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Hello there, dear WoW fans! Today we’ll be going over the Cipher of Damnation’s Quest Chain, offer you a thorough explanation and a boost for your Burning Crusade character. This line has to be done by every single raider in order to unlock the instance key assignment and to start the attunement. In this guide, we will strictly go through just the steps of this particular mission line because it’s very long and we will not go through the attunement.

Side note: some rewards might be pre-raid BIS for your class and spec during this questline. At the end of the chain, there are weapons that are not the ultimate BIS but they might be a nice little place holder until you get your bis pre-raid if you want of course. Anyway, let’s get started.

The first quest of the chain in the Cipher of Damnation is a little bit different for both WoW factions because it begins in the respective Horde and Alliance bases, but the boosting service is all the same for all Burning Crusade enjoyers. For the Horde, the quest giver you need to search for is Earthmender Splinthoof. And for the Alliance, the quest giver is Earthmender Sulfurous. Both will send you to the Altar of Damnations to talk to Earthmender Torlock. When you arrive, the Earthmender will send you off to do a series of tasks involving the capturing of elemental spirits using a well-placed totem.

First, you’ll need to capture 8 Earthen souls and 8 fiery souls, then 5 Watery souls and then, 10 aery souls. These are three separate missions and each time you’ll have to come back to the Earthmender to receive the next part. The Fire and Earth elementals are very close to the location of the altar. The Water elementals are located close to Coilscar Cistern and Coilscar Point. The Air elementals are located to the south of the Sanctum of Stars. An important tip is to make sure each elemental dies with the totem debuff on them, otherwise, you won’t get the capture. Once you are done with the Air task, the Earthmender will send you to Oronok Torn-heart in the Shattered Shelf located between the Coilscar Point and the Altar of Shatar. Remember that you can always buy Husky’s carry to save your Burning Crusade avatar from the elemental hunt and get the Cipher of Damnation quest chain completed ASAP.

Oronok will ask you for some assistance. He needs 10 Shadow Moon Tubers. The only way to extract them is to get close to the plant and use the Boar Whistle. A close-by boar will come over and uncover the Tuber for you to grab. An important tip here is, of course, to kill the mobs that are attacking the boars in order for the boars to come and help you. After you return to Oronok, he will ask you to destroy 10 Ravenous Flare Eggs, located a bit above the previous area. We have only found eight spawn spots, so let’s hope the developers either up the number of spawns or the respawn rate because it’s not very good.
Upon finishing that task, Oronok will ask you to listen to his story about the Cipher of Damnation, and that’s where the fun part of the quest chain comes, which is the main reason for this particular WoW TBC boosting service to existing.

With the Cipher of Damnation boost, we’ll do the whole TBC quest chain for you.

Guess what it is? It’s another three chains! Oronok will ask you to find his three sons and get the three fragments of the Cipher. The first part is Grom’tor. He is located between the A and the T in the Coilscar Point. He will ask you to go to kill the Nagas around. It doesn’t matter where you’ll find them exactly, but kill them for the Coilscar keys. Dotted around the area you’ll find the grey chests. use the keys to open the chests. One of them contains the first cipher fragment. Hand that in to Grom’tor, and he will give you a box to give back to Oronok. And that’s only the first part in the quest chain of the Cipher of Damnation, as well as in its TBC boost.

The second part is to go to Ar’tor in Illidari Point located next to the Alliance base. You’ll need to free him to get the next quest. So, you need to find Painmistress Gabrissa, located just above Ar’tor’s location. Kill her and get the demonic crystal from her body to free Ar’tor. He will then ask you to find his bow. In order to do that you just need to kill every single demon in the camp. The bow has a relatively good drop rate. It’s not going to be on the first kill but let’s say after the 20th you’ll find it for sure. Once this is done, Ar’tor will tell you to kill Veneratus the Many, located just south of our Ar’tor’s location. He will accompany you, of course. You need him to be alive. The mob will appear after you kill a few demons in the area. Slay Veneratus, loot him, and get the second fragment to Ar’tor. He will give you a box to take back to Oronok. You can always buy the quest chain, and our TBC carry will do everything to complete the Cipher of Damnation line.

