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Engineering Boost in WoW TBC

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⏳ Start: 30 min.

Hello there! The time to mention the professions in the Burning Crusade boosts, Engineering. How important is it? What are the benefits? Which classes are better suited for it? Let us find out.

Why do Customers choose Huskyboost for WoW TBC Engineering Boost?

How does it work?

What is the delivery time?


▶️ Boost ⏳ Delivery time
1-300 Skill ⏳ 24 hours
300-375 Skill ⏳ 24 hours
Additional Profession
⏳ 48 hours
Leveling 60-70 ⏳ 5-8 days
Leveling 1-60 ⏳ 18-21 days
Leveling 1-70 ⏳ 23-29 days

Any Requirements?

  1. 60 level character for 1-300
  2. 70 level character for 300-375

What do Customers Receive?

  • Entirely Handmade Engineering Leveling till the desired skill

At the beginning of the expansion, this profession is A tier, transitioning into S tier later. It has its benefits but is rather weak overall. However! Later on, in the second phase, it begins to shine brightly. Masters of this crafting class learn how to create glasses, which are better than most t5 headgear. It is good for literally all classes.

An important thing The Burning Crusade engineering masters are capable of is creating vacuum cleaners, which allow players to collect special clouds, which others will buy later to boost their equipment. It may sound weird at first, but allow me to elaborate.

Buy engineering boost early in TBC and start dominating!

After reaching a certain point in the profession, you learn to craft Zapthrottle Mote Extractor, which allows you to extract Motes, which could be located using the googles I’ve mentioned earlier. Air, Water, Shadow, and Mana motes are reagents, and these ingredients will be incredibly expensive at the beginning of the second phase. Without ordering any boosts, there are only 4 locations in The Burning Crusade where you could farm these Motes without utilizing the benefits of the engineering profession.

Another valuable feature is tank trinkets. The best thing about them is that they are not unique, and this implies that you can craft 2 trinkets and equip them simultaneously. Each of them grants 51 stamina, which is, as you can tell, a lot. Thus, all tanks absolutely have to level this profession. With no exception. Leveled engineering also has a TBC melee damage trinket that is rather cheap and services quite good as well.

Buy a professional boost to get 375 engineering level in TBC.

Rocket Boots are amazing in this expansion as well. This belt upgrade greatly increases movement speed for a short period of time and has zero chance to explode. It is basically IMBA for PVP fighters. All kinds of grenades and other consumables are good for PVP as well.

In order to level engineering in the Burning Crusade, you need to use ore to create cheap bolts and screws, which are used to create more advanced bolts and screws, which are used to create various service inventions and mechanisms. And only then you receive experience. Hence, leveling this profession is really difficult and demanding.

Phew, now we know all the benefits and shortcomings of this profession! Please check our WoW TBC Professions Boost Service for more related products.

This was Librarian Husky! See you!