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The Shadowlands Guide (60 levels)

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Hey guys, Librarian Husky here. In this guide. You got 60, and you want to do it right season one is almost here, but there is so much to do. Or is there? Well, you want to get renowned plus stuff like the MA Dailies, and you want your Legendaries, so soul ash from tor gust is another world quest and callings, and you know what, let’s get into the guide.

Mandatory stuff

The first thing you need is obviously to reach 60 but really finish the story actually to unlock the end game. We already covered this topic in our leveling guide, and there isn’t much to say for your first time. One tip I would give you is to go to Mount Draxus when you reach level 54. do only the main story.

Hop into Arden’s world, do the main story there, and maybe one or two side quests. If you are not 58 since 58 unlocks the last bit of the story in the art world before. You are sent to the Raven. Draft, the last quest in Revan Drift, starts at 60 if you want to save as much time as possible. To get on the real stuff. You might only have time for two-three side quests. Unless you are playing alt with the threads of fate-leveling experience, you are already.

Covenant campaign

You no longer need to go through the story, which is great. After that, you will start the actual covenant campaign. This is important because it unlocks your actual end game and all systems. It will give you your animal’s weekly quest. The lost soul’s weekly quest is unavailable in this recording, but it should be. By the time you watch the guide. These will give you renown, the most important currency for your character progression if you want to push any content. This is something you will want to do. Keep you will have to Catch up Mechanics. So if you miss a week or you play an alt.

  • This is the second thing you really want to do since soul ash is the material you need for legendaries.
  • You need a base item that is made from crafting professions as well. But you can either make that yourself or buy it off the auction house.
  • Should you make your legendary, though, that’s something you need to decide since you won’t be able just to make any legendary as soon as you loot the power.
  • Think carefully, especially if you need and want more than one legendary.
You don’t need to worry about not being on par with someone that farms these the minute they are available. Renown unlocks more stuff in the covenant sanctum. But most importantly, it unlocks further paths in the Soul Bind Trees for all the Soul Bites. This is more player power you will want eventually. As you do the campaign, you will unlock the tour gas tower, allowing you to do your soul ash weekly farm.

Unlock the room cover

Also, unlocking the room cover lets you loot some Legendary recipes from tour guests, like the Enhancement Shaman Legacy of the frost witch the soul ash farm. It is yet another grind that has a catch-up in place. If you miss a week or are generally behind with an alt., plus you can do tour gas for adventure companions and other non-mandatory things. And speaking of which, the last thing you want to do mandatorily.

  • These are the daily callings that replaced the Emissaries.
  • This rewards you with a reputation, which is only really Mandatory if the rep faction has a Legendary recipe you want, like Chains of Devastation for the Shaman class.
  • There are obvious options for your class as well. And you can check all of these in your collections tab, where you will have a new section called powers.

Getting gear

Getting gear is subjectively Mandatory. You don’t need gear, really. Unless you want to queue for LFG heroics or groups, that will ask you to have a certain eye level. But personally, I feel gear is something I need not hold my group back. So it’s a 50/50 Mandatory thing, which is why we are putting them separately. Suppose you want to craft stuff and have the resources. You can get a base of 151 eye-level gear from professionals.

  • If you farm enough Reputation, you can buy the crafter’s Mark ii Recipe and Boost the eye level to 168.
  • This is sold by the Maw Vendor Vanaria, for which you need a Cordial reputation level.
  • Or simply spam heroic dungeons to get around 170-level heroics to drop more; it depends on your comfort level if and when you want to stop. Because really, you want to do Mythic zeros for the best way to get gear Prior to season 1 opening with 184 eye-level gear.
  • We started doing mythic dungeons with the pre-made group at around 150 eye level. But you may want to wait with 170 level if you do pugs or generally less stress since it’s decently hard there.

During this time, world quests award a gear piece every now and again. The eye level for the items gets higher with yours in Tandem as it was in BFA. There are significantly fewer world quests this time around with gear rewards. But you really only need one or two to push you past that Threshold so you can hop into the content of your choice.

Optional stuff

There are and always were things you could do in the game that was not that important. Or things that you don’t have to do. Usually, these are things that do not provide player power or player progression. Or at least not enough to justify doing them if you don’t want to or like to. For example, farming Reputation.

  • Although there are a few items you can buy with Reputation, the items are at low enough of an eye level that you might as well do dungeons for higher pieces.
  • But if you did your Dungeons and you still want to do your daily callings and weekly Dungeon Quests.
  • You might find that getting ripped is Awkwardly Quick this time around.

Weakest lot item

Maybe the item you can get is just the one to fill your weakest lot. Plus, Anima for the covenant Sanctum upgrades animals important. World quests fill this as well. You can get conduit upgrades which at the moment are minor upgrades, but the argument still stands. If you are done with anything else, you can clear your world quest for those potential upgrades and Anima again. Anima is good. Anima helps with the quality of life improvements in your Sanctum. But doesn’t make your character do more damage. The Maw is another debatable topic.

  • However, tour guest is something you don’t really want to skip because that’s why she’s the bomb.
  • The maw dailies give you Stygia, which can be used at Venari. She sells Spatial Realignment apparatus, which adds a socket to a Specific Gear Piece.
  • Now you can consider this Mandatory or not, but it is something that improves your gear. Other than that, she has upgrades for tour guests, so your runs are better.
  • She also sells the crafters mark ii we talked about earlier.
  • Also, in the Maw, you will find the Wrath of the Jailer event that has the chance to get you a 183-eye-level piece of gear. Depends on how lucky you are.
Lucky WoW player

If you are lucky, please don’t let us know. I cannot eat salt in my food anymore. Outside of this, some of the objectives we talked about are even the covenant adventures you use to send followers on missions. It can net you leathers and other materials for professions.

Leveling your profession can be a good way to make gold; you will find optional objectives on your map that can aid you with this. And for more details on gold making, look. We already have a gold-making guide fancy that. Lastly, farm mount, hell yeah, I finally have the frog mount I’ve been dreaming of since I was a little girl. This one is easy to get by just looting an unusually large Mushroom from any mob-related to Arden Wall Dungeons or Outside.

Killing shroom

Using it on a pile of dirt and killing a big-ass shroom that spawns to drop the mount. There are other pretty easy mounts to get, like the Baby Cradle and the red Ghost horse they didn’t have time and resources to finish. Thank you for checking my short but informative guide. Please don’t hesitate to visit our WoW Mythic 15 Boost page. My name is Librarian Husky. Cya is on the next page.