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Mining Boost in WoW TBC

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⏳ Start: 30 min.

Hello and welcome once again! Husky is glad to show you yet another boost on the profession list of the Burning Crusade, featuring Mining this time. Which class would it supplement better? What is the easiest way to level it? How could you make money out of it? We are going to get to it right away.

Why do Customers choose Huskyboost for WoW TBC Mining Boost?

How does it work?

What is the delivery time?


▶️ Boost ⏳ Delivery time
1-300 Skill ⏳ 24 hours
300-375 Skill ⏳ 24 hours
Additional Profession
⏳ 48 hours
Leveling 60-70 ⏳ 5-8 days
Leveling 1-60 ⏳ 18-21 days
Leveling 1-70 ⏳ 23-29 days

Any Requirements?

  1. 60 level character for 1-300
  2. 70 level character for 300-375

What are the Start time and Boosting type options?

What do Customers Receive?

  • Entirely Handmade Mining Leveling till the desired skill

This profession is similar to herbalism. Wander around, and collect different ores, of which there are only three variations. You can sell the collected ore at the market at a reasonable price. It’s significantly more expensive than flowers.

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However, there is more to mining than simply buying and selling ores to boost the economics in the Burning Crusade. Since all of the stones are so expensive, it makes perfect sense for blacksmiths, jewel crafters, and engineers to take this gathering profession in addition to their main one. Since three important crafting professions depend on ore, it is in demand. More people are around the gathering spots, and it’s incredibly challenging to gather a piece or two. Thus, it’s more expensive on the market. Rogues could also exploit mining in high-level dungeons.

In profit-making professions, selling ores is winning by a lot compared to skinning and herbalism. It has ever been, and it will always be. Druids, by the way, are capable of gathering ore without dismounting from the flying form. There are no special requirements to collect any kind of ore. While some pickaxes boost the speed of that process, they are not necessary.

So, let’s sum things up. Mining is the way to go if you want to boost yourself some gold by utilizing a gathering profession in TBC. We recommend choosing either Rogue or Druid as your class to make money. Leveling would take a lot of your time, though. Feel free to check our WoW TBC Professions Boost Page.

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