade

Echoing Shade is a really good gem if you want to get the highest damage numbers on the dummy. But other than that, when it comes to some hard content like the Challenge Rift, those echoes will die really fast and be useless. In PvP, they will be useless as well. Echoing Shade will not confuse anyone and will die off really fast. So, I don’t see the reason for using this gem just because you can get a lot of damage on the dummy and do some dungeons fast. I don’t think I can recommend this gem to anyone just because of that. So, I will be putting the Echoing Shade in C tier. As I said, raids will be somewhat okay, but if you go and do Goglet or Challenge Rift or PvP, this gem is not going to help you.


Battle-Hope goes into the S tier for me. It gives you damage, movement speed, and some cooldown reduction. On top of that, if you have beneficial duration, you can extend the duration of this gem. It is somewhat a must-have gem for everyone playing the game right now, whether in PvE or PvP.

Top Must-Have Gems

It is a must-have gem. Most classes nowadays use something that triggers this gem, meaning having an ability skill, so it easily goes to S tier for me.

Zwenson’s Haunting

Zwenson’s Haunting goes into the trash tier. It only gets triggered when something dies, and by the time it gets triggered, everything is dead around you. So, you only get resonance out of this gem, which isn’t good for PvE. We have a lot of other options instead of Zwenson’s Haunting, so I will put this in the trash tier.

Rolling Consequence

Rolling Consequence goes straight into the S tier. It gives you critical hit chance, fire, and damage-over-time effects, which are super awesome. If you have some type of wind element in your build, you can just add this to your slot. It will put the fire effect on your enemies, and if you hit them with wind, it will also create a firestorm. It also gives you critical hit chance. In my opinion, it is a must-have gem for everyone playing Diablo Immortal in 2024. Even for free-to-play players, I would easily recommend this gem.

Ranking the Remaining Gems

We are only left with three gems. I will be Ranking them. I will be putting this in B tier. In PvE, you don’t need this gem all that much. It will randomly trigger and hit the monsters, and you have no control over this gem. Even though it can break the armor, it will still be somewhat B tier. When it comes to PvP, if you are not using Starfire Shot, it might end up missing the target, and they will be able to escape from the M the Deep. This gem is good in harder content like Challenge Rift or Golgoth, where it can break the armor and pull the enemies together. Some might say it is A tier for PvP, which I will agree with, but otherwise, this gem triggers and misses every time.

Heart of Many

This gem is trash at rank one, two, and three. Not even good for the early game. But if you can get this gem to rank eight or ten, then it will be somewhat decent or maybe even B tier. We all know that it is not easy to get a gem to rank eight, nine, or ten, so for most players, this gem is going to be trash. You will not be stunning anyone in PvP with this gem because the chances of stun are extremely low unless you rank this gem up. Then, you will have a higher chance of stun in PvP, and this gem becomes somewhat good. But since we won’t be Ranking this up, most of us won’t be able to do that, so it goes into the trash tier.

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