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WoW 9.2 Tier List

Hello, Dear visitors and Customers! I’m the Librarian Husky, and now let me introduce Patch 9.2 Classes and Specializations Tier list in World of Warcraft(WoW) Shadowlands. The time for waiting is over. Now we know patch 9.2 will be out in less than ten days. You can no longer postpone, and you can no longer wait around in your final decision. You have been jumping back and forth between 10 different specs.

Tier listing in Wow

Now it’s time to decide. You have to choose your main spec or the couple of specs you want to play for 9.2. It’s time to settle on your final decision. I am here to help you, and I’m going to make a tier list based on which of the specs I think are going to have the highest chance of being:

  • Meta.
  • The flavor of the month.
  • Viable.
  • Being wanted in the upcoming patch TLDR.

Want to be declined in WoW?

Do you want to be declined because you are an edgy hipster trying to play the alternative spec? Perhaps quite a few of you will still take that road, and I will still choose that path of being the misunderstood hero, trying to play some unconventional spec.
But in this GUIDE, we will explore what I think will be the difference between the specs regarding the popularity and its connection to how good they are going to be in 9.2. Not necessarily trendy specs will be outstanding, and very unpopular specs will be horrible. It is often the case, but it’s not always true.

Bad specializations tier list

Let’s start our list from the bottom. Here is the “Never” tier, which specs I don’t think will get quite popular in 9.2.

Feral Druid

The first in line has to be Feral Druid, and it was given to the Nerf a few days ago. Feral Druid was never really popular. There was perhaps a slimmer and a very tiny string of hope given their tier set and other tiers, and that has been butchered, so there’s not even that hope left for Feral Druid. I am also throwing down the gutter Frost Death Knight and Holy Priest.

Frost Death Knight

Frost Death Knight is also a pretty unpopular spec, and I don’t think they have gotten any particular powerful changes for their tier set. Their legendary double combo doesn’t look anything special.

Holy Priest

The same discussion and the same argument could be had for Holy Priests. They have been buffed here and there, particularly for their cooldown and hope symbols. However, I still don’t think it will be enough, mainly because their competition and HPs consistent healing competition has strengthened. I don’t think these specs will see much play will be considered too much, not just in raid encounters, but perhaps even worse in mythic.

Second-tier list from the end

Let’s move on to the boring tier. This tier will still be quite unpopular, and it’s not going to be as convenient to see one of these specs. You will not see them that often. They don’t necessarily have to be terrible and completely unviable, just not very meta, not very standard choices you will see every day. Three of them, right off the bat, I am going to throw Ret. Paladin, Arcane Mage, and Survival Hunter.

 Survival Hunter

The weirdest of the three is going to be Survival Hunter. Survival Hunter has some quite good double legendary synergy and is one of the strongest. Their tier set their setup is powerful yet. They finish here simply because they are melee Hunter that nobody plays at the end of the day, and that’s the problem.
Even though I just told you, they look solid in 9.2. The perception of the community is likely to stay the same toward survival. I don’t think there is too much hope for them to gain popularity out of nowhere in just a few days, same goes for Arcane and Ret. Paladin. I don’t know what it is; I’m just not buying into the hype of Arcane Mage. This has happened multiple times before.

 Arcane Mage

Arcane and Fire were beside each other; they were both considered for their great burst damage windows, and then, somehow, somehow, Fire Mage was the one that ended up being played, and Arcane ended up in a dumpster. This time around, the situation is not as bad for Arcane, and they are here more than being wrong because they have to contend with Fire. If they were to overtake Fire, it’s very likely that. The two will end up swapping positions, very likely. At the very least, for this expansion, but I wouldn’t mind actually, I would be pretty happy if Arcane were to take the the meta spot away from Fire Mage.

Retribution Paladin

For once, Ret. Paladin will likely be a popular spec amongst the broader player base, not the more high-level raiders or mythic plus players. And I don’t think it will rise above its current level.

Protection Warrior

Protection Warrior hasn’t been nerfed. It hasn’t dropped down here because of a set of one, and it’s just been here since the start of the expansion. I don’t think their legendary double combo is bad, and their tier set isn’t bad, either. I think there will be way more tanks, which will be more potent in 9.2, from Guardian Druid to Paladin to Brewmaster Monk. They are all going to outshine Protection Warriors. It will be hard to see Protection Warrior gain a lot of attraction.

Shadow Priest

The other one – is Shadow Priest, and it is getting the Feral Druid treatment. They have just received a handful of nasty Nerfs. The optimism of a Shadow Priest is at an all-time low. I am afraid to say so. Their stocks for 9.2 have dropped quite a bit If I have to be honest.

Specialization Level

Now we move up one tier. We enter the okay tier. Tier of specs. These specs will be okay; they might still find some playability and play rate. They are not generally as unpopular as specs go, but they are not as powerful. Perhaps they are not getting more powerful in 9.2. But still not as bad as the two bottom tiers. We are going to clump right here immediately. Affliction Warlock, Blood Death Knight, Enhancement Shaman, Mistweaver Monk, and Resto Druid. Mistweawer and Resto Druid get the same treatment as Shadow Priest and Feral.

Resto Druid

They have just gotten some nasty nerves. Many of the excellent feelings about 9.2, as its Kyrian Druid damage. Which has now gotten gutted. Not as much as your damage, but the damage you were giving the partner you were pairing with. So now their dream of mythic+ power has been hampered significantly.

Mistweawer Monk

Another brutal nerf was to Mistweawer monk and their consistent healing. Their consistent HPs, which have gotten gutted because of their sinister teachings legendary, are being nerfed by 50%. It’s a countdown reduction of fallen orders. They have fallen a lot in all of their hype before coming into this patch. Other specs are here because they are not changing too much.

Affliction Warlock

Affliction Warlock was not as famous as before. They are getting some decent double legendary combo. The tier set is also decent but not that strong. I don’t think it will be enough to make them rise above what they have been the entire expansion, which is the lower represented spec for warlock. The only time they can shine a little bit more is a mythic+.

Blood Death Knight

The opposite discussion is going to be true for Blood Death Knight. Blood Death Knight is, instead, more popular in raid encounters. They are, in fact, quite underplayed in mythic +. Like Affliction, their tier set is okay, and it has gotten buffed, but it is still not that powerful. The damage they lack in mythic+ is still a significant problem for them. The legendary double combo for Blood Death Knight is also poor. I don’t see them rising above many other tanks besides prot Warrior enhancement. On the other hand, it is here because they are hipster specs. It’s a very similar case to things like Arcane or Survival Hunter.

Enhancement Shaman

Enhancement is here because they are a hipster spec – the same as an arcane mage and survival hunter. First of all – they are good! Enhancement is getting buffed and is getting stronger. They have a pretty good double legendary synergy Perfect tier set. But I think they will still not get played in 9.2, and I think they will get their cozy spot, inward encounters.

They can still get one because of their wind fury, giving the melee group. But you know, beyond that, I don’t feel it and don’t see them rising above. As far as their power and popularity, this tier will be in 9.2. We are not done in this tier because we have to add a handful more specs. We are putting in this tier:

  • Destruction Warlock.
  • Outlaw Rogue.
  • Unholy Death Knight.
  • Vengeance Demon Hunter.

Destruction Warlock

The largest of our tier, the middle of the pack, gets destruction. Because while the tier set has been buffed and made relatively better, their double legendary is still wrong. The power they start from is not very high, from 9.2. They are not a popular or powerful spec in mythic+ or raid encounters, so I don’t think it will be enough to overtake, particularly. We will see the demonology in actual encounters.

Outlaw Rogue

Outlaw is currently getting outshined by both Assassination and subtlety. I don’t think they will rise anymore in this patch.

Unholy Death Knight

There is nothing to rise. The tier set is fine. The double legendary is poor. I don’t think they will rise above other melee specs in mythic+ and raid encounters.

Vengeance Demon Hunter

We are about to see a similar discussion has to be made for vengeance. Their tier set is okay, although it has been nerfed from the previous abomination. Their legendary double combo is okay. It’s pretty powerful, but I still think, at this point, the three tank specs I have already mentioned will have a much better chance of becoming famous and viable in 9.2.

This latest list of specs is here more because other specs in their same category can do what they do better or be more popular and more played and wanted in the meta of 9.2, which is where we are going to land now in the excellent tier. You can no longer postpone. It is time to make a decision – and our 9.2 Tier List guide will help with it!

Nice tier WoW

We start with Assassination Rogue, Arms Warrior, and Windwalker Monk with this tier. Both Assassination and Windwalker are here for the same and opposite reasons.

Assassination Rogue

Assassination Rogue will be a powerhouse of a single target in raid encounters.

Windwalker Monk

Windwalker Monk is going to be a powerhouse of AOE in Mythic+. Wind Walker’s mythic AOE has just gotten nerfed. Because their Bonedust Brew of Necrolord has been nerfed, it will still be mighty.

Arms Warrior

Arms for the same kind of reasons of Assassination are still going to be quite popular and good spec in raid encounters, remember considering where we put prot Warrior. You will likely need a DPS Warrior in your raid comp because the battle shout and even rallying cry are perfect. They will still find a way to make it into raid encounters. The same can be said for Monk.

Monk and their debuff being needed inward encounter on top of their current meta spot in mythic+, Windwalker does. So it is a pretty good situation for at least two of these specs. I’m a bit on edge about arms because of what I will say about Fury. I think Fury’s more significant threat to arms at the moment is the competition, and it has within the same class coming from Fury more than any other spec. We are also adding a couple more specs to this tier. We are putting:

  • Elemental Shaman.
  • Discipline Priest.
  • Marksmanship Hunter.

Elemental Shaman

Elemental Shaman is here because they have a very similar place as Windwalker. They have a perfect, powerful, consistent AOE as well. As burst AOE Mythic+ while at the same time, their single target is much weaker. Very in line with what Windwalker has. Windwalker can bring the debuff in the raid compared to elementals.

They have a little bit of an edge in being needed in a raid group. But still, the elemental is getting buffed more than what Windwalker is. When it comes to their tier set, this will help them much more in the single target, which was their main weakness. Their legendary double combo is not as powerful. But it’s going to be good enough to make them a pretty good, pretty wanted spec in with the mythic plus, not as much in raid encounters.

Discipline Priest

Now the complete opposite goes for discipline. Discipline is here because very likely. They will still keep their mighty spot inward encounters because of: their damage reduction. The absorb shields they can bring. Also, consider where we are putting Shadow Priests and Holy Priests. Disciplined Priests would bring you a fortitude stamina buff in raid encounters. Even though I still think discipline is perhaps at the weakest point. It has been quite a while because of how the spec works as its main gimmick. I still think it will find its usual spot in the 9.2 updates. Perhaps a bit weakened compared to previous patches.

Marksmanship Hunter

The last one I am putting here is Marksmanship. I debated where to put Marksmanship in the last of the three tiers. I still think they’re getting a perfect combination of legendaries and complete-tier sets. I’m still on the fence. I still think they could be very well meta. They are a trendy class, as we always point out about Hunters. There is an excellent chance that Marksmanship will be doing just fine in 9.2. I wanted to put them here because of what I said in the past and my belief. That of the two specks of Hunter, who will make it out In the end, is going to be Beast Mastery Hunter, who gets the first spot in the meta tier.

Meta Tier

This spot will be followed up by Frost Mage, Fury Warrior, and Havoc Demon Hunter Complementary. The reason why Marksmanship is one tier below is that I think Beast Mastery will be slightly better.

Beast Mastery Hunter

They have an excellent tier set. They have a perfect legendary combination. They are scaling well(Generally speaking, Beast Mastery scales better than Marksmanship). I have put all my coins in the Power of Beast mastery 9.2. This is very likely going to end up in a terrible disaster. But still, I have hope for Beast Mastery.

Frost Mage

What I also have hoped for is Frost Mage. Frost Mage has got the nerfed. Please stop crying for a second. The aoe of Frostmate has got nerfed. Now you do much less consistent AOE damage with your Blizzard and with your frozen orb. I still think it will not be enough to move away from your damage and the priority you will have in Mythic+. Perhaps you might have some more competition for your AOE spotting with the class from, for example, Elemental Shaman, but still, you will have an excellent spot in the meta.

Fury Warrior

A very similar thing will be set for Fury. I have a debate between Marksmanship and Beast Mastery for Arms and Fury. I think Fury is slightlyFuryter than Arms at the moment. Especially when you put together their raid power with Mythic+, I think Fury overall is Fury more complete.

Havoc Demon Hunter

Next to them, who else other than Havoc Demon Hunter? Havoc Demon Hunter has gained popularity from an unbelievable point; they were at the start of the expansion. After Legion and BFA, where they were everywhere, Suddenly somehow, at the start of Shadowlands, Havoc was actually bad.

But it’s been a while. Now it’s been quite a few months since Havoc regained much of its power. I think this will continue into 9.2, and they will be a just fine spec to play. Unfortunately, still always worth reminding that, It’s never too late for Blizzard to remove the Demon Hunter class from the game. We have a couple more specs to add to this meta tier. One is a guardian druid, and the other is a demonology warlock.

Guardian Druid

So the reason why guardian druid ends here is simply that I believe the other two tanks are going to be better. Guardian Druid is likely still going to have much power in mythic plus. Their power of incarnation has only gotten stronger and stronger from their tier sets.

Their double legendary will also give them more power in that so that they will continue their niche and specialty in mythic plus. The problem remains raid encounters. If you have to make this type of tier, you must count both activities. I don’t think a guardian druid is needed in raid encounters. When you start thinking about what specs like Brewmaster and Paladin can give you their utility in the raid, their extra things like immunities, cheeses, and debuffs. I think they just come out on top & that is why I am stopping guardian druid at the second-highest tier.

Demonology Warlock

The other spec I am putting here is demonology. It’s pretty high compared to other specs because their mythic plus power is not that particular, to be fair. Frost’s image is in the same situation reversed because their raid encounter power is average. It ends up here simply because, as I said before, all of my hope for demonology.

Because of how vital single target damage and this type of power inward encounters will be, I think demonology will be a quite wanted and needed spec regarding damage in raid encounters. So sure, their mythic plus Power might not be that exciting. But I value the power they will have in encounters this match. 9.2 Tier List Guide is just a list of changes. A true skill player will shine with every class!

The Flavor of the Month tier

Now, as for the flavor of the month tier. Perhaps I will leave a couple of these specs down to the meta tier to give you some suspense about where they will end up. We start with subtlety rogue, balance druid, and resto shaman. And no, there is no suspense here. All three of these specs go into the flavor of the month tier. So very self-explanatory. I think these will be the best-performing specs in their three respective roles.

Subtlety rogue

Subtlety Rogue has been the better-performing melee DPS spec and overall DPS back in 9.1. They have been doing well in 9.2. Their legendary double synergy is excellent. Although it has got nerfed, their tier set is still good, and it is easily the most complete out of the three rogue specs. Outlaw is not nearly as powerful. Assassination rogue is as powerful, but only as long as a single target is concerned. So subtlety comes out as being the most complete of the three rogue specs, and I think he will be one of the choices to pick for melee DPS in 9.2.

Balance Druid

A similar discussion can be said for balanced druid but just for ranged. I know some balanced druids are sad because they thought they could have gone and played Kyrian in 9.2. And instead, Kyrian got nerfed, and I still think their older setup invented will be just fine. Their legendary double combo is going to make it even stronger. Their tier set is also not that op, but it’s okay. It’s fine, and it’s going to be enough to keep them where they are and where they have been for quite a while now.

Restoration Shama

And the other one that ends up here is Restor Shaman. To be fair, I shouldn’t say this since it’s my main. I was expecting a list of the number of nerves the resto shaman had, but nothing happened. Resto shaman’s damage has been left untouched. What’s worse is that the damage is getting even higher because now their legendary double combo in mythic plus can be used with double damage legendary, making them even more potent in mythic plus.

So if they weren’t meta before, now they will beat even more with their damage, which will become unparalleled in mythic plus keys. Their raid power was already there, and they were already picked for good cooldowns like spirit link and healing together with your healing rain conduit.


They get the utility of things like the Windrush totem but even your self-combat threats and the ancestral protection totem. And now their hps gets even higher thanks to their tier set. So there is no reason not to believe that the restoration of the Shaman is going to stay the flavor of the month in 9.2

Brewmaster Monk

As well now as for the first surprise, the next in line will be the brewmaster. I am instead going to drop down into the meta tier. The reason, honestly, is that I had to decide I didn’t want to put two tanks into the flavor of the month here, and I ended up settling, of course, spoilers for plot paladin. This is because I think it will be more useful in mythic plus, and I think with Windwalkers not being that unpopular;

It won’t be a must to have a brewmaster monk in the raid for the debuff. I think prot paladin can bring more utility and more cheese to a raid. And then the damage we have talked about at lengths at the overpowered ness of this tier set for Brewmaster, which has somehow apparently about to go live, unnerved, which is insane because this tier set is crazy. But still, I don’t think it’s going to be quite enough to edge prot paladin.

Protection Paladin

So, of course, we are putting prot padding into the flavor of the month tier. I have said this at length. It’s been a long time since I have predicted tier after tier, expansion after expansion. This would have been the time for a prot. Paladin. This time around, for sure. Paladin was going to make it, and every single time, right on cue, some other tank’s back became op and the main attraction of the patch.

So this is going to be the patch where I will put my trust in Paladin, not to disappoint me, and to actually, for once, be the real clear standout. The flavor of the month tank picks for 9.2. We now have two specs left holy paladin and fire mage. So the question is, where do we put them because there is a problem? Paladin has gotten nerfed, and then the fire mage got nerfed simultaneously. They are super popular in raid encounters for both of them in mythic plus. Fire Mage is a little bit less because it’s been overtaken by frost mage, but where do we end up placing them?

Holy Paladin

I’m putting holy paladin in the Flavor of the Month tier. I think while their tier set has been nerfed by quite a bit, there are 50 chances to reduce the cooldown of your avenging wrath with the light of dawn, and I still think it’s going to be very powerful. Perhaps this tier placement is helped by the nerves of the mistweaver and the resto druid. Perhaps if those two were not nerfed, I might have dropped holy paladin down a peg because of it. But considering those two specs have likely got the nerve to do even more than holy paladin has. In the end, the holy paladin will be able to maintain their spot in the meta.

Fire Mage

I am also going to go ahead and believe in Fire Mage. Fire mage, I will put them into the flavor of the month tier. It’s just it’s stronger than me, you know, as someone who has played since vanilla, I have too much experience not to trust mages. I believe there will somehow be one major speck in the flavor of the month tier. Fire mage was growing in popularity. So to speak, and even in damage in this tier, they were not.

They were not the flavor of the month, and they were not the standout pick in the range. Even if I put them into this tier, I still think they will not be at the level of a balance druid. But they will still be quite the popular pick regarding raid encounters. Likely mythic, plus they will still have to fight and likely lose to the frost mage. But I still think they will retain their flavor of the month-requested needed type of spot. At the very least, within the community, the community’s perception is between choosing a fire mage or an arcane mage.


Now we have made the entire tier list. I hope you have enjoyed my short article and my thoughts according to put in tier every class and specialization on the World of Warcraft Shadowlands 9.2 patch. If you need any help to make your character even more powerful or made an already the wrong choice – our WoW Boosting Service is already here to help. Today morning you came to us, and today evening you get the desired character. It was the Librarian Husky. I wish you to dominate in 9.2. Cya.