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Plaguefall Tank – Mythic Heroic PvP

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Hello guys. It’s Librarian Husky here today, going to World of Warcraft here. Here’s my Tanking Guide for Plaguefall on Mythic. There are a lot of cool tricks in this dungeon, and you can make your group’s life easier.

As always, most of the abilities work the same in the lower versions of this dungeon, so this guide teaches you everything you need to know to Tank Plaguefall on every difficulty. This was recorded during a Mythic+, so some pulls are slightly different due to affixes, but I will point them out whenever possible. Let’s start with the first pull.

First Pull

Take the first pack to the right and grab angrily on the Giant as well if you are in a Keystone. You can avoid him when you don’t need the % in regular Mythic or lower. After a very recent hotfix, Binding Fungus is now also interruptable, but you don’t have to interrupt it. Just don’t step into the green roots on the ground. In general, it’s a good idea to stay away from green stuff in this dungeon as much as possible.

  • Make sure to save stuns or hard interrupts like Blinding Light, Mortal Coils, etc., for the Fungi Stormers…..Fungi Storm. Creative naming scheme.
  • The Giant leaves a trail of green goo, so you must occasionally move so your melees can stay on their targets.
  • Stay out of all the green stuff. Use interrupts where you can but try to prioritize Wonder Grow, as it applies a stacking buff to all enemies that increase damage done by 15%.

A quick note on this first room, try to stay away from the middle as it’s easy to pull the rocs on the hill accidentally, and at least right now, they are bugged as hell, and I’ve seen several of the port around over the whole dungeon. If you accidentally pull one, dodge their frontal spell “Wing Buffet” so you don’t get knocked into more enemies.

Boss room

You can usually pull the whole room minus the two big ads and the boss in the first boss room. When I recorded this guide, it was bolstering week, so I split the Gushing Slimes into two pulls, so I don’t get one enormous green slime at the end. If you pull all of them, ensure you have aoe slows ready just in case you need to kite them.

  • After that, I grab one of the big ads at a time. Like the upcoming boss, they spawn that heal them as soon as they reach him, and he does a frontal spew that can be dodged.
  • With both of them dead, We have enough space to kite the boss quickly. Globrog can be annoying, especially on authoritative, but he was recently slightly nerfed.
  • There are a lot of cc abilities that work. Tiny hints are classified as aberrations.
  • This is exceptionally viable on Fortified Weeks and when you have big CDs like Bloodlust ready to kill the boss before you run out of cc.
  • While no ads are chasing the boss, you can try to keep the boss around the middle of the room to make it a little bit easier for your healers and ranged to dodge the slime wave. Hey, you.

You can apply two strategies to make this boss easy, but you should talk to your group beforehand about what you want to do here. Option one is just slowing the big ad and kiting the boss away from all the ads until your DPS kills the small and then the big ad. The other option is to leave all or a few of the big ads that spawn during the fight alive, paralyze, hunter trap, blind, or banish them and only kill the small ads.


The next room is where things start to get interesting. Canisters and exploding mobs damage you and put big dots on enemy packs. I grab the patroling belcher, the two-person frontal pack, and the patrol. Dodge, the Plague, dodges the spikes on the ground and interrupts. Focus your DPS on the Riggedborers.

  • The second they drop to 30%, they will start a timer, explode afterward, and put a significant dot on everything in the green void zone. It’s easier to see on this pack, so watch closely.
  • These canisters work the same way but explode when they drop to 0Hp. Round everything around the canisters, kill it, but slow or aoe stuns on the pack and run out in time to avoid getting hit yourself. This usually sets off a chain of explosions as the dot will quickly put the Plagueborers on 30% hp.

Blind congealed time

Next pack, I tell my rogue to Blind the congealed slime. These purple slimes reduce their allies’ damage by 75%, so I don’t want them close to the next pull. If you don’t have any cc for them, prioritize damage on them.

  • This pack right before the stairs can be annoying because the rotting slime-claws run away when they have low health.
  • They like inviting their friends to the party; you want to avoid this if you don’t want to have PTSD flashbacks.

Take the Plagueborers to the tentacles during this mini gauntlet and use the canisters. Other than the ones before, they explode on a set timer, visualized by the stop clock above their head. Be careful if someone is gripped onto the tentacle during the crushing embrace. I’d rather have them live than save 10 seconds on DPS on the tentacles, so if you know the tentacle has gripped someone, you can also move the borers away for the explosion.


The miniboss of this gauntlet can be handled the same way. Watch what happens to him once the borers explode on him. If you get another spawn of borers, stay away from them until they explode on their own. Quick hint before we continue, If you chose the necro lord covenant, you could use flesh craft on many of the slimes here once they are dead and gain some helpful party buffs. I only noticed I missed recording this part while editing, but you can mouse over dead slimes to see what kind of buffs they’ll give you.

  • This isle features another congealed slime, so either cc it and keep it away or kill it first.
  • After you kill one pack here, the boss will rapidly jump between the islands, so be careful and pull the packs towards the back to avoid pulling him.
  • These packs aren’t too scary if the boss is involved. Just keep an eye on his positioning.

In the next pack, for example, you can flesh craft the dead purple slime to gain an aoe damage reduction for your whole party. The next room can be tricky if you don’t know how to handle it. The platform you go to first depends on where the boss stands.

Dr. Ickus

On the second boss, Dr. Ickus, there are a few things you should pay attention to as a tank. After he leaps away, he will always spawn two ads. One will explode after a few seconds, wiping your group, and the other one is once again a congealed slime with a dmg reduction aura, so do your best to keep it away from the green one, or you won’t have the time to kill it. As you can see, I grab it away, stun it, and put a slow on it while I help my group kill the green one. During this phase, the boss will repeatedly cast a burning strain on everyone, which should be interrupted whenever possible.

  • If you want to play this safe and know you don’t need the additional DPS on the green add, take the purple to add to the boss and tank both away from the green one.
  • When Ickus jumps around, he will always put down the green cross similarly. One will come out the way he is facing during the jump, and the other will be at a 90% angle.
  • His last ability slime injection will put a dot on you, and when it expires or is dispelled, you will spawn a tiny ad. You can step on these, and they will instantly die and deal a small amount of damage to you.

This damage scales up fast on higher keystone levels, so maybe consider popping a defensive for this or just killing the ad from range. This next room can be done in several ways. If you are good on % or in a non-keystone dungeon, go right. Stun the Defenders’ big bubble and try to kill the gushing slime a little bit away from where the tentacle spawns so the green goo doesn’t spawn right below it.

Tentacle kill

Kill the tentacle and move straight through the poison to the next tentacle spawn. Kill it quickly to avoid large stacks of the poison dot. If you still need % in this room, you can pull the injured pack on the left island for easier progress on enemy forces. After this, please pick up the invisible add-down and take it to the pack on the right. If you know your group has external burst aoe damage, consider killing it on its own. These Brood ambushers spawn packs of small hidden adds that will jump on one target after their cast has finished.

  • You can interrupt the ambush with aoe cc and aoe grips as well. Stun the significant barrier again.
  • Use interrupts on summon venom fang and enveloped webbing. This has recently been hotfixed and is now interruptable as well.

You can aoe them out, and they don’t have a lot of hp, but if you have a squishy healer, they can easily be one-shot if several ambushes go off, especially on fortified weeks. The left pack consists of the same mobs; you can pull the boss with the dead.

Domina Venomblade

Domina Venomblade can be annoying if you are a less portable tank, so if you have trouble here, consider asking your DPS for help. There are three main mechanics you have to pay attention to. Use active mitigation on cytotoxic slash and dispel yourself if you can.

If you aren’t in close range to allies for too long, you will be wrapped and stunned until people break you free. A random player will be marked with an Ambush and stunned. This player will move towards their location, and you can help them avoid being wrapped.

Domina spawn info

As her last mechanic, Domina will spawn sets of 5 Brood Assassins. They will spawn hidden and centered in each of their nets. You need to aoe them out as quickly as possible. While they are stealthy, they apply a stacking dot onto the whole party and can easily result in a wipe if they aren’t handled quickly. Consider using a defensive cooldown when all five are revealed, as you probably won’t need them until the last boss. As I said before, If you aren’t mobile, consider asking your DPS to help aoe the Assassins out. The last room has a few things to note.

  • The ads that are ALREADY TRANSFORMED when you pull them don’t give any progress towards enemy forces in Mythic+.
  • Third thing. These ads don’t proc bolstering on the Big caster guy, so don’t worry. This room can usually be pulled all at once, but this is a bad idea for bolstering, as with the first boss room.
  • Try to build as much threat as possible on these packs while they get into a standing position, and then use slows to kite them. If you get hit by several of these, you can die in one global.

First of all, if you, for some reason, still want %, go can go right after the drop, where three more flesh-craftable Slimes are hidden on top of a set of stairs. Second thing. Pick out the big guys and tank them next to the caster guy. This room shouldn’t be scary as long as you can keep threatening and stay away from the small guys. Ok, final boss time.

Final Boss

Stay close to her whenever she’s emerged as she likes turning around and one-shotting squishy. If no one is close to her, she quickly deals scary damage to your group. Dodge tentacles and help your healer with defensive group cooldowns or dispels whenever possible. When the big slimy ad spawns, make sure you stand in the circle it spawns in front. It needs to be soaked by at least one person, and more people soaking it is just unnecessary damage. If the ad is still alive when the boss submerges, it will run after you, so be ready to tank it. During the intermission, don’t stand too close to the middle, as there are still some weird bugs with the exact areas where tentacles go off.

  • You can leave and kite the ads once the boss emerges again. Rinse repeat. In the last phase, the boss will have tentacles spawning while she’s emerged, so be careful, bloodlust her, and focus on keeping the remaining adds glued to you instead of your healer.
  • You successfully tanked Plaguefall with her dead and hopefully got some great loot.

On mythic, the same small ads from before will spawn. Ensure you get some threat on them so they don’t one-shot players that run past them. Prioritize surviving the tentacles. Thank you for reading this guide. My name is Librarian Husky – I am your faithful companion in the World of Warcraft. Please check our World Of Warcraft Guides main mage for more valuable articles.