The third part is to go to Borak located just above Eclipse Point. He will ask you to find a Rotten Arakkoa Egg, located in the camp right next to him. They are scattered all around. Just keep on clicking on them until you get the quest item. It is a little bit of RNG, so you might strike gold on the first one. We’ve tried it a few times and got it, while you might take it only at the 10th attempt. We are sorry, the RNG is our god and savior. Then, deliver the egg to Tobias the Filth Gorger. He is located in Shattrath, across from the lower city quartermaster. Hand in the egg to him and now comes the vilest scene in all of TBC as Tobias eats the egg and everyone around him including yourself are vomiting. After the spillage, Tobias will give you The Bundle of Bloodthistle asking you to go back to Borak. Our boosting service knows it very well since we’ve completed countless WoW quest chains in the Burning Crusade, Cipher of Damnation included.

Buy our carry to complete the Cipher of Damnation quest chain in TBC very fast.

The next task is to get the Stormrage Missive. Take the bundle and put it on the other side of the bridge where Borak is located. A mob called Icarus will arrive and after he notices the bundle, he will send his bodyguard away. Once the elite is away, you can come out from your hiding spot. Hold and kill the envoy, grab the Missive. Be sure to not be around the area while this scene happens, or else the elite will attack you. Borak will now ask you to go to Eclipse Point, which is just south of his location. Kill every humanoid guard and collect six pieces of Eclipsion Armor. The next task is to wear a disguise and talk to Ruusk, located on the top of Eclipse Point. You have to stay away from the Dragon Hawks because they break your disguise. Finish talking to Ruusk and then go back to Borak. Finally, we’re nearing the end of the Cipher of Damnation chain, maybe there will not even be a need to buy the quest carry for your Burning Crusade character.

He will now charge you with one last thing – to kill Ruul the Darkener. Ruul is riding a dragon, going back and forth from Dragonmaw Fortress to the Warden’s Cage. You’ll need at least four people to complete this task, but you will most likely find a full group for that one. Kil Ruul and loot the fragment. Take it to Borak and he will give you the last box personally. We would finish all three parts of the chain and only then hand in the boxes to Oronok because it is just a waste of time going back and forth. Anyway, you will need to hand in all three boxes to get the last quest of the chain, which includes taking the Cipher of Damnation to the Altar and summoning Cyrukh the Firelord, as our TBC boost professionals report.

Reach the Altar and use the Cipher. Once you do so, Oronok and his two remaining live sons will arrive. Once they have landed, talk to Oronok, actually pull the Firelord, kill it, and you’ll have the entire chain finished. The weapon rewards, as told before, are quite good. We advise you to pick a weapon for your secondary spec. Meaning if you are a Holy Priest, for example, but you already have a better staff, you might just want to grab the DPS staff. The same logic applies to all other classes. But don’t worry too much about it after completing the Cipher of Damnation quest chain since you can always order our TBC boosting service and gear your WoW avatar up.

One last thing before we end the guide. It is worth noting that this task line is only available to you after you hit level 70. In addition, it is a requirement to finish it in order for you to start your Tempest Keep Attunement back in Shattrath city. We hope you enjoyed this guide and found it helpful! If you did, please visit our main WoW boosting service page and order something of your preference. Anyway, it was a pleasure talking with you! Hopefully, we’ll meet somewhere on the plains of Azeroth someday. Bye-bye!

⚠️ Did you know? **We have 24/7 support** Our team works 24 hours 365 days. Feel free to ask any questions
⚠️ Did you know? **We have 24/7 support** Our team works 24 hours 365 days. Feel free to ask any questions
⚠️ Did you know?
**Best price guaranteed!**
Found anything cheaper? Let us know and we will lower the price.
⚠️ Did you know?
**Best price guaranteed!**
Found anything cheaper? Let us know and we will lower the price.
⚠️ Did you know?
**We have 10-15% Cashback in Checkout**
10-15 % of purchase price returns to the customer as a cashback code
⚠️ Did you know?
**We have 10-15% Cashback in Checkout**
10-15 % of purchase price returns to the customer as a cashback code
⚠️ Did you know?
**We monitor the prices of our competitors**
**You get low prices**
⚠️ Did you know?
**We monitor the prices of our competitors**
**You get low prices**