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The Best Guide for Shadow Priest

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Hello guys. It’s Librarian Husky here today, going WoW here. In today’s guide, we’ll discuss the shadow priest in patch 9.2. there have been some changes and updates to the classes as we get into the new patch. Things have changed a bit, especially with the new edition of tier-set bonuses. So in today’s guide, we’ll talk about them Shadow Priests.


Since the last patch, not much has happened for the talents. It’s pretty much the same. Let’s just quickly go over them. In the first row, we have two different options for different situations; single target and AOE fortress of the mind is the go-to option. Since you’ll use your Mind Blast and Mindfully a lot within your rotation, it’s a flattened bonus.

However, depending on the affixes, death, and madness can Provide more value in Mythic Plus in some weeks. Remember that you’ll need to follow the low-hp mobs all the time to get this talent to work properly. Personally, I don’t really use this talent that much. It’s up to you. If you don’t want to deal with the additional Mechanic, pick Fortress of the Mind for both AOE and single-target situations.

DPS effect

The second row is for utility and has no direct effect on DPS. Body and Soul Should be your main choice in pretty much all types of content since the extra movement speed comes in handy in Lots of Situations, even if you’re playing goblin. I still recommend this one on this row. If your raid team really needs extra healing. Sand lane or whatever. This can also be a solid option because, during your burst window, Vampiric Embrace literally heals for a Metric Ton. So talk to your healers about it.

Shadow Priests

On the third row, all the options are viable for Shadow Priests. A Pure single target twist of eight provides the most DPS. In the new Raid, there are quite a few fights where misery. So here I recommend swapping between these talons accordingly. If you’re unsure about what to use, I’d recommend checking Warcraft logs to see which talents are optimal in different fights.

Mythic+ nightmare 99

In Mythic Plus, the steering nightmare is 99 of the time. It is gonna be your pick, especially with the insane bursts from hunters and Warlocks. Misery becomes really slow to bring value because everything is just dying. So fast searing Nightmare is the tool you need for that quick aoe damage. Fortron, again doesn’t affect your DPS. My pick here would be Psychic Car, for the most part, since having a stun is pretty useful. The last word can also be picked here for dungeons where interruptions are important, like suppliers of ascension.

Auspicious Spirits

The fifth row is kinda different for this patch, as all three of them have become viable. Auspicious Spirits are the obvious pure single target choice here. It’s passive, so it’s simply more damage. On the other hand, Shadow Crash is incredibly strong in Mythic Plus, especially when you are expecting big pulls throughout the dungeon, like Halls of Atonement or Plaguefall.

Psychic Link

It becomes really strong. Psychic Link has also become a viable option in this patch, especially for Talbot strategy users, because of its synergy with the mind blast. This talent is best for situations where you can quickly dot enemies with vampiric touch and just spam Mind Blast for that quick passive AOE damage. The Prototype Pantheon fight is a really good example of that. Four bosses just standing next to each other is perfect, also, in dungeons where the pools generally consist of five or six mobs. Like Mists of Genocide, this talent is a decent option.


On the sixth row, the choice is super simple. Just pick Mindbender. Other talents aren’t even close to it, especially. Suppose you’re using Shadow Flame as your main legendary. This is a no-brainer. In 9.1, you’d pick void torrent. If you are using the pallet command, but now you have both, there is no reason to pick other talents for now. Finally, the last row is another easy one.

Hungering void is the best choice here, as. It provides the most DPS in all types of content. I really like the additional mini-game. It adds to increases the Duration of the Void form while trying to keep up the mind-bender at the same time. So yeah, that’s about it for the talents.

Covenants & Conduits

When it comes to your covenant choice, Shadow Priest is a Flexible Speck since pretty much all of the choices provide similar numbers except Kirin. Kirin is just bad right now. So as a Shadow Priest, you are free to choose whichever covenant you like. Depending on the little playstyle differences, without worrying too much about your overall DPS. For your reference.

  • So the choice is up to you here, but condensed enema sphere and translucent image are good defensive ones. For the potency slots, there are four strong conduits you need to use dissonant Echoes, Haunting Apparitions, Rapid Shadows, and Mind to Error.
  • You can’t use all of them at once. Depending on your legendary choice, you’re gonna swap between rabbit shadows and mind devourer, as you can guess.
  • If you’re using shadow flame, then your pick is going to be rabbit shadows. For more pet damage, of course. Suppose you’re using Talbot or Stratagem.

You can see the latest sims from blot mallet here for aoe and single target. That being said, Necro Lord is still the best choice for shadow priests. Also, the pallid command is pretty useful. Easy to use legendary, so my covenant choice is Necro Lord. When it comes to conduits, Finesse, and Endurance are Quite Situational. Really doesn’t matter that much for your DPS. Then you’ll use mind the Wearer for more damage on mind blast and the occasional devouring plague procs. That concludes this section.


When it comes to your stats right now, the most valuable stat you have is intellect still. It comes from the item level of your gear. So that means in almost all scenarios, higher item-level gear will provide more DPS to you, except if that gear is a tier piece.

Suppose it’s a tier piece. Then use that regardless of the item level or stats it has. For the other stats, there is no one-size-fits-all kind of situation here. You simply need to sim your character regularly to see your stat weights. If you don’t know how to do it, please click the card on the right corner to learn how to easily sim your characters. Just a little tip if you’re using shadow flame as your main legendary, then almost 99. your most valuable stat is gonna be haste.

Consumables and Enchants

In the new patch, we still have the same consumables and enchants. So there is no change in the section. For the enchants, you want to use the best swimming stats. Enchants on your rings depend on what your sim is saying, but as I said, it’s most likely gonna be haste. For your weapons, you’ll be using sinful revelation and celestial guidance. The first one is a stronger option for a single target.

  • Cheaper celestial guidance will also do just fine if you want to go.
  • It’s more versatile. So it’s up to you. Of course, you’re going to be using shadow core oil on your weapon for some extra Shadow Damage. You can use eternal intellect for your wrist and eternal insight on your chest for more damage, which concludes the chapter for the enchants.

When it comes to consumables, a potion of spectral intellect is the way to go, and as a flask, a spectral flask of power is the only option anyway; lastly, for the foods. I said to use the one that gives you your best swimming stat. If there’s a feast, always pick that one as its intellect. That’s better than any other stat you have.

Tier Set Bonuses

One big addition to the classes with the new patch. Is the new tier set bonuses for Shadow Priests? I like the 4 set bonus. It deals a very big chunk of our overall damage. It’s not that complicated to use.

  • However, don’t expect much from the 2-set bonus by itself. It’s quite weak and designed only to activate the 4-set bonus,
  • Sadly. That being said, let’s take a look at the set bonuses.
  • The 2-set bonus basically gives you extra chances to get dark thought procs. With this now, the wiring plague and searing nightmare cast gain a chance to give you dark thought procs, which gives you an extra mind blast and makes it instant cast. As I said, by itself, it’s pretty weak.
  • The 4 set bonus is incredibly strong. With force set, every time you use one of these procs, a shadow pad will be summoned and start dealing damage to your target around it for 6 seconds. What makes this better is the fact that. Suppose you get procs back to back the duration of the path stacks too.

So the more procs you get, the longer this Pad Stays alive and Deals Damage. Before you ask which slots you should pick for the tier sets. It’s really not that important, but if you have the option, craft your legendary on helm slot, just of the amount of stats it has. The socket has, and obviously, with force set. The damage output of this effect, your dark thought procs are going to be the number one priority. I’ll talk more about that in the rotation sections. This is what we have for the tier sets.

Legendary Choices

In patch 9.2, you now have the ability to choose your main legendary after acquiring your default covenant legendary. I highly recommend the Shadow Flame for its versatility, as it deals significant AOE damage with the ability to blast single targets.

  • Additionally, it has a satisfying mechanic and is currently the top-ranking legendary for Shadow Priests in swimming.
  • If the Shadow Flame doesn’t appeal to you, consider the Salvador Stratagem which is just slightly less effective for single targets but significantly less effective for AOE compared to the Shadow Flame. Ultimately, it’s up to your personal preference as to which legendary you choose.
  • As an additional note, the Eternal Call to the Void is similar to the Shadow Flame in terms of AOE damage but in my experience in mythic plus, it’s not quite on par with the Shadow Flame. While simulations may say otherwise, my luck with procs may have been less than ideal.

Thank you for taking the time to read this guide. My name is Librarian Husky, and I am your trustworthy companion in the world. For more valuable information, please visit our WoW Mythic 15 Boost page.