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Kil Jaeden Heroic Boost

Hello there, dear visitors! Husky is glad to introduce yet another article. This time we’ll be talking about Kil jaeden heroic boost.

Since the moment Legion expansion was added, Heroes had to fight even the most ferocious foes. The most powerful of them were demons of The Burning Legion. Undoubtedly, an army which managed to incinerate whole worlds in fel flames is an incredible threat to the Azeroth, so Heroes have to protect their realm. However, it’s not going to be easy because Tomb of Sargeras located on Broken Shore stand in their way. Kil’Jaeden The Deceiver, general of the Burning Legion army himself will be the final boss of this raid dungeon. Beating him promises to be a truly difficult challenge. In case you encounter any troubles – feel free to buy a boost which includes slaying Kil Jaeden on heroic difficulty.


What are going to face?


Tomb of Sargeras is one of the hardest and most entertaining raid dungeons of Legion expansion. Enemies there are extremely strong and victory rewards include pride and glory. Everyone will envy its possessors. The final challenge – battle with the mighty demon isn’t easy. Moreover, even now, when players’ power level basically overcame Kil Jaeden on heroic difficulty, not everyone is capable of beating such great foe so people order boosts wherever they are on the globe – US or, maybe, EU. Even the most skilled raiders have terrifying dreams of armageddon’s crimson lights which they had to cover with their own backs and every uncovered point was a threat of defeat to the entire raid group. Not to mention the falling bombs that used to threw off unskillful players into the abyss or rays of pylons which did all the same but even more painfully. However, there is no need to worry! Huskyboost team is always ready to provide a safe boost and defeat Kil Jaeden even on heroic difficulty to anyone!

What about the rewards?


The reward for defeating The Deceiver is worthy. You will receive 925 ilvl equipment to begin with. Accessories of unheard power worth a separate mention. Then comes an achievement for beating such strong foe. This achievement isn’t so easy to get because it is quite hard to gather a decently powerful group capable of taking down a really strong boss like that. This means the mere possession of such rare achievement grants an opportunity to brag.

But the most significant reward will be amazing artifact weapon appearances. There is a plenty of them in the game: starting from those that are only obtainable by completing Balance of Power questlines and ending with a variety of different appearances obtainable using prestige – a unique PVP score system which can’t be easily completed. It is also important not to forget about the appearances that come as a reward after beating the Mage Tower.

To conclude, we’ll tell you –  the appearance for beating heroic Kil Jaeden surpasses almost every other one and the cheapest way to get one is to order a boost! It is also the hardest one to obtain. Don’t hold back and get it with Husky!