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Buy Arena Season 3 Set in WoW TBC

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⏳ Start: 30 min.

Today’s a good time to speak about the fantastic Arena Season 3 Set farm in WoW TBC! My name is Librarian Husky, and I’m ready to share all information about that


Why do Customers choose Husky for Arena Season 3 Set Farm Boosting?


How does it work? 


What is the delivery time? 

Service Delivery time
Full Set ⏳ ~ 79 days
1 Piece
⏳ ~ 15-20 days
⏳ ~ 21-25 days
Guardian’s offset ⏳ ~ 7-10 days


Any Requirements? 

  1. We will ask the Customer to provide 70 level of character.


What do Customers Receive? 


  • Entire 5/5 items from the Season 3 PvP Set
  • Lots of PvP activities done.
  • For Season 3 weapon option: we will provide the weapon for your class and spec.
  • For Guardian’s offset option: The Customer’s character will obtain the neck, feet, wrist, ring, and waist (this also requires arena rating, which we will farm to you) – Customer’s Choice package.


What do Customers Receive?