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Marks of Honor Farm in WoW TBC

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Hello, my great fan! My name is Librarian Husky. Today I want to give some information about Marks of Honor Farm Boosting Service in WoW TBC.


Why do Customers choose Huskyboost for Marks of Honor Services?


How does it work?


What is the delivery time?

  • Our professional player will grind ~ 15-20 badges per 24 hours.
  • The delivery time could be slower for the “remote connection” option.
  • If the queue time is extended, service delivery will take additional time.

Marks of Honor badges are one of the player’s most extensive needs in WoW TBC Classic PvP. When Customers have the required amount of badges, they are ready to rush into the PvP war!

Buy Marks of Honor Boost in WoW TBC and save your time!

It is the particular currency in WoW TBC PvP, with four species. Different battlegrounds will give different badges. If Customers unite the required amount of marks with honor points, they can receive powerful gear. This gear will be a “must-have” to start in the arena. (Otherwise, you will be one-shotted)


Honor Marks farming – hard work

  1. Grinding battlegrounds will grab a tremendous amount of time (Forget about friends, family, and real-life)
  2. You will be farming with Pugs – they always want to lose and stay afk!
  3. Recounting and running to the PVP vendor to check will can be annoying


Customers will receive:

  • Entirely handmade service to farm the desired number of badges
  • Safe connection with free stream for “Pilot: Safe Connection” option
  • 100% safe boosting for the “Pilot: Remote Desktop Control” option – you will be able to see and control all the processes from your PC
  • A significant amount of Honor Points
  • Some rep. with Player versus Player factions in WoW TBC
  • 70 lvl pvp main set items will give resilience, so you would not be one-shotted.
  • 70-level pvp offset items will be the best gear until the arena season end.

Husky is the Safest Service for TBC Classic Honor Marks farm.

Dear Customer, are you already tired of farm Marks of Honor on BG? Imagine do not lose another battleground with pugs but spending time with family, parents, friends, or children? And when you come back, your character is the complete set for PvP. So you can start Arena 2v2 or 3v3 with your guildmates or friends. Husky is ready for smooth Marks of Honor farm, and our support is available 24/7.


We are also up to:

  • Special Schedule to play
  • Buy items that you will tell us during the boost process
  • Give your progress 24\7
  • Create a Custom Discount order for multiple characters.
  • Make a special offer if the Customer wants to farm different badges.


Any requirements?

  1. Huskyboost will ask the Customers to have 70-level characters ready for boosting.
  2. Active game time also will be needed to access the endgame.
  3. Please be ready to share your account for the “Pilot: Safe Connection” option.
  4. Please be ready to give access to your PC every day for the “Pilot: Remote Desktop Control” option.


What Gear can I buy after marks of honor boost farm?

Gear Type: Amount of Marks Marks Type
The Weapon for one hand slot 20 Arathi Basin Mark of Honor
The Weapon for two hands slot 40 Alterac Valley Mark of Honor
PvP Mighty Offhand slot 20 Arathi Basin Mark of Honor
PvP Shield for the Defence slot 20
PvP Wrist slot 40 Arathi Basin Mark of Honor
PvP Waist slot 40
PvP Boots slot 20 Alterac Valley Mark of Honor
PvP Gloves slot 20 Arathi Basin Mark of Honor
PvP Shoulders slot 20 Arathi Basin Mark of Honor
PvP Leg Slot 30 Arathi Basin Mark of Honor
PvP Head Slot 30 Alterac Valley Mark of Honor
PvP Trinket Slot 40 Alterac Valley Mark of Honor
PvP Ring Slot 10 Alterac Valley Mark of Honor
PvP Neck Slot 10
PvP Back Slot 20 Arathi Basin Mark of Honor

Thank you for reading, Dear Customer! Please check our WoW TBC Classic PvP Boosting Services page for more related products.

This was Librarian Husky. Cya